The movie ”Dead poet’s societys” neil vs. A separate peace’s finny Essay

To most people a dream is merely a portion of the imaginativeness. of class it would be ideal for it to come true. but the mean individual can see the difference from a dream to world. The mean individual knows non to swear people blindly. knows to make what is best for them. they understand that on occasion one must set their dreams aside for it will non work with the universe around them. they understand how to set their dream to world. Of class this is merely the mean individual. The characters Finny and Neil are both dreamers and dreamers and were hence destined to decease for they could non populate in a universe where dreams are merely dreams and world includes hatred. green-eyed monster and practicalists. Finny was unable to populate a life where his best friend hated him. Neil was in able of populating a life in military school. Both could merely populate the dream.

Finny and Neil are both optimists and through their attitudes towards mundane life one can clearly see their misconceptions of world. Finny believed that “You ever win at athleticss. ” ( 26 ) He felt this manner because to him. athleticss were ever fun. In a dream universe. everyone would win in athleticss but in world. there is ever a also-ran. From Finny’s simple thought. it is clear that he can non set to a universe where non everyone wins. Neil’s misconception of world can be shown through how he merely saw the good of the Dead Poet’s Society. non the danger of it. when clearly the society lead to the male childs making brainsick things such as the article in the newspaper. Neil besides ne’er considered money when taking a occupation. His male parent was wholly focused on money. while Neil was the opposite. Neil wanted to be an histrion when in world histrions seldom make a batch of money. Neil’s father tried so difficult to learn him the lesson of taking a calling that pays good yet Neil ne’er understood that.

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Another lesson one must larn is to ne’er follow person or something blindly. One must analyse and believe for themselves before swearing or following what anyone says. Both Finny and Neil followed people blindly which finally resulted in decease. Finny trusted Gene with his full bosom and psyche. He could ne’er surmise anything of Gene because “it’s of import for me to believe you. Christ-I’ve got to believe you. at least. I know you better than anyone” ( 154 ) . Finny would non allow his ain observations get in the manner. he wholly trusted Gene when he even had “a sort of feeling. ” ( 58 ) . Finny trusted Gene more than he trusted himself. Finny’s blind trust resulted in him being so vulnerable to Gene. Neil took everything Mr. Keeting said to bosom. From the first category. he took what Mr. Keeting said and made it his rules for life. Neil trusted Mr. Keeting’s word without even oppugning them. Because Neil did that. he misunderstood Mr. Keeting’s words. and alternatively of “sucking the marrow out of life” he “choked on the bone. ”

In fright of choking on the bone. both Finny and Neil preferred non cognizing the truth instead than accepting it. Finny doubtless knew that Gene intentionally pushed him off the tree but convinced himself that “I must hold merely lost my balance. It must hold been that” ( 58 ) . Finny needed to believe in Gene. He felt that Gene was his best friend and if he couldn’t believe in Gene. so the construction of his life would fall apart. It was more of import for Finny to believe in Gene instead than to cognize the truth. What Neil wanted more than anything was to be an histrion. but he knew his male parent would non O.K. . so alternatively of seeking to come to an understanding with his male parent. he lied to Mr. Keeting about holding permission. Neil could non cover with obstructions. so he avoided them. He could non do via medias or forfeits so he hid from the truth and lied. It was more of import for Neil to procure his dream as opposed to happening off to do it work in world. He could non accept the potency of losing his dream.

When both Finny and Neil were faced with their dream universe being shattered both their lives resulted in decease. Gene meant everything to Finny and when Finny was forced to confront the truth he ran off from it and fell down the steps. This incident led to his decease. Finny died of a broken bosom. His artlessness and Gene allowing him down killed him indoors and finally outside excessively. Neil’s dream was to be an histrion. When his male parent threatened to coerce him into military school for 10 old ages. Neil came to the decision that “But that’s ten more years…Father that’s a life-time. ” Neil wanted to “live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. To set to expel all that was non life. and non when I had come to decease. detect that I had non lived” Neil felt that if he were forced to populate the life his male parent wanted it would non be as if he were populating so he felt he had no pick but to kill himself. He looked at the state of affairs as black and white. either the dream. to go and actor. or the decease sentence. and because of his inability to set his dream or express himself ; Neil’s life was cut short.

In decision. Finny and Neil were both destined to decease because their psyches were excessively guiltless and naive to set to the backstabbing and challenges of our society. Finny could non populate with Gene being responsible for his accident and Neil could non populate in military school. Neither could conceive of a life unlike the vision in their caput. Both Finny and Neil were honest. inexperienced person and talented male childs. unluckily what they besides had in common was they were naive. swearing. and dreamers who wanted to populate the dream and merely the dream. They could non understand that one must work for their dreams in order for it to go world. They were non like the mean individual ; they trusted people blindly. could non manage the truth. and had many misconceptions of world. They were optimists and were great people but as Billy Joel’s vocal goes. “Only the Good Die Young” . for the good. Finny and Neil. are naive and vulnerable to society and therefore are incapable of life in this universe.