California Culture Essay

California civilization has changed a batch over the old ages. There are new tendencies coming out all the clip. Whether they win or non they’re ever altering. Fashion is a large trade in California. it’s the manner you express yourself. Fashion trends that have been around for a piece are denims. V-neck shirts. and tennis places. New tendencies are TOMS which are places that are highly comfy. highlighter colourss. and body piercings. Highlighter colourss are used for apparels. jewellery. nail glosss. hair. places. and even do up.

Piercings used to be merely for your ears and nose but now they’re used for practically any body portion like your belly button or dorsum pregnant chads. There are besides tendencies in nutrient eating houses. McDonalds had ever been a favourite no affair how unhealthy it is. Some more fast nutrient eating houses are In-N-Out. Chipotle. and Wingstop. A new slang word about everyone uses is “YOLO” which means You Merely Live Once. There is besides a mark for stand foring the west side where you make a W with your fingers.

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Some truly of import jobs are unemployment. debt. drugs. packs. and fleshiness. There are so many people with large households but don’t have occupations because there aren’t plenty being offered. Reasons why people are unemployed are because corporations aren’t utilizing their net income to engage extra workers and province and local authoritiess are go oning to cut down their work force. A solution to assist unemployment rates would be to extinguish unemployment insurance unless it is truly needed.

This insurance makes people lazy. they stop seeking to look for occupations. We are in debt for a batch of grounds but I want to concentrate on one ground that many people might non believe excessively much about. public assistance. Social welfare costs a batch for us particularly if it’s being wasted on person who doesn’t truly necessitate or merit it. There are many people who use public assistance for drugs and merely sit around their house on a couch making nil. They learn to populate off public assistance and so don’t attempt to even look for occupations. Many people with kids still do this every bit good.

A solution to this would be several drug trials at random times and people should hold to maintain some type of cogent evidence to demo that they have been looking for occupations and subject them every 2-3 hebdomads. Drugs. smoke. and imbibing is going a life style for adolescents. This is a large job that needs to halt ASAP. It’s unsafe and foolhardy non merely for the teens utilizing but for guiltless people around them. Solutions for this would be random hunts for drugs in school. Being in packs is besides something popular among teens. Representing or “repping” colourss and chapeaus are cool to teens.

Gangs are manner excessively unsafe and terrorization and the lone solution I can believe of is more security and better protection. The last job is the obvious 1. fleshiness. Obesity is taking over! It’s a immense wellness job. 2/3 of US grownups are fleshy or corpulent. About a one-fourth of 2-5 twelvemonth olds and 1/3 of school-age kids are corpulent. A solution to this would be to hold less fast nutrient eating houses and childs should be educated and encouraged to do healthier picks at a immature age so it becomes a portion of their life style.

My anticipation for society in 5 old ages will be that both fleshiness and debt will acquire worse. This can harm me because fleshiness can take to decease and debt can do be broke and stateless if I’m non careful. I besides think computing machine engineering will progress quickly. No 1 will transport around text editions at all and we might non even travel to category we can all sit at place yet be in a computerized schoolroom together. That might non go on in 5 old ages but I do believe it’ll happen shortly. This will profit me because it saves gas. clip. and money for fees on books.