The link between economic development and womens rights

Temasek Foundation ( TF ) is requested to reexamine our grant application of $ … … … . for the Women ‘s Leadership in New Asia ( WLNA ) undertaking. This is a ground-breaking, five-year enterprise that will clarify the landscape of adult females ‘s leading in a fast-rising continent, analyze the policies, patterns, and cultural factors that help or hinder adult females ‘s rise, and develop greater capacity to progress adult females leaders who can enrich Asia ‘s productiveness, fight and creativeness.

The undertaking has three constituents: 1 ) research ; 2 ) capacity edifice ; and 3 ) community constructing via one-year adult females ‘s international leading acmes. It will concentrate on seven states and will cover the public, private and non-profit sectors.

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We seek Temasek ‘s support merely for the capacity and community edifice parts of this undertaking. We believe that WLNA to the full supports the Temasek Foundation ‘s authorization to heighten “ sustainable growing and a bright hereafter of hope and chances for the people in Asia. ”

Undertaking Background

Economic development and adult females ‘s rights are inextricably linked. Development leads to more employment chances and higher rewards, improved health care, and greater personal security for all, including adult females. On the impudent side, it is by and large accepted, at least in the West, that the key to economic advancement lies in the promotion of adult females ‘s rights[ 1 ]and that investing in adult females is the individual most effectual poorness relief mechanism lending to a society ‘s prosperity[ 2 ].

Womans in Asia face a figure of adversities ; for the lucky 1s, it is a glass ceiling that, despite their first-class makings and intelligence they merely can non interrupt through. For others, the big bulk, it is more basic: how to feed their kids, survive childbearing and protect themselves and their girls from colza, ferociousness and being trafficked into harlotry.

Asia ‘s matchless economic development in recent decennaries presents a scope of economic and calling chances for Asiatic adult females. It besides presents the chance to dispute bing restrictions. Compared to the U.S. and Europe, Asia has well fewer female leaders in both the populace and private sectors. There are few webs for Asiatic adult females leaders to come together and portion best patterns or solutions to challenges. Research suggests that despite record Numberss of extremely ambitious adult females come ining the work force in emerging market states, companies lack understanding about the social challenges such adult females face[ 3 ]. Since organisations are still non capitalising on adult females ‘s endowments[ 4 ], Asia may be losing out on the recognized benefits of gender balance in leadership-e.g. , improved organisational fight, diversified problem-solving and decision-making, greater profitableness, and ethical administration[ 5 ]. Addressing the gender instability in leading is indispensable to the hereafter of a competitory, dynamic, and resilient Asia and to sustainable regional economic development.

Institutional Strengths

The Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy ( LKY School ) , National University of Singapore, and Asia Society are the main spouses in this undertaking. The LKY School was established in 2004 with the mission of educating and developing the following coevals of Asiatic policymakers and leaders. Its aims are to raise the criterions of administration throughout the part, better the lives of Asians, and, in so making, contribute to the transmutation of Asia. In add-on to its alumnus plans and research strengths, the school besides offers a diverse scope of high quality executive instruction plans. Its flagship month-long executive plan, the Senior Management Program, delivered by world-class module and practicians, provides an advanced course of study around the evergreen subjects of leading, administration and planetary tendencies. To day of the month, the LKY School has trained over 5,000 public and private sector leaders through executive instruction plans. The school besides has a dedicated Research Support Unit for circulating and maximising policy impact from the school ‘s research.

Asia Society, for more than 50 old ages, has been at the head of linking Asians and Americans to further strong partnerships in civilization, concern, and planetary personal businesss. Most late, Asia Society has developed a new committedness to turn to the demand to fix leaders for a hereafter that will progressively dwell of a multi-polar universe. To this terminal, Asia Society has late launched two new leading initiatives-Diversity Leadership Forum and the Women Leaders of New Asia Initiative-to complement the successful Asia 21 Young Leaders Initiative. These exciting undertakings leverage Asia Society ‘s alone ability to further strong pan-Asian partnerships on both sides of the Pacific to advance advanced coactions. These coactions foster leading through high profile platforms to make dynamic webs and advance public consciousness protagonism.

