Rope skipping is a simple sport

Rope skipping is a simple athletics


This assignment has taken two really busy months of my life. As a consequence I have seen myself grow well. However the successful completion of this assignment has depended on the cooperation and aid of many people.

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I would foremost of all thank God for holding given me the bravery and capacity to accomplish one of my objectives-that of making this assignment.

I am grateful to my parents for holding given me their selfness support and encouragement, including all installations necessary for the executing of this assignment.

I would wish to convey my sincere gratitude to my lector for his counsel and changeless support during the assignment. I am grateful to him for demoing religion in us which provided the assurance to be able to make the assignment. Indeed, he was ever willing to rede whenever any uncertainty arose.

I besides need to thank all of them who have helped me in making this assignment: –

  • The lab attender, who gave us permission to travel in the computing machine lab during the interruptions.
  • All my friends, who shared thoughts with me to better the web site, I besides mention the 2009-2010 batches of SNIT
  • My UTM friends for giving me advice.
  • And particularly my fiance for downloading different package and updates, which were really utile for the assignment.


Rope skipping is a simple athletics that many people have played in the school. It involves singing a rope so that it goes over the caput and under the pess. As the rope passes under the pess the participant leap. There are many different rope jumping techniques. Some involves three people, two turn the rope and the 3rd leaps. However, many techniques can be accomplished by a individual participants who both bends and leap the rope. In add-on to being a merriment interest for kids, rope skipping is besides a usefull signifier of exercising. It provides a good cardiovascular exercise, it tnes musculus, develops hand-eye co-ordination and there is even some research to propose it can assist forestall osteoporosis. In comparing to many athletics, jumping can be appealing to loath gymnastic apparatuss. It does non necessitate expensive equipments, it is easy to larn the basic techniques, and it can be done indoors and out-of-doorss.

1.0 Task 1 – Research

1.1 Aim

A jumping rope maker has approached me to develop the web site that will advance the athletics of rope jumping. They specially want to promote grownups that are non normally interested in the athletics of rope jumping. As a effect it is of import that the website emphasise the wellness benefits of transportation and the fun nature of the athletics.

1.2 What is rope Jumping

Rope skipping, besides known as leap rope, is a game in which one or more people jump over a whirling rope that passes under their pess and over their caputs. In individual rope, this normally consists of one individual swirling and leaping the rope. In dual Dutch, two kink a brace of ropes while others jump. ( Video on you tube demoing rope skipping: hypertext transfer protocol: // & A ; amp ; A ; hl=en & A ; amp ; A ; fs=1 & A ; amp ; amp ; )

This subdivision will be put in the place subdivision

1.3 How make you acquire fit by rope skipping?

Jumping is a great manner to maintain tantrum and there are 1000s of web site with illimitable information on what, how, where and why to jump. Just a few sites:

Reebock ‘s Jumping Workout

Weight Loss Resources

I skip

Start Jumping

1.4 Tricks

Jumping trick 1 ) Side Straddle ( Jumping Jax ) – one bend of the rope with the pess together, the following with the pess apart, and so on.

Jumping trick 2 ) Front Straddle ( Scissors ) – one bend of the rope with the pess together, the following with one pes ( right ) in forepart, one pes ( left ) behind, like a brace of scissors and so on, jumping the pess.

Jumping trick 3 ) Combined Straddle – pess together, pess apart, pess together, scissors, pess together, pess apart, pess together, scissors. ( Side Straddle, pess together, Front Straddle, pess together )

Jumping trick 4 ) Ex – leap the jumping rope with pess together, so with pess crossed and so reiterate but with pess crossed the other manner.

Jumping trick 5 ) Slalom – leap the jumping rope with pess together from one side to the other like a slalom skier. jumping trick tip Having a line on the land to leap over is a good thought.

Jumping trick 6 ) Bell – leap the jumping rope pess together in a forwards way by 18 inches or so and so back to the same topographic point, like a rocking bell. jumping trick tip Again, holding a line on the land to leap over as a usher is a good thought

Jumping trick 7 ) Diamonds/Zeds/Squares and many more forms – for these fast ones the skipper combines the bell and slalom to make different forms on the floor. E.g forwards, back and right at the same clip ( i.e diagonal ) , left, back and right ( diagonal ) and the skipper should stop up in the same topographic point as they started. Another illustration is forwards, to the right 90 grades, backwards, to the left 90 grades ( a square ) . The combinations of forwards, backwards, left, right and diagonals are eternal. jumping trick tip Some skippers may happen it easier to execute this jumping fast one by making a individual bounciness skip with these moves. As with most jumping fast ones, it looks more impressive, but is harder and far more draining. And accordingly better for you!

Jumping trick 8 ) Twister – skipper does an normal skip to get down. For the following bend of the rope, pess are turned to the left. For the following bend of the rope, pess are turned to the right and so back to the get downing place. jumping trick tip A individual bounciness is recommended for this skip and merely little bends of the pess to the left and right.

Jumping trick 9 ) Wounded Duck – skip with toes touching and heels apart, so heels touching and toes apart. Skippers must make little skips without forcing toes and heels excessively far apart.

Jumping trick 10 ) Side Swinging – maintaining clasp of a grip in each manus and puting them following to each other, swing the jumping rope to the left, so to the right and so leap the skipping rope. The form the skipper ‘s custodies make is a ‘lazy 8 ‘ ( an eight on its side ) . The jumping rope should brush the floor as near to the skipper ‘s pess as possible without coming into contact with them.

