ATM Terminal Design Based On Fingerprint Recognition Information Technology Essay

With the development of computing machine web engineering and e-commerce, the self-service banking system has got extended popularisation with the characteristic offering of high-quality 24 hours service for client. Nowadays, utilizing an ATM ( Automatic Teller Machine ) which provide clients with the convenient bill trading is really common. However, the fiscal offense instance has risen in recent old ages. A batch of felons tamper with the ATM terminus and steal user ‘s recognition card and watchword by illegal agencies. Once user ‘s bank card is lost and the watchword is stolen, the felon can pull all hard currency in the shortest clip, which will convey tremendous fiscal losingss to client. How to transport on the valid individuality becomes the focal point in current fiscal circle. For the traditional ATM terminus client acknowledgment systems merely rely on bank cards, watchwords, and such individuality confirmation methods are non perfect and maps are excessively individual. Our new ATM terminus system is proposed and designed for work outing the bugs of traditional 1s. In this system extra to normal pin and password one more biometric engineering, fingerprint is besides added to supply high secured hallmark. In recent old ages, the algorithm of fingerprint acknowledgment is continuously updated, which has offered us a new confirmation means for us. The original watchword hallmark method combined with the biometric designation engineering verify the clients ‘ individuality better and better the safety of ATM machines efficaciously. After come ining the pin figure, the user must give his finger print as another cardinal procedure. If the fingerprint lucifers with the fingerprint which is already stored in the bank waiter ‘s database, so merely he can execute farther minutess. The Token is generated by the Server to the user ‘s nomadic figure. So that the legitimate user merely can give the Token for the farther procedure of hallmark. Main advantage of our system is that it provides full security to the client every bit good as it alerts the constabulary if any leery individual attempts to utilize the ATM card.

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The embedded ATM client hallmark system is based on fingerprint acknowledgment which is designed after analysing the existed ATM system. The S3C2440 bit is used as the nucleus of these embedded systems which is associated with the engineerings of fingerprint acknowledgment and current high velocity web communicating. The primary maps are shown as follows:

• Fingerprint acknowledgment: The Masterss ‘ fingerprint information was used as the criterions of designation. It must attest the characteristic of the human fingerprint before utilizing ATM system.

• Remote hallmark: System can compare current client ‘s fingerprint information with distant fingerprint informations waiter.

• Telephone alarming: Once an exclusion happens, such as log in as the sham individuality, the system will get down the phone dismay to inform client and bank staff every bit shortly as possible.

• Message alarming: the message can be send to the relevant staff ‘s nomadic phone without any noise, in order to transport on exigency processing.

• Police web connexion: The system can name the constabulary via the constabulary web.

• Two discriminate analysis methods: Besides the fingerprint acknowledgment, the manner of watchword acknowledgment can be besides used for the system.

The S3C2440 bit is used as the nucleus of full hardware.

Furthermore, the faculties of LCD, keyboard, dismay, fingerprint acknowledgment are connected with the chief bit ( S3C2440 ) .The SRAM and FLASH are besides embodied in the system. There are some faculties consisted of the system as


LCD faculty: The OMAP5910 is used in this faculty as a LCD accountant, it supported 1024*1024

image of 15 gray-scale or 3375 colourss.

Keyboard faculty: It can be used for inputting watchwords.

Dismaying faculty: TC35i dismaying faculty is based on GSM engineering implement which can name the recognition card proprietor and send message to relevant staffs without any sound.

SRAM and FLASH: The 16-bit 29LV160BB- 70REC of FLASH bit and the 32-bit HY57V561620CT-6 of SRAM bit are connected with the chief bit. Their maps are hive awaying the running codification, the information of fingerprint and the algorithm.

Fingerprint acknowledgment faculty: Atmel Company ‘s AT77CI04B be used for fingerprint acknowledgment. It has a 500dpi declaration, anti-press, anti-static, anticorrosion.

Ethernet switch accountant: RTL8308B can provides eight 10/1 00 Mbps RMII Ethernet ports, which can link constabulary web and remote fingerprint informations waiter.

Before utilizing the ATM terminus, the client ‘s fingerprint characteristic will be connected to the distant fingerprint informations waiter to fit fingerprint informations with the maestro ‘s, if the

consequence is n’t right, the system will name constabularies automatically and direct dismay to the recognition card proprietor.





AT77C I 04B



S3C2440This is how the block diagram of the hardware faculty looks like.

S3C2440 works as a nucleus of full hardware.


AT77CI04B is used for fingerprint acknowledgment and RTL8308B is used to link to patrol web and waiter in which the fingerprints are saved.


