The Most Beautiful Girl in Shenzhen Essay

About one month ago. a image was popular in the microblog and was widely spread in the Internet. It tells a narrative about a miss named Wen Fang. Most of the netizens were moved by what the immature miss did in this image. They spoke extremely of her kindhearted Acts of the Apostless ; furthermore. they called her “the most beautiful miss in Shenzhen” . ( Parallelism ) However. before long. the truth behind this image was exposed. Disappointingly. the girl’s alleged virtuous Acts of the Apostless were merely a promotion stunt to the populace.

It reminds me of a phenomenon that nowadays there are more and more hype full of utilitarianism in our society. which deserves a deep idea on it. In this widely-spread image. the miss. who is acquiring down on one articulatio genus on a busy street near the OCT Bay. holds the fast nutrient box tiffin in her left manus and feeds a ragged old adult male with the chopsticks. It was reported that the miss was an ordinary clerk. who was selling tickets for a nearby exhibition. She earned small money every month ; nevertheless. she was satisfied with her life. Antithesis ) When she was after work. she happened to see a hungry old hobo looking at a fast nutrient eating house. Therefore. she went to purchase the fast nutrient for the old hobo without vacillation and fed him easy.

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Then she tried to acquire in touch with the old tramp’s household but unfortunately she failed. She was so sympathetic to the old hobo that she planned to take him place and sent him to the relevant section subsequently. ( Anaphora ) It was sort of her to make such a series of Acts of the Apostless. However. this piece of intelligence was proved to be untrue. The truth behind the image was like a bomb detonating in the populace. Simile ) People were angry to larn that this miss was asked to present for this exposure.

The intent for her Acts of the Apostless was to hype the exhibition which was referred in the intelligence. A really useful commercial guess. it was ; but a really improper manner. it was. excessively. ( Inverted word order & A ; Antithesis ) It caught the public’s attending. It cheated people who had praised her. It took an advantage of the whole society’s scruples with a bogus image. ( Parallelism ) There is more and more calculated intelligence taking at making strong public involvement. which is deserving nutrient for idea. Here is an illustration.

Several old ages ago. a husbandman named Zhou Zhenglong asserted to hold taken a exposure of the wild south China tiger and was awarded 20 thousand kwai by the local authorities. However. this image was confirmed to be bogus eventually. By comparing with the intelligence of the immature miss. we can happen something similar. First of all. Zhou made such a bogus image with the intent of deriving money while the immature miss intended to hype the exhibition. Both of them worked for benefits. What’s more. when some of the netizens doubted the truthfulness of the image. the local authorities still insisted that it was true.

Similarly. the Zhong Xin Press describing the intelligence of the miss praised her virtuous Acts of the Apostless without probe. Both of them helped make the bogus intelligence intentionally. Last but non least. these two pieces of intelligence were dispersed rapidly through the Internet which finally cheated people badly and made a bad consequence on the whole society. ( Analogy ) These are the chief features of most of the ballyhoo. The economic involvements. the media’s ballyhoo for the intelligence. and the fast airing through the Internet.

I think that’s the ground why more and more people would wish to hype up something since it is easy to pull off to derive the attending and involvements. However. we are non supposed to back up the promotion stunt which is self- ballyhoo basically. What good is to do usage of the public concern and understandings? Is it a proper manner for the intelligence media to hype up the intelligence for some economic involvements? ( Rhetorical inquiry ) I think it is clip that they changed their improper manner of thought ; and as a citizen. it is clip that we stopped follow the media like a sheep and learned to oppugn the truthfulness of the intelligence. ( Antithesis & A ; Simile )

Merely by making so can we do the society more harmonious. more merely and more progressive. In the close hereafter. we look frontward to seeing the existent “beautiful girl” help the hapless people on a busy street in Shenzhen or in other topographic points ; and so we might talk extremely of her virtuous behavior ; and most significantly. we would get down to follow her manner of assisting people with our small actions. ( Parallelism & A ; Anaphora ) I am truly looking frontward to that day’s coming.