Undertaking Strategy

As a title-holder of Asia ‘s economic development and an example of good administration, Singapore is a natural place for this undertaking. Whilst there are a figure of enterprises in Asia looking at inquiries of basic adult females ‘s rights, deficient attending is paid to the deficiency of adult females leaders. To turn to gender instability in leading places in Asia, the WLNA undertaking proposes a big capacity development plan consisting original research, community-building, preparation, one-year conferences, and public airing. The undertaking will concentrate on and include participants from the undermentioned states: China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore[ 6 ].

This Undertaking will take topographic point in three stages over five old ages:

Phase 1: Community edifice and understanding the issues ( Year 1 )

Phase 2: The bosom of the job ( Years 2 and 3 )

Phase 3: Evaluation, impact, and following stairss ( Old ages 4 and 5 )

Project Impact and Deliverables

This ambitious undertaking is a partnership between the LKY School and Asia Society. The two establishments are to the full committed to utilizing this undertaking to clarify and better adult females ‘s tracts to leading in Asia and would be acute to see the undertaking develop further after the five old ages outlined in this paper. Both the LKY School and Asia Society are seeking to involvement other research workers and funders in the undertaking.

Five one-year adult females ‘s international leading acmes to be held in Singapore as portion of this undertaking will set Singapore at the head of the discourse on adult females ‘s leading in Asia. Through capacity edifice plans, participants from all over Asia will besides be exposed to Singapore ‘s alone attack of uniting meritocracy with equal chance. This presentation of the function of policy and direction will heighten participants ‘ apprehension of, and sensitiveness to, good patterns on gender and leading in an inclusive and matter-of-fact environment.

WLNA purposes to hold maximal impact across Asia and aims to place and recommend policy recommendations to better the opportunities of Asiatic adult females to go leaders. Deliverables will include:

Capacity edifice

Two week-long executive instruction plans per twelvemonth for three old ages, affecting 28 lifting leaders per plan tally ; participants will be called Temasek Foundation Fellows ;

Community edifice

Five one-year adult females ‘s international leading acmes to be held in Singapore ;

Workshops for Temasek Foundation Fellows to happen alongside the one-year adult females ‘s international leading acmes, and

A publically accessible WLNA undertaking web site, supplying entree to research findings, airing of undertaking penetrations and a forum for treatment on adult females ‘s leading issues.


The Women ‘s Asiatic Power Index ( WAPI ) , a study ranking the focal point states against standards measuring the province of adult females ‘s leading ;

Two emended volumes of instance surveies of inspirational Asiatic adult females leaders ;

Journal articles ;

One book synthesising penetrations on Women ‘s Leadership in New Asia, and

Magazine articles and newspaper sentiment pieces.

Undertaking Breakdown

Phase 1: Community edifice and understanding the issues ( Year 1 )

The first twelvemonth of the WLNA undertaking will be spent constructing a community of stakeholders through which information can be gathered and shared to inform the undertaking, and set the cardinal parametric quantities of research. This will include:

Capacity edifice

Supplying tracts to adult females ‘s leading requires sceptered adult females and work forces who understand the demands of leading and an environment that encourages female leading. Through executive instruction preparation plans, and an one-year adult females ‘s international leading acme, WLNA will construct the capacity of two cardinal audiences:

Rising adult females leaders from across Asia.

Focused on practical application, networking and assurance edifice, this plan will heighten participants ‘ consciousness of their strengths and failings as leaders. Faculties will turn to leading manners and attacks, direction for consequences, strategic direction, presentation and communicating accomplishments, dialogue, organisational excellence, globalisation and its challenges, and others.

Male and female public and private sector directors and policy-makers.

This plan will supply participants with a holistic acquisition experience and fit them with the accomplishments they require to hold a positive impact on their organisations and society at big. Faculty will take an inclusive attack and promote duologue to research positions on meritocracy and pro-women policies, whilst foregrounding the barriers faced by adult females in calling patterned advance and the benefits of gender balance in leading. The plan will besides research how work forces and adult females can happen common land to heighten diversified decision-making and problem-solving accomplishments in institutional contexts.

