What Does The Word Culture Mean? Essay

Have you of all time though what does the word “culture” means? Well. throughout life people refer to this word as art. beliefs. behaviour. thoughts or activities associating to literature. art. and music of a peculiar society or group of people. However. that is merely the merely definition that appears on the lexicon. Culture involves other of import topics that describe profoundly this word. issues such as. household. linguistic communication. individuality. stereotyping. raising. outlooks. economic state of affairs and so on. Therefore. household is the topographic point in which society begins. but in many instances households are portion of different civilizations. and the 1s that are affected by this state of affairs are the childs.

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These kids are the 1s who have to contend twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours against these two different universes. To exemplify this. I choose some narratives such as. “the Good Daughter. ” by Caroline Hwang. “Living in Two Universes. ” by Marcus Mabry and “Almost a Woman. ” by Esmeralda Santiago. Each of these narratives reveals the struggles kids have to face in the accommodation in a foreign civilization and the functions that household and cultural individuality drama in stressing these quandary. This essay will demo how kids have to confront the force per unit areas and demands of life in two different civilizations.

First of all. one of import facet of the experiences of these kids is to specify their individuality. Therefore. for kids that belongs to two civilizations is non easy to happen their individuality. particularly if they come from immigrant households. In the narrative “The Good Daughter. ” Caroline Hwang. an American-born Korean. depict how she loses her individuality. Throughout all her life she though that she was American as Korean. but she did non conceive of that a visit to the dry cleansing agent was traveling to do her realize that she was non every bit Korean as she though. Harmonizing to “The Good Daughter. ” The adult female behind the counter of the dry cleansing agent Tells Caroline: “You do non how to talk your name. ” ( 15 ) .

This incident surprised her ; at that minute she discovers that all her life she had mispronounced her name. Besides that. she feels betrayed by her parents. since they ne’er tried to rectify her and for that ground. she became unsated with her cultural individuality. Caroline says. “I identify with Americans. but Americans do non place with me. ” ( 16 ) . This shows how hard it is for her to be a portion of American society and how she is repelled from the lone civilization that she knows. For case. the parent-child relationships it is really of import in the development of self-pride in kids. On the other manus. Esmeralda Santiago form the narrative “Almost a Woman. ” was an immigrant excessively. who had besides jobs with her individuality. Esmeralda was a immature Puerto Rican miss with a large confusion in her head. Since she arrived to the United Stated. her female parent told her that even though she was in America she had to act like a Puerto Rican miss and non like Americans. Regardless of that. her female parent wanted Esmeralda to be American in footings of linguistic communication. instruction and how to move among Americans. but she was non allowed to move like American misss of her age. She discovers that her life was really different from American striplings.

As a consequence of that. she became baffled about her individuality. she did non cognize what makes her American and what Puerto Rican. As an illustration of this. she says. “Was I Americanized if I preferred pizza to pastelillos? Was I Puerto Rican if my skirts covered my articulatio genuss? If I cut a image of Paul Anka from a magazine and tacked to the wall. was I less Puerto Rican than when I cut out images of Gilberto Monroig? Who could state me? ” ( Santiago 25 ) . There is a clear illustration of Esmeraldas confusion and her seek to happen her individuality. She did non cognize where Puerto Rican ended. and Americanized began. Since she arrived to the United States she became portion of a new universe in which she had to populate. but besides that she is still portion of her household universe. in which her female parent does non listen to her when she refers to her demands in the accommodation to the new civilization. Harmonizing to the narratives “The Good Daughter” and “Almost a Woman. ” is obvious. that parent dealingss are of import because they impact the kid individuality so strong. This means that parents need to be the tool that a kid needs to happen their individuality.

Second. poorness is unfortunate but is the true world that many persons have to face. Sometimes people do non detect that they are hapless until they travel between those two universes or civilizations. In the narration “Living in Two Wordss. ” Marcus Mabry has two different lives. He discusses his life in Stanford University. where he resides in a nice two sleeping room flat on campus and on which he have had a sheltered life with dinner parties. and comfort. However. during winter interruption he has to return place and hit with the world. The passage from University life to his hapless place seems to make a great emotional confusion in his life. Sing his household state of affairs Marcus feels helpless. embarrassed and even guilty sometimes. he says. “More than my sense of guilt. my sense of helpless additions each clip I returned place. ” ( Mabry 153 ) . Therefore. Marcus feels a awful aching cognizing that his household is enduring all the clip and that his people are being killed by poorness.

In add-on. scarceness continue to allow our kids live in unsatisfactory conditions. As an illustration of this. in the narrative “Almost a Woman. ” Esmeralda was non going between the existences of poorness and richness like Marcus Mabry. but she was an immigrant from Puerto Rico who had to confront different civilizations excessively. Throughout all her life she thought was non hapless until she came to the United States. For Esmeralda being a portion of the American civilization was going hapless. One twenty-four hours her female parent told Esmeralda to attach to her to the DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WELFARE. because she had lost her occupation and she was non able to keep her kids. For case. her female parent tells her to interpret to the societal worker. and she says. “That the mill closed.

They moved to another province. I don’t have any money for rent or nutrient. ” ( Santiago 19 ) . A state of affairs like this demonstrate that is non easy for immigrants to better their life conditions because most of the clip they do non hold a stable occupation. As a effect of that. Esmeralda wanted to travel back to Puerto Rico where she knew who she was. where she did non cognize that she was hapless. where she did non cognize her parents did non love each other. and where she did non cognize what it was to lose a male parent. In other words going hapless in a civilization that you are a foreign is hardest that going hapless in your ain civilization. this means that although you miss many thing you still have more common things that identify with you.

Last. linguistic communication is one of the most of import facts that influence in the accommodation of civilizations. As worlds we get linguistic communication for really direct. meaningful intents. In the narrative “Almost a Woman” Esmeralda Santiago has to cover with the barriers of a linguistic communication different that hers. However. English was hard to larn it was non a barrier for her ; it was a challenge to win in the new civilization. As an illustration of that. Esmeralda put all her attempt in larning English by reading books with illustrations. talking English at place and practising with her household. In add-on to that. their English grow easy until became a bone with her brothers and sisters. but at the same clip it separates them from their female parent and grandma. This sort of state of affairs where kids largely speak English can really frequently estrange them from their parents or grandparents. and finally weaken the household bonds.