The Online Payments Using Credit Card Information Technology Essay

The method of paying goods and services electronically is non a new one but it was ab initio implemented in 1970 ‘s and 1980’s.A assortment of options has been provided to let the payment to be done through computing machine web. Due to high growing in internet entree across the universe broad, the electronic payment system has been started at the terminal of 1996 and early 1997, a immense assortment of payment methods has been developed by academic research workers and commercial involvements.Cyber hard currency digi hard currency payment method system were launched that achieved legion deployment but failed to bring forth on economic return.

Because of the security issues faced by Bankss everyplace, a high precedence was given to forestall the recognition card fraud. The degree of recognition card fraud has increased significantly over the recent old ages as the cards are explored and the use in the recognition card has been increased within no clip. For illustration, over the past decennaries fraud instances in U.K has been increased to a great extent.This is taken into history by the informations of issue of plastic cards have risen from ?98.6m to ?4024 m a twelvemonth. ( The Economist, Dec 2004 ) .

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In 1996 Master and Visa card announced that they are working together to convey a protocol that could hold unafraid bank minutess on the cyberspace This involves extremely secured encoding of the user inside informations. A normally known disadvantage is high dealing fee on the recognition card used. The recognition card based E-payments need to supply the buyer ‘s recognition card inside informations to the service supplier for the goods and services purchased over the cyberspace. This involves a hazard in directing the inside informations to the supplier, as there is opportunity to chop the inside informations of the recognition card holder. To get the better of this job Master and Visa cards came into being.

Problem Area:

Internet is soon assisting and easing on-line purchases and do payments really flexible. This created a new market tendency in the growing of the concern with the addition in clients often.

Harmonizing to Sanara stammberger, Commerce and Technology combined as one package-this is what on-line recognition cards are meant for. With the amendments in the engineering and cyberspace, cognition and communicating spreads are broken. With the aid of internet online shopping is done through online recognition card payment credence ability, one time the recognition card inside informations are verified the goods are shipped to the consumer. This is what we call convenience at its best (,2006 )

With payment system through on-line recognition card, the prevalence of on-line recognition fraud came into being. Detection and bar of recognition card fraud is really of import signifier of hazard direction by the recognition card industry. The losingss associated with these frauds has risen over the past twosome of old ages and forge card fraud has now overtaken by most dearly-won type of card fraud know as cardholder non present ( CNP ) fraud.Recent information analysis shows that, In U.K in twelvemonth 2004 alone about ?116.4m CNP card fraud loss are responsible than any other card fraud loss, In U.S.A it records about $ 428.2m and France recorded CNP fraud of 126.3m over the same period clip ( Financial times, January 2005 ) .From the treatment it is apparent that recognition card fraud offers a broad scope of research or survey.


The Aim of our survey is to happen out the methods implemented by the Bankss and other card publishing companies to avoid or minimise these increasing frauds in the bank minutess every bit good as recognition card online payments. And besides we describe the security characteristics of the recognition card and to happen out how to procure recognition cards from fraudsters both on the cyberspace and offline minutess.

RESEARCH Question: From the above job country we can explicate research inquiries. The chief inquiry is

What security steps are implemented by bank governments to procure recognition card holder inside informations?

Therefore our inquiry chiefly focuses on security steps taken by bank governments in procuring the recognition card holder inside informations. Here we show the technique implemented in different advanced states.

Boundary line:

This research paper chiefly focuses on the recognition card deceitful minutess. But there are many ways of recognition frauds which are non known by us. But we can non do decision on the recognition card deceitful dealing based on this fact. This survey can be utile to small extent to the user community of recognition card every bit good as card publishing companies.


Online payment utilizing recognition card:

With the addition of E-commerce, electronic payment techniques are increased tremendously. The most popular manner of electronic payment is by utilizing recognition card because of its simpleness and comfy. The user merely enters the informations needed by the merchandiser and the merchandiser validates the recognition card with the aid of bank associates and if the 3rd party confirmation on fundss are clear so the good is shipped to the consumer. But the communicating between merchandiser and user should be encrypted. The lone thing is the recognition card figure should be passed between user and client.