The above capacity edifice plans are planned to take topographic point for the first 3 old ages of the undertaking. Each plan will be evaluated so as to inform the following plan every bit good as the research being conducted. In the first twelvemonth, plan participants will be surveyed to derive a better apprehension of the environment and attitudes act uponing adult females ‘s leading in Asia.

Four participants from each focal point state – to be designated as Temasek Foundation Fellows – will be invited to go to each capacity constructing plan ( 28 participants per plan ) . Temasek Foundation Fellows will be encouraged to maintain in touch via the undertaking ‘s web site and through the public scheduling platforms of the one-year adult females ‘s international leading acmes. During the first three old ages of the undertaking, module from the capacity edifice executive instruction plans will go to each of the focal point states, to foster relationships with chaps, seek feedback for plan development and inform research work.

Community edifice and networking

WLNA will form an one-year adult females ‘s international leading acme to further treatment around new paradigms of leading that recognize the part that adult females leaders in Asia can do and the challenges that such leaders face. The acme will supply deeper battle among participants, broader entree to bing leading webs and more effectual cultivation of new adult females leaders via the undermentioned three aims:

Connect: Facilitate a web of established and emerging adult females leaders across Asia from the populace, private, and non-profit/NGO sectors.

Communicate: Formulate relevant policy issues around work, instruction, professional chances and leading accomplishments. Make a forum where adult females can discourse and circulate the latest research findings on variables that impact adult females ‘s tracts to leading in Asia.

Collaborate: Facilitate partnerships ( including academe, concerns, research entities, media and others ) to circulate thoughts, propose solutions and create alteration within a uniquely “ Asiatic ” context.

The one-year adult females ‘s international leading acmes will be organized by Asia Society, utilizing its rich web among leaders in authoritiess, corporations and the non-profit sector. In Phase 1, the acme will supply the platform to publicise the WLNA undertaking, recruit spouses and incubate a relevant thematic focal point to take research subjects. In Phases 2 and 3, the acmes will supply a important high profile, pan-Asian platform from which to portion and assess research consequences and cultivate farther community edifice. From each executive instruction plan, the top 10 Temasek Foundation Fellows will be selected and invited to go to workshops held aboard the adult females ‘s international leading acmes.

WLNA will besides establish a web site which will enable acme and capacity edifice participants, every bit good as other interested parties, to entree research literature, maintain in touch, and portion narratives about their experiences as possible and current adult females leaders. The web site will foreground the most interesting instance surveies to dovetail with the undertaking ‘s Phase 3 aims of facilitating and implementing alteration in assorted organisations.

Initial research

Identifying possible instance surveies

WLNA will place inspirational adult females leaders from each country-particularly those whose calling waies have been non-traditional. In Phases 2 and 3 of the undertaking, instance surveies will be written on adult females leaders e.g. , Zhang Yin ( caput of Nine Dragons Paper ) ; Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw ( laminitis of Biocon ) ; Noeleen Heyzer of UNESCAP ; Sri Mulyani Indrawati ( Pull offing Director of the World Bank ) , detailing how these and other female concern, non-profit and public sector leaders became leaders. Concentrating on their values, accomplishments, the obstructions they faced on their manner to the top and the lessons learned, these instance surveies will be used for preparation and will be loosely disseminated to animate future adult females leaders. Two edited volumes of these instance surveies will be put together over the continuance of the undertaking, to animate other possible adult females leaders.

State ranking

The focal point states will be ranked utilizing a combination of selective indexs of adult females ‘s leading utilizing the following bing informations:

Global Gender Gap IndexA ( World Economic Forum )

Human Development Index ( UNDP )

Datas on adult females in political relations ( IPU and IDEA )

Datas on young person employment etc ( ILO )

Other informations from UN Women, private sector research and other indexs.


Initial version of Women ‘s Asiatic Power Index ( WAPI ) .

Initial informations will be collected on the figure of adult females in top places across the populace and private sectors in each focal point state ( China, India, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore ) to make an one-year study card on adult females ‘s leading: the Women ‘s Asiatic Power Index ( WAPI ) .

