The Personal Qualities of a Teacher Essay

Here I want to seek to give you an reply to the inquiry: What personal qualities are desirable in a instructor? Probably no two people would pull up precisely similar lists. but I think the followers would be by and large accepted.

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First. the teacher’s personality should be cheerily lively and attractive. This does non govern out people who are physically apparent. or even ugly. because many such have great personal appeal. But it does govern out such types as the over-excitable. melancholy. cold. sarcastic. misanthropic. frustrated. and over-bearing: I would state excessively. that it excludes dull or strictly negative personality. I still stick to what I said in my earlier book: that school kids likely ‘suffer more from dullards than from brutes’

Second. it is non simply desirable but indispensable for a instructor to hold a echt capacity for sympathy – in the actual significance of that word ; a capacity to tune in to the heads and feelings of other people. particularly. since most instructors are school instructors. to the heads and feelings of kids. Closely related with this is the capacity to be tolerant – non. so. of what is incorrect. but of the infirmity and immatureness of human nature which induce people. and once more particularly kids. to do errors

Third. I hold it indispensable for a instructor to be both intellectually and morally honest. This does non intend being a plaster saint. It means that he will be cognizant of his rational strengths. and restrictions. and will hold thought about and decided upon the moral rules by which his life shall be guided. There is no contradiction in my traveling on to state that a instructor should be a spot of an histrion. That is portion of the technique of instruction. which demands that every now and so a instructor should be able to set on an act – to inspire a lesson. rectify a mistake. or award congratulations. Children. particularly immature kids. live in a universe that is instead larger than life

A instructor must stay mentally watchful. He will non acquire into the profession if of low intelligence. but it is all excessively easy. even for people of above-average intelligence. to stagnate intellectually – and that means to deteriorate intellectually. A instructor must be speedy to accommodate himself to any state of affairs. nevertheless unlikely and able to improvize. if necessary at less than a moment’s notice. ( Here I should emphasize that I use ‘he’ and ‘his’ throughout the book merely as a affair convention and convenience. )

On the other manus. a instructor must be capable of infinite forbearance. This. I may state. is mostly a affair of self-discipline and self-training ; we are none of us born like that. He must be pretty resilient ; learning makes great demands on nervous energy. And he should be able to take in his pace the countless junior-grade annoyances any grownup covering with kids has to digest

Finally. I think a instructor should hold the sort of head which ever wants to travel on acquisition. Teaching is a occupation at which one will ne’er be perfect ; there is ever something more to larn about it. There are three chief objects of survey: the topic. or topics. which the instructor is learning ; the methods by which they can outdo be taught to the peculiar students in the categories he is learning ; and – by far the most of import – the kids. immature people. or grownups to whom they are to be taught. The two central rules of British instruction today are that instruction is instruction of the whole individual. and that it is best acquired through full and active co-operation between two individuals. the instructor and the scholar.