Unintentional Errors In Data Entry Information Technology Essay

Data entry workers might make errors while come ining the information, the database should supply a field checking, like for illustration non leting come ining a medical specialty longer than 100 characters, or come ining characters in Numberss Fieldss like medical specialty measure

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Unifying databases requires database direction accomplishments to do certain that databases can be merged without mistakes or loose of informations or future jobs.

– Poor preparation and planning for informations entry workers and database directors could do serious jobs, informations meeting, entry, and checking should be planned, and trained good.

– Intentional/malicious incorrect informations entry: It is possible that employees intensionally corrupt informations for employment grounds, or maliciously to derive net income, or advantages, informations entry worker should be checked and monitored particularly for this type of critical database.

Organizational Issues:

Non-merging database due to differ in versions or systems ( eg. MSSQL, MYSQL )

Different database systems from different sellers may non be useable to unify and may requires professional transition.

– Lake of consciousness of informations quality issues, which could do informations loses and lose of money. [ 1 ]

Technical Aspect

Different versions or systems between the two databases.

Diiferent version may non be merged and may requires data transition as we stated before, besides there could be a job in encryption, so the two database systems has to be utilizing the same encryption

Missing information Fieldss.

Some field possibly losing from one of the databases, like losing “ M ” / ” F ” for gender, or losing age field

Poor informations quality scanner:

A good database scanner should be able cheque unity and security of tabular arraies, Fieldss, table permissions, invalid information types.

Homonyms & A ; equivalent word

Homonyms appear when more than one property has the same name. Synonyms exist when the same property has more than one name.

Homonym happens when for illustration we used a an property called NAME and the database administartor made it for both client name and the sale represintive name, for consitency the database adminsitator or the employee responsiable for unifying could utilize a dictionary scanner to look into for these type names or silmilar types. [ 2 ]

– Representational incompatibility like reference: like stand foring the information in the proper manner like adding the currency symbol, which should be the same with the two database to accomplish consistence and truth.

Duplicate informations, or misspelling.

Requires human checking because it could take to jobs with clients

Undertaking 2:


The expected issues in merhing two database are numerious and requires a professional database decision maker some of these issues are due to Incompatibility between the two database systems, one system may be in different format so the other ( MSSQL, MYSQL for illustration ) which may necessitate transition, besides version mutual exclusiveness like unifying older version with the newer 1. Another expected issue is about the possibility of holding dublicate Fieldss like prescriptions, client ‘s medical specialties that could do jobs, particularly the medical specialties names table as Fieldss may be indistinguishable or one database may hold larger informations than the other, we recommend the proprietor to utilize an machine-controlled information scanner and subsequently to hold employees to look into the information stability

I want to remind the proprietor about the importance and earnestness about Data type faithlessness with two existent universe illustrations:

The first one about hive awaying shop a 64-bit figure in a 16-bit variable in Ariane 5 Flight 502, ( European Space Agency ) database that lead to detonation.

The 2nd one about errors in letters – that lead to incorrect dosage of medicine ( eg. “ drug “ Lansoprazole ” to Lanzarote ” in India typing pool ) where st. George ‘s Hospital in Tooting, south-west London used Indian employees ( probely because of inexpensive rewards ) to come in medical specialties into databases

Michael Fiennes, of the Association of Medical Secretaries, said he had heard of many illustrations of errors crawling into letters, some so serious that they could take to patients being given the incorrect dosage of medicine.

In one instance he claimed a “ below articulatio genus amputation ” was transcribed as “ boloney amputation ” and the drug “ Lansoprazole ” as the vacation resort “ Lanzarote ” .

“ Medical secretaries should be decently trained, but they are appallingly severely paid for the work they do and that is why the work is being sent abroad, ” he said. [ 3 ]

And this clear illustration shows the importance of holding trained informations entry, draughtss and employees while unifying, look intoing and administering the database.

There may be some tabular arraies connected with other tabular arraies so he/she may necessitate to retrace the tabular arraies. [ 2 ]

If the proprietor have two databases with the same scheme and so he/she could utilize SQL Server Import and Export Wizard to import the information from one database to another 1. [ 3 ]

So in short unifying the two database requires look intoing the compitability, versions, extra informations, and besides holding professional trained employees with a good program because a pharamcy is a senstive and really critical database of medical specialties and patients and a simple error in it could expose a patient to put on the line, or the pharamcy could lose repution.

2- Potential informations lose issues

The chief informations quality most issues comes from hapless informations entry or checking which could be caused by untrained employees, critical databases like pharmaceuticss requires really careful entry and close oculus checking.

As database are the back-end informations beginning, the proprietor should be cognizant that after unifying the two database they should be represented likely by the interface package ( for eample a database built utilizing MSSQL and the interface is built with a.NET scheduling linguistic communication ) , if the database are merged good they should be presented absolutely within the interface package.

Unifying the two database in non a proper manner could ensue in unserviceable database, so it is really of import that the proprietor maintain a backup of the original two databases on an external media, and series of backups after every alteration to ease place issues after unifying.

So possible informations quality lose are chiefly from hapless informations entry, and integrating quality with the front terminal, and hapless planning in maintaining backup transcripts. [ 4 ]

3- Effect of hapless informations quality

The deductions of hapless quality informations carry negative effects to concern users through: less client satisfaction, increased running costs, inefficient decision-making procedures, lower public presentation and lowered employee occupation satisfaction ( Kahn et al. , 2003 ; Leo et al. , 2002 ; Redman, 1998 ) . It lowers client ‘s satisfactions and assurance and exclusions and loose of money:

Imhoff cited a recent Gartner study that stated that an mean organisation loses $ 8.2 million yearly through hapless quality informations, 22 per centum estimated their one-year losingss to be $ 20 million and 4 per centum study losingss were $ 100 million

Imhoff stressed the demand for trusty informations, stating it ‘s critical for fight, operational efficiency, hazard decrease, client satisfaction and protection. [ 5 ]

Time can be an of import factors, consequence of hapless informations quality could do the pharmaceutics spends long clip rectifying inaccurate informations,

Examples of hapless informations quality which lead to crisis:

1 -India typing pool hazards lives 8 August 2004 ( BBC News )

Which we stated before about using inexpensive and untrained informations entry workers in George ‘s Hospital in Tooting, south-west London

2- Surgical Mistake in 19 January 2003 ( New York Times )

A infirmary here has apologized for a laboratory error that led a adult female to have an unnecessary dual mastectomy.

she was informed that the lab at United Hospital in St. Paul,

MN, had switched her lab consequences with another patient

hypertext transfer protocol: //www.nytimes.com/2003/01/19/national/19SURG.html

So Poor informations quality could reflects adversely on the pahamacy, take downing client assurance, productiveness. If the information ‘s incorrect, clip, money, and reputes can be lost.


– Checking the database by a scanner and manually.

– Set outlook, or duty for the informations [ 5 ]

– Define user position for quality for users/customers ‘ demands and wants.

– Ensuring informations entry and checker are extremely qualified and decently managed.

– Ensuring database public presentation and velocity which could take to better client satisfaction. [ 7 ]

– Ensuring database dependability so client can inquire or purchase medical specialties anytime. [ 8 ]

– Devising certain that the two database versions is compatible.

– Devising certain that the foreign and primary keys are absolutely set.

– Devising certain that the two database systems are compatible and making transition if necessary.

– Optimizing the database for velocity.

-Ensuring informations value type so non hive awaying telephone Numberss in strings, besides utilizing no nulled allowed for the needed informations.