The design of package is really of import for this embedded system. The design included the design of chief plan flow chart, the

Initializing 1s, and the algorithm of fingerprint acknowledgment flow chart.

This system of package is implemented by the stairss as follows: first of all, the Linux meat and the File system are loaded into the chief bit. The following, the system is initialized to implement specific undertaking, such as look intoing A TM system, GSM communicating and so on, and so each faculty reset for ready to run bids.

Before utilizing A TM terminus, the watchword and fingerprint is required. First proprietor ‘s watchword is entered and if password Matches with the watchword already saved

In the database, so the system requests for proprietor ‘s fingerprint. If the fingerprint

lucifers with the fingerprint saved in the bank, the system would come in into the waiting position. In add-on, the figure of times the acknowledgment of fingerprint and watchword are restricted to 3. If more than 3 times, the system will name the constabulary through constabulary web, telephone to the proprietor and

Send message to relevant staff. Then it locks the proprietor ‘s recognition card.

Another security step which can be added is that if the watchword and fingerprint lucifers a nominal figure can be generated and sent to the proprietor nomadic. Now the proprietor must come in that nominal figure and continue with his dealing. This is an extra security step which can be provided to the client.

In the procedure of inputting fingerprint, the AT77CI04B which is a additive detector gaining controls fingerprint images by brushing the finger over the sensing country. This will be used for geting the image of fingerprint. This merchandise embed true hardware based 8-way pilotage and click maps. The

fingerprint information will be temporarily stored in SRAM and upload to the distant fingerprint informations waiter to compare

through bank web. The consequence of procedure will be controlled by chief bit ( S3C2440 ) .

The initializing procedure means that set the hardware and package and so starts the multiple mission faculties, each

Module will be started harmonizing to the precedence processes. At foremost the system clock is initialized, and it executes the codifications of

unfastened interrupt and the unfastened interrupt undertaking. Then, the system would judge and come in procedure of faculty. Finally, the system would get down to try multiple undertakings.



The design of algorithm based on fingerprint acknowledgment is so critical for the whole system. We would near two stairss to treat the images of fingerprint.

Fingerprint acknowledgment procedure

The first measure is the acquisition of fingerprint image by the above device mentioned in the algorithm, and the consequences

could be sent to the undermentioned procedure.

Second, pre-processing the images acquired. After obtaining the fingerprint image, it must be pre-processed.

By and large, pre-processing is done by filtrating, histogram computer science, image sweetening and image linearization.

Last, the characteristic value was extracted, and the consequences of the above steps would be compared with the

information of proprietor ‘s fingerprint in the database so as to verify whether the character is matched, and so the system

returns the consequences if it matches or non.

Fingerprint image sweetening

Fingerprint acknowledgment faculty is an highly of import portion of the system.

The high-quality images is the major

Factor for act uponing the public presentation in the system. There is a batch of noise in fingerprint image. Now the image sweetening is the stipulation for acknowledgment of fingerprint features. The algorithm of fingerprint acknowledgment based on the algorithm of Gabor and way filter is used. Fingerprint sweetening algorithm based on Gabor

Filter could be better to take noise, beef up the definition between the ridge and vale. It could significantly better the image sweetening processing capacity, but this algorithm was slow in covering with the high capacity demands. Fingerprint sweetening algorithm based on way filter has a faster processing capableness, but it was non good in passing the big noise

Areas. So combination of these two algorithms could obtain better effects. The algorithm based on way filter was

used in the clear country, and based on Gabor filter was used in the recoverable part.


The design of ATM terminus system based on fingerprint acknowledgment has more advantages. It has advantages of the stableness and dependability of fingerprint features, a new biological engineering. Fingerprints are alone for every person and therefore it provides high hallmark. This is besides based on the image enhancement algorithm of Gabor and way filter. Additionally, this system besides contains the original verifying methods which were inputting proprietor ‘s watchword.

One drawback of this system is that in certain state of affairs the proprietor is non able to travel straight to the ATM and he sends some authorised user to retreat money. It is non possible for that individual to retreat money because of fingerprint method. Here we have a solution for this state of affairs. In add-on to the proprietor ‘s fingerprint another authorized user ‘s fingerprint of the proprietor ‘s pick can be added to the database. Now in a state of affairs where the proprietor is non able to travel to ATM, that user can utilize their fingerprint and withdraw money.

The security characteristics were enhanced mostly for the stableness and dependability of proprietor acknowledgment. The whole system was build on the engineering of embedded system which makes the system more safe, dependable and easy to utilize.