A recognition card is a convenient fiscal tool to utilize instead than to transport hard currency and it offers protection under federal jurisprudence. One of the first recognition card appeared in 1951 at Franklin national bank at New York, when the loan clients screened for recognition and approved were given card that they can utilize for retail purchases. In 1958 American Express company issued cards for the amusement and traveling charges (,2006 )


In order to treat electronic payment system, the user and merchandiser ab initio needs to entree cyberspace and they besides need to register to the payment supplier. Therefore supplier provides gateway which can make both public web and the interbank glade web. When the clients decided to buy a merchandise online so he take to use through recognition or debit card. Before bringing of the goods the merchandisers asks for payment gateway to empower client and his payments. If everything is clear so the payment is made from clients account and to merchandisers histories and sends the noticification to merchant.Then the merchandiser delivers the goods and services to the client ( Vesna hassle,2001 ) .The following are the benefits from E-payment system.

Companies can profit from the construct of on-line payment system which makes their communicating easier and cheaper.

Consumer benefit from on-line shopping as it is convenient and saves clip

Types of electronic payment system are offline versus online, debit versus recognition, macro versus micro, the paper hard currency, recognition cards and the cheques are the types of electronic payment system, but the E- payment instruments are:

Electronic money ( digital hard currency )

Electronic cheques

Credit card processing:

As the recognition card processing is complicated, the outer companies started to sell processing services to visa and get the hang card association members. The criterion regulations and processs of visa and maestro card are developed for managing security defects and avoiding the abuse of cards. These two association besides created international processing systems for managing foreign exchange and information.

Functions involved in recognition card processing:

Credit card processing is the procedure which happens with many parties, it can be referred as functions involved in recognition card dealing. Namely, the card issuer, card holder, merchandiser, card association, the acquirer and the colony bank.

Here the card holder enters the information required by the merchandiser for the clearance of the fiscal position, the 3rd party confirmation is done by bank associates and a message is sent to the merchandiser as the fiscal position is clear and therefore the merchandiser ships goods and services to the consumer. The mandate of the user is done by 3rd party and kept in documented the bank minutess and payment message was send to the merchandiser.

Credit card hacking:

Credit card hacking is hard to make utilizing traditional methods such as decoding the magnetic chevrons and animating them.

The construct of choping as methodological analysis to accomplish some peculiar end has important of working at something by experimenting or empirical agencies.There is no specific life rhythm for choping every bit good as it has no terminal to the specific undertaking, An betterments in itself are accomplishable

Different ways of hacking:

In the online recognition card purchase, the payment is transferred between wise man and individuality larceny.Most of the online payments are purely secured to forestall from fraud instances.

Attack the store to entree the client database:

It is really hard to acquire the recognition card inside informations, but 1000s of recognition cards are compromised in a successful onslaught. The rational hackers and hapless web store security lead in major breakages the security.

Fool client by subjecting card information voluntarily:

The unknown individuals create bogus online shops. They use the sham web sites which can hive away the user recognition card information and the other manner of fraud is send mails to the user to update his enrollment to use the web services.

Attack your Personal computer tool to steal your card information:

The hackers are merely users who tries to entree over cyberspace or anyone who straight entree can perpetrate individuality larceny by stealing recognition card information on personal computer.

Types of recognition card frauds:

Credit card frauds are committed in the undermentioned ways ( Tej paul bhatla,2003 )

Illegal or unauthorized usage of history for personal addition.

Representation of recognition card information to obtain goods and services.

Merchants are far more at hazard from recognition card fraud that the card holder

Lost or stolen cards:

When one individual loses his card or a card is stolen by person can for condemnable intent. This is the easiest manner for the fraudsters to acquire benefited

Account return over:

This type of fraud occurs when the valid clients personal information and history information is taken by the fraudsters. The fraudster takes control of history by either supplying the histories figure or card figure, Therefore after this he contacts bank functionary to airt the new card to new reference.

Card holder non present:

This is the fraud where the client are non present merely the history information of the card merely known.

Fake and imitative cards:

This is the one type of fraud where the creative activity of bogus cards goes on, fraudsters are happening more advanced ways to make bogus cards. The following are the techniques involved in making bogus imitative card. The below are some of the techniques involved in making false and bogus recognition cards:

Erasing the Magnetic strips:

Here the fraudsters erase the magnetic strips of the card by utilizing electro- magnetic which can easy pass over of the magnetic band. This manner the fraudster additions all the information on the card and so he uses the card with the erased band and can shop easy in the promenades where the teller looks for merely the inside informations of the card instead than the security codification and the signature on the magnetic band.