Phase 2: The bosom of the job ( Years 2 and 3 )

Building on the information gathered in Phase 1 of the undertaking, WLNA will carry on original research looking at how policy, civilization and pattern aid or impede adult females ‘s tracts to leading across the populace, private and non-profit sectors in the focal point states.

The undermentioned inquiries will be explored:

What is the current representation of female leading in the top authorities bureaus, top 50 corporations and taking non-profit organisations?

Are adult females more successful in lifting to top leading places in specific industries or sectors? Why?

What Torahs and public policies help or hinder adult females ‘s rise to exceed places in Asia?

What cultural or social factors help or hinder adult females ‘s rise to exceed places in Asia?

What, if any, actions or policies work to “ rectify ” factors that hinder adult females ‘s rise to the top places in Asia?

What concepts and accomplishments can be taught to adult females to enable them to come on through direction and supply effectual female leading?

How do we outdo educate and promote male and female leaders to heighten their capablenesss and prosecute them in implementing more female-friendly work environments and patterns?

Funding for the research constituent of the undertaking will be sought from foundations other than Temasek, and a to the full fledged research proposal developed to enable the above inquiries to be considered via original study informations, interviews, scrutiny of Torahs and policies within organisations and states, and secondary research.

As noted above, capacity and community edifice attempts outlined in Phase 1 of the undertaking will run throughout Phase 2 and will be used to inform and prove research findings.

At the terminal of this stage, journal articles and the Women ‘s Asiatic Power Index ( WAPI ) , a study ranking the focal point states against standards measuring the province of adult females ‘s leading, will be produced.

Phase 3: Evaluation, impact and following stairss ( Old ages 4 and 5 )

Old ages 4 and 5 of the undertaking will be centered on bring forthing and circulating research publications for maximal policy impact. The undertaking ‘s research, capacity edifice and other activities will be evaluated to place appropriate following stairss for undertaking development and, if appropriate, institutionalization of this attempt through the creative activity of a Centre for Women ‘s Leadership in Asia at the LKY School. Asia Society ‘s web of centres, particularly in Asia, and the one-year adult females ‘s international leading acmes will be used to make public consciousness, disseminate research and advance public protagonism of the policy recommendations made to heighten adult females ‘s leading in Asia.

Reports, academic articles, sentiment pieces in mainstream media, WAPI and at least one emended volume will be published in the earlier stages of WLNA. In Phase 3, publications will go on utilizing informations, analyses, and experience gained in old old ages.

Outputs will include:

Case surveies of powerful and inspirational Asiatic adult females ( one volume to be produced in Phase 2of the undertaking and the 2nd volume in Phase 3 of WLNA )

Journal articles on Women ‘s Leadership in New Asia. At least one article will be comparative and will probably turn to differences between western and Asiatic paradigms and challenges in adult females ‘s leading.

A book on Women ‘s Leadership in New Asia synthesising penetrations from research, networking and capacity edifice activities.

Articles and sentiment pieces for more mainstream magazines and newspapers, intended to circulate undertaking penetrations to the greater public and solicit public feedback.

Capacity and community edifice attempts will be evaluated and nurtured in Phase 3. Selected Temasek Foundation Fellows will be invited to go to the adult females ‘s international leading acmes and associated workshops.

Funding sought

The proposed budget is for five old ages and includes:

Two week-long capacity edifice executive instruction plans per twelvemonth for three old ages ( about 56 participants per twelvemonth, who will be designated as Temasek Foundation Fellows ) ;

Annual adult females ‘s international leading acmes ( five conferences over five old ages )

One province of the art undertaking web site for consciousness elevation, community edifice and airing of research findings.

WLNA Project Budget

Entire SGD ( over 5 old ages )

Capacity Building


Acmes and follow up with Temasek Foundation Fellows

Sum Undertaking


The elaborate budget is attached in Appendix A.


Temasek Foundation is requested to reexamine this grant application, of the undermentioned specifications: –

Title: “ Women ‘s Leadership in New Asia ( WLNA ) : Enhancing Competitiveness and Improving Asiatic Lives ” ;

Aim: A five-year capacity-development plan to analyze the tracts by which adult females rise to senior places, and the policies that help or impede this procedure ;

Value: The entire value requested is $ … … … … … .