Jumping trick 11 ) 180 degree bend ( Half Turn ) – skipper skips frontward, does a side swing ( Jumping trick 10 ) and turns unit of ammunition at the same clip by following the jumping rope as it brushes the floor. As the skipper has turned unit of ammunition, the jumping rope will now be going backwards in relation to the skipper. Skipper starts a backward skip and turns unit of ammunition when the jumping rope is above their caput and skips frontward. jumping trick tip The last portion of this fast one ( backwards skip to send on place ) is helped when the skipper keeps their oculus on the center of the jumping rope as it appears from under their pess and Begins to travel over the skippers head.

Jumping trick 12 ) 360 degree bend ( Full Turn ) – start with a forward skip to acquire the rope traveling. As the rope comes over, make a side swing and turn unit of ammunition at the same clip, as with the 180 grade bend ( Jumping trick 11 ) . Keeping weaponries in forepart and the rope every bit high as possible, skipper continues to turn until they have completed a full 360 grades. The move is finished by making a forward skip.

Jumping trick 13 ) Crossover – crossing weaponries and leaping with weaponries crossed, so uncrossing and making a normal skip. jumping trick tip Skippers should pattern conveying the jumping rope over their caputs and doing certain their weaponries are crossed broad plenty and low plenty to be able to comfortably step through the jumping rope. Ideally, weaponries should be crossed at the cubituss. This will guarantee that when they are leaping the jumping rope, their weaponries are in the right place. Many novices have their weaponries crossed at the forearms or carpuss and positioned excessively high, all of which will forestall a successful crossing over from being performed.

Jumping trick 14 ) Alternating Cross – crossing weaponries and leaping with weaponries crossed ( Jumping trick 13 ) , so uncrossing but following this first cross instantly by traversing weaponries the other manner – left arm over right and so right over left ( comfy cross followed by uncomfortable ) . The full fast one is ; normal skip, left over right, normal skip, right over left etc.

Jumping trick 15 ) Cross Cross – a crossing over followed by another crossing over but with weaponries crossed the other manner – i.e. left over right and so right over left, but no normal skip in between as with Skipping fast one 12. This is a hard fast one and must non be executed rapidly until mastered.

All the web site visited had a frames construction. So I should follow the same for my ain convenience.

2.0 Task 2 – Undertaking Plan

2.1 Undertaking Plan Time direction – Gantt chart

I had to do certain that we were non dawdling behind the scheduled undertaking mileposts each clip as the undertaking is a large one so clip direction was one of the biggest issues with which I have to get by with. Figure below gives an thought of the clip taken by the different stages for the development of the package. Undertaking scheduling involves dividing the undertaking into undertakings and gauging clip and resources required to finish each undertaking. These agendas were continuously updated as better advancement information became available. Situations where the whole undertaking can be delayed because a critical undertaking was unfinished, was avoided. The Gantt chart below was used to diagrammatically exemplify my undertaking agenda.

3.0 Task 3 – Design Specification

Here we will now look in item what the chief construction of the web site and pilotage. Consideration must be made for the screen declaration. The web site should open in 800 ten 600 window without user holding to scroll.

3.1 Website Design

The new web site to be developed will dwell of 3 frames. The topfrmae, the leftframe and the mainframe.

Interface Design

A streamer that will look at each page that the user opens, merely to do the web site be more visually appealing. The streamer will be a rope jumping image. The message will be animated.

Navigation saloon that will supply the user with links such as Home, Basic Techniques, Fitness Info, Jumping techniques, newssheet and Other Sites.

The chief frame will incorporate the chief contents of the web site, that is all the nexus clicked by the user on the pilotage bill of fare will open the corresponding page in the mainframe.

3.1.1 Home Page

3.1.2 Jumping Techniques

3.1.3 Menu Map

Website hierarchy

The Hierarchy above will be the pilotage of the Website.

4.0 Task 5 – Critical Evaluation

As mentioned in the undertaking 3, all the design specification has been followed. The new web site developed has 3 frames constructions as shown above.

The streamer has an animated pavilion with alive.gif image of a smiley rope skipping.

4.1 Simplicity and Consistency

As it has been said above in the attack used, for sing consistence of the user and for navigation simpleness intents, the web site has been constructed utilizing the same sort of visual aspect for each page ( As shown on the screen shootings below ) . An sweetening is to do usage of a chief templet to which all the other pages will be linked with.

To sum up I can state that the Website has achieved all the chief aims set up.

This assignment was a really interesting undertaking which required good originative accomplishments every bit good as organisational accomplishments.

This assignment has been really ambitious and clip consuming, with many research plants. Though I went through harsh times, I am satisfied to hold completed the assignment on clip and besides everything went as planned. I am proud of my accomplishments and I have able to take up the challenge of making the assignment successfully. Some of the chief things we gained in making the assignment are as follows:

  • Increase cognition about the Rope Skipping. Due to research plant we have been able to cognize and get cognition about.
  • Deepen Knowledge in HTML.
  • Learn how to set pictures in HTML
  • Use of frameset.
  • Planing Skills and creativeness accomplishments

4.2 Constraints

To do our system secure from unauthorised utilizations, we could do usage of a login system. Users will be able to entree the web site merely after holding logged in the system.

4.3 Restrictions

Flash Player should be installed on the Personal computer in order to see the YouTube picture.

4.4 Improvement and extra characteristics

Login Page

An extra betterment is to let user to upload informations onto the Website. This will do the uploaded information available to other users.

An sweetening is to do usage of a chief templet to which all the other pages will be linked with ( Use of cesium to )

Include a hunt page to seek points by user.

Make usage of a database to do user registry there name.


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