Making Fake cards:

With coming in the engineering many fraudsters are making bogus cards utilizing the abrasion.But now a yearss as many Bankss and establishments are making holographs on the cards which are really tough for the fraudsters to make the bogus recognition cards.


Planing is besides an another of import recognition card deceitful.It is the procedure where the full information on the magnetic band of recognition card is copied electronically on to another.

White plastic:

White card is card size piece of plastic, where fraudster creates fake individuality and encodes with legitimate magnetic band informations for illegal minutess. They largely use in gasoline pumps and at the ATM ‘s where there will be no teller.

Fraud techniques:

There are many ways in which fraudsters execute the recognition card frauds.Frauds are of three types:

Traditional card related to frauds

Merchant related frauds

Internet frauds

The different types of methods for perpetrating recognition card frauds are described below ( Tej paul bhatla.2003 )

Merchant related frauds:

Merchant related frauds are done by merchandisers ain or the employees. The types of frauds by merchandisers are:

Merchant collusion: this is done by the merchandiser proprietor or the employees who collect the card information from the card holder and so go through the information to the recognition card fraudsters.

Triangulation: This done offline when users buy the services or goods from the web site by formalizing their recognition card inside informations where merchandiser validates the client information, when the fiscal position is clear so the goods are transferred to the client through transportation. In this procedure, while formalizing the user recognition card information shops the informations and makes usage of this information in purchasing the company merchandises for the company ‘s web site.

Internet related frauds:

The cyberspace is the key for fraudsters to do frauds easy and simple. The below are the most normally used techniques in the cyberspace fraud ( Tej Paul bhatla,2003 ) :

a ) Site cloning: This is the procedure where the fraudsters create the sites which are similar to the existent sites where the clients enter the information for buying the goods, merely like the existent sites the ringer sites send the client receiver through mail merely as the existent company would make while buying the merchandise.

B ) False merchandiser sites: In this procedure some of the merchandiser sites offer cheaper monetary values for some goods but they have the status that in order to entree the merchandises they must come in the recognition card inside informations and entree the cheaper merchandises which are displayed in the web page. In this manner the merchandisers get the information from the clients and sell the information to fraudsters.

degree Celsiuss ) Credit card generators:

Here the computing machine plans generate the recognition card Numberss and termination day of the month.This is done by bring forthing list of recognition card history Numberss from a individual history figure.Luhn algorithm is used in the computing machine plan to bring forth recognition card history Numberss in any format user desires.

Theoretical Model:

For farther research we adopted four factor theoretical model based upon which we proceed our work.According chris brenton, ( 2003 ) article ‘mastering web security ‘ he uses the theory of Daniel buttafogo and larry Drexler, who says that “ protection is considered in the two positions, from the point of sale and the cyberspace ” .

Application procedure:

This is the first line of hazard direction defense mechanism, it is the pattern for card issuers to corroborate an applicant information from different informations beginnings. The card issuer makes a call to the appliers figure which is mentioned in the application signifier to corroborate the reference for confirmation. Application may be reviewed when more figure of applications are received from the country where the fraud instances are legion.

Activation Procedure:

Issuers besides have fraud controls over the clients when the new card is being activated.When naming to trip the recognition card a flag is raised if the call does n’t come from the place phone figure which is mentioned in the application. Thus the call is transferred to the client service to place where the call is from before triping the card. The activation procedure is implemented to forestall frauds such as individuality larceny, recognition card holder non present, account take over and forge cards ( The Ag lake,2002 ) .

Transaction behaviour Monitoring:

complex card issuers monitor on a regular basis the complex state of affairss and minutess to forestall frauds in the minutess. High hazard direction includes the gap of new history and sudden alteration in the minutess. There are particular package ‘s which raise a flag when there is an usual activity of the card holder. To supervise this calls are made to corroborate the minutess.

Detection and fraud bar on cyberspace:

Authentication of the card holder is the chief demand in pull offing the fraud on the cyberspace and there are no normally accepted solutions. One Approach to forestall fraud on cyberspace is to verify the card confirmation value 2 ( CV2 ) , the set of three figures on the rearward side of the card.


