The People of the Philippines Essay

1 The Filipino is fundamentally of Malay stock with a scattering of Chinese. American. Spanish and Arab blood. The Philippines has a population of 70 million. and it is difficult to separate accurately the lines between stocks. From a long history of Western colonial regulation. interspersed with the visit of merchandisers and bargainers evolved a people of a alone blend of E and West. both in visual aspect and civilization. 2 The Filipino character is really a small spot of all the civilizations put together.

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The bayanihan or the spirit of affinity and chumminess that Filipinos are celebrated for is said to be taken from Malay sires. The close household dealingss are said to hold been inherited from the Chinese. The piety comes from the Spaniards who introduced Christianity in the sixteenth century. Hospitality is a common denominator in the Filipino character and this is what distinguishes the Filipino. Filipinos are likely one of the few. if non the lone. English-proficient Oriental people of today.

Pilipino is the official linguistic communication. with English considered as the country`s unofficial one. 3The Filipinos are divided geographically and culturally into parts. and each regional group is recognizable by distinguishable traits and idioms – the sturdy and economical Ilocanos of the North. the hardworking Tagalogs of the cardinal fields. the unworried Bisayans from the cardinal islands and the colorful tribesmen and spiritual Moslems of Mindanao. Tribal communities can be found scattered across the archipelago.

The Philippines has more than 111 idioms spoken. owing to the subdivisions of these basic regional and cultural groups. 4 Some 80 per centum of the population is Catholic. Spain`s enduring bequest. About 15 per centum is Moslem and these people can be found fundamentally in Mindanao. The remainder of the population is made up largely of smaller Christian denominations and Buddhist. 5 The state is marked by a true blend of civilizations ; genuinely in the Philippines. East meets West. The background of the people is Indonesian and Malay.

There are Chinese and Spanish elements as good. The history of American regulation and contact with merchandisers and bargainers culminated in a alone blend of East and West. both in the visual aspect and civilization of the people of the Filipinos. or people of the Philippines. The Beginning of This World ( Maranao ) From the Anthology of Philippine Myths by Damiana Eugenio 1According to Maranao folklore. this universe was created by a great Being. It is non known. nevertheless who precisely is this great Being. Or how many yearss it took him to make this universe.

2 This universe is divided into seven beds. The Earth has besides seven beds. Each bed is inhabited by a different sort of being. The topmost bed. for illustration. is the topographic point we are populating. The 2nd bed is being inhabited by midget. These midgets are short. plump and long-haired. They are locally known as Karibanga. The Karibanga are said to possess charming powers. They are normally unseeable to the human oculus. The 3rd bed of the Earth which is found under the sea or lake is inhabited by nymphs. These nymphs besides possess certain charming powers.

It is stated in the narrative of Rajah Indarapatra that he met and fell in love with the princess nymph with whom he had a kid. 3 The sky besides consists of seven beds. Each bed has a door which is guarded twenty-four hours and dark by immense fabulous birds called Garoda. The 7th bed of the sky is the place of Eden which is besides divided into seven beds. Every bed in the sky is inhabited by angels. Maranaws believe that angels do non necessitate nutrient. They all possess wings with which they fly. 4 Heaven which is found on the 7th bed of the sky is where good people`s liquors go after decease.

Saints are assigned to the 7th bed while individuals who “barely made it” are confined to the lower most bed which is found at the underside of Eden. 5 It is in Eden where we find the tree-of-life. On each foliage of the tree-of-life is written the name of every individual populating on Earth. Equally shortly as a foliage ripens or prohibitionists and falls. the individual whose name it carries besides dies. 6 The psyche of every individual is found in tightly covered jars kept in one subdivision of Eden. This peculiar subdivision of Eden is closely guarded by a monster with a 1000 eyes. named Walo.

Walo. in add-on to his 1000 eyes. has besides eight hairy caputs. The heroic poem Darangan speaks of Madale. Bantugan`s brother and. Mabaning. Husband of Lawanen. come ining this subdivision and recovering the psyche of Bantungan. The Story of Creation ( B`laan ) 1 In the really get downing at that place lived a being so big that he can non be compared with any known thing. His name was Melu. and when he sat on the clouds. which were his place. he occupied all the infinite above. His dentitions were pure gold. and because he was really flawlessly and continually rubbed himself with his custodies. his tegument became pure white.

The dead tegument which he rubbed off his organic structure was placed on one side in a heap. and by and by this heap became so big that he was annoyed and set himself to see what he could make with it. 2 Finally Melu decided to do the Earth ; so he worked really hard in seting the dead tegument into form. and when it was finished. he was so pleased with it that he determined to do two existences like himself. though smaller. to populate on it. 3 Taking the leftovers of the stuff left after doing the Earth he fashioned two work forces. but merely as they were all finished except their olfactory organs. Tau Tana from below the Earth appeared and wanted to assist him.

4 Melu did non wish ay aid. and a great statement ensued. Tau Tana eventually won his point. and made the olfactory organs which he placed on the people upside down. When all was finished. Melu and Tau Tana whipped the signifiers until they moved. Then Melu went to his place above the clouds. and Tau Tana returned to his topographic point below the Earth. 5 All went good until one twenty-four hours a great rain came. and the people on the Earth about drowned from the H2O which ran off their caputs into their olfactory organs.

Melu. from his topographic point on the clouds. saw their danger. and he came rapidly to Earth and saved their lives by turning their olfactory organs the other side up. 6The people were really thankful to him. and promise to make anything he should inquire of them. Before he left for the sky. they told him that they are really unhappy life on the great Earth all entirely. so he told them to salvage all the hair from their caputs and the dry tegument from their organic structures and the following clip he came he would do them some comrades. And in this manner at that place came to be a great many people on the Earth.