Problem definition:

This is taking to preliminary statement of research aim to supply information, which can analyze from motive, ratings, attitudes. purpose on cognition, facts, behavior, actions, demographic, socio-economic etc. This information is needed for geographic expedition, description, anticipation or rating. This comes from secondary informations beginnings both internal and external to a company primary informations beginnings ( Geoff Lancaster,1990 ) .

Review of secondary informations beginnings:

such as the company information records, studies, old trade association, authorities bureaus, books, statistics, conference proceedings etc.

Select Research attack for aggregation of new/primary information:



Surveys – mail, telephone, forces interview

Motivational research techniques.

Data aggregation: There are six different ways to roll up informations for instance surveies. These include certification, archival, records, interviews, direct observations, participant observations and physical artefacts. The primary beginning of method used for roll uping informations is interview method. Besides, the interviews, we will utilize other beginnings to capture informations from diaries literature, electronic information bases in the university of Salford and other scientific discipline database.

Analysis and reading of informations:

In our research paper, we shall foremost carry on a preliminary analysis from the interviews.Secondly we try to see whether there are any connexions between interviewee ‘s replies and how those connexion could explicate. Finally we shall compare our analysis with the theory to and there upon draw decisions.

Research attack:

Research methods can be classified into different ways, one of the most common differentiation is between qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Our attack:

Our research survey is the instance survey and we can state that study method of qualitative research method suits best for acquiring consequences.This attack is flexible as we can alter the survey by adding inquiries and altering order. Our chief purpose is how to halt recognition card inside informations choping on the cyberspace. We hence decide to travel for qualitative attack and instance survey utilizing the surveying technique method.

Empirical informations:

Case survey: In this instance survey we have taken the client from the bank of India that are publishing the recognition cards, where we interview the card issuers and besides the clients feedback.Here the bank inside informations are besides explained and the respondents replies are besides represented on the paper. One of bank taken for the instance survey where we interview bank members particularly to acquire the response from the employs who issue the recognition cards i.e fiscal establishment Andhra bank in Hyderabad In India are taken for the analysis of the recognition card frauds and besides the methods implemented to forestall such sort of frauds.

Case site Andhra Bank, Hyderabad, India:

Back land of Andhra Bank: Andhra bank was founded on 2oth November of 1923 by Dr. Bhaogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya and it commenced its concern from 28th November 1923.

Andhra Bank is the First bank in India to publish recognition cards since 1981.This bank issues four types of recognition cards which are Visa authoritative, visa gold, maestro card, master card electronic, all these cards are accepted in all merchandiser established in India and Nepal.Further they are introduced to the worldwide by formalizing recognition card inside informations by VISA/MASTER card which can be accessed from any portion of the universe.

Feedback from the respondent:

One of the bank director of Andhra Bank stated some jobs in utilizing the recognition cards which they faced in the recent yesteryear, some of the jobs stated are:

Online buying of merchandises utilizing recognition card is most of import recognition card fraud in the recent yesteryear which they experienced, Mostly online shop purchase introduces the recognition fraud by deriving the recognition card inside informations larceny, in appropriate use, recognition card hackers etc..where the clients enters the inside informations in order to buy the merchandises online. Some companies use the sham websites which allows the client to come in the recognition card inside informations and after holding the information they will shut the web site.It ‘s rather hard to halt these issues.So he says that in order to halt or forestall this the bank employs are working 18 hours for empowering the bank minutess. Authentication methods are introduced where clients need to authenticate the recognition card entree before buying any merchandise online.

Feedback from answering 2:

Harmonizing to employ who is working in Andhra bank since 3 old ages say that there are different sorts of jobs which he experienced, One of the most of import and registered instances are over cyberspace. “ Here the most feasible step is the PIN hallmark.In this wise the clients are non advised to demo their PIN figure to others. ” He stated.

He besides stated that they educate clients for PIN hallmark and besides expose the dangers involved in exposing the PIN to others. They besides educate the client how to manage on-line payment through recognition cards.

Here we got the informations to expose the job country by roll uping the information from bank functionaries every bit good as clients who faced different recognition card frauds associated with Andhra bank.

Andhra Bank Customer 1:

Harmonizing to another individual who is utilizing the recognition card for more than 2 old ages say ‘s that late he got a call from office soap to verify the bringing reference for transporting the merchandise which was non at all ordered by him. Then he was shocked to listen the bringing reference and recognition card inside informations when they called for confirmation of reference, after that he realized that he got a bringing from office soap where he ordered the merchandise online, so that same inside informations are used by the company without cognizing him of the merchandise purchase which was non made by him.

Andhra bank Customer 2:

Harmonizing to AB client who is utilizing recognition card for more than 3 old ages say ‘s that he is utilizing the recognition card for on-line payments on a regular basis but when he went for the shopping promenade where he made a cart of immense sum as he thought that he plenty sum to pull off but when he went for payment the merchandiser told that he did n’t hold money in the history, so he called to the bank functionary to corroborate they besides said that there is no money in the history.For cross confirmation he went to bank, where he noticed to see immense dealing in the recent yesteryear which was non at all done by him.This might hold done by some companies who got all his recognition card information, therefore he lodged a ailment to the caput office.

Andhra Bank client 3:

“ I have been utilizing recognition card more than 4 old ages, I ne’er experienced any job both online and offline until now, but late a on-line payment was effected at a web site, where I entered my recognition card inside informations, all of the sudden a amount of good sum are drawn from my count, a speedy call from the bank came for cross cheque which I stated that dealing as sham. ” He stated.

Discussion and Analysis:

These treatment and analysis is based on four critical waies and hazard direction methods. These patterns are:

Application procedure

Activation procedure

Transaction behaviour monitoring

Fraud bar on cyberspace

With in Case analysis:

The within instance analysis is the first of the two stages in analysing the empirical information we obtained from the instance sites. These besides include the result of the treatments we undertook on the information.

Case Site: The Andhra bank positions security and security menaces a major precedence in their operations from direction to desk operations, all pursue the bank ‘s policy on offering free instruction and how to forestall on-line card users from fraudsters.

Application procedure:

In the application procedure the application information is confirmed through a individual beginning.The Bankss official call to the client with the phone figure in the application signifier to verify the reference and country codification.Applications are besides tested from the recognition agency.

Activation Procedure:

The Andhra bank activation procedure includes the edifice of fraud controls when a new card is activated by client. Here there is no machine-controlled cheque on the inside informations of the bank.There is a clip restriction for Andhra bank to go to calls i.e between 23:00 autopsy to 5:00 there is no bank functionary to go to the calls for confirmation and hallmark.

Transaction behaviour monitoring:

At present Andhra bank can non be described as sophisticated recognition card issuer as it is trying to happen solution in supervising a high hazard solutions in such a proactive manner to forestall deceitful minutess, as these are non met by bank we can non name it as sophisticated recognition card issuer bank. Here anytime when the card holder complains about losing a card or a suspected deceitful move, the bank instantly places a temporal suspension on the history. The balance in the history is transferred to suspense but a method is established for the cardholder to pull the staying balance from the history.

Fraud Prevention on the Internet:

Preventing cyberspace fraud is the major job facing Andhra bank. The recognition card system in the Andhra bank does non run into the stairss to forestall on-line cyberspace recognition card frauds. In this topographic point the bank uses the cover package where the history figure is masked to command internet recognition card frauds. Here individual figure is used for each dealing.


The focal point of the research paper is on the recognition card security in electronic payment. A figure of security steps are identified, but security menace continue in some companies which issue recognition cards.

The chief research inquiry is:

What security steps can bank take to procure the recognition card inside informations of the client?

The major advantage of utilizing smart cards is the increased security they provide.The bit engineering had been introduced to avoid bogus cards and PIN hallmark is made for avoiding the individuality larceny.

From our instance survey we can analyze that merely Bankss which has good substructure maintain security step where every bit low profile Bankss continue these frauds.

Andhra bank is seeking to run into the worlds of the modern extremely affiliated universe, which provides Bankss to interact with clients.At the minute Andhra bank has implemented high degree security by utilizing user ID and watchword for hallmark.

Deductions for future research:

We had done a batch of research on recognition card frauds of on-line payment but a much demand sto be done on offline vitamin E -payment to avoid recognition card fraud controls.

Interview inquiries:

Make you work on security?

How long have you been working in security in the bank?

What facet of security you specially cover with?

Make you meet frauds online payments through recognition cards?

How make you observe such frauds?

How frequently on-line cards fraud occur?

What are the steps taken to avoid card frauds?

How clients are advised in Andhra bank for utilizing recognition cards for online payments?