Video Analysis: Nicki Minaj “Beez in the Trap” Essay

Rapper Nicki Minaj’s picture for her vocal “Beez In The Trap” shows the creative person in the nine filled largely with adult females. half-naked terpsichoreans. and cameos of the smattering of males in her cortege. The ambiance in the nine is more festival than a normal dark. Meanwhile. Nicki Minaj displays her chesty. cocky. diva-like attitude on camera while being surrounded by female “groupies. ” Normally a picture like this would hold a male creative person working the adult females in the picture. However. this is non the instance ; at the custodies of a female creative person. the adult females are exploited through disrespectful wordss and inappropriate physical interactions with the female creative persons. while at the same clip the manufacturers exploit the adult females by demoing utmost close-ups of their barely-clothed organic structure parts.

Viewing audiences listening closely to the words of “Beez In The Trap” find that the chorus and the bulk of the first poetry performed by Nicki Minaj exploit adult females in a mode like that of most male rappers. The vocal starts with the chorus and the first line is. “B****es ain’t sh*t and they ain’t sayin’ nothin’ . ” of class the B-word mentioning the other adult females in the picture. Traveling into the first poetry. the following few lines imply that she may be bisexual by stating. “…and if she ain’t seeking to give it up she acquire dropped off. Let me break that U-ie. b***h flop that unfastened. might pass a twosome 1000 merely to break that open…”

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In interlingual rendition. Nicki Minaj says that if the female doesn’t have sex with her. so she is dismissed from her ( Nicki’s ) group. A “U-ie” is when person makes a difficult U-turn to follow the really highly attractive adult females in the auto that merely passed by in the opposite way. The last few words indicate that the creative person is willing to pass a few thousand dollars on the adult female to hold sex with her. If an person were to read these wordss without hearing the vocal or watching the picture. he or she would believe that this creative person was a male rapper working adult females as usual. when in world it is a female rapper making the exploiting.

Many of the interactions between Nicki Minaj and the other adult females in the picture are slightly homosexual. The adult females who are in the most scenes with Nicki Minaj are despairing for attending and are by the artist’s side at all times when the camera turns on ; in other words. these adult females play the function of “groupies. ” Some scenes of the picture show her posing in the VIIP subdivision of the nine have oning a green wig. a Bikini. fanning herself with hundred-dollar measures. She is sitting in between two likewise exotic-looking adult females and the creative person is seting her face and lips really close to theirs. Nicki Minaj coquettes with each one by doing seductive faces at them.

In another scene. Nicki Minaj is standing between two different adult females who are resiling and agitating their natess on her. One of the adult females has on a short spandex frock stressing her big rear terminal and the other 1 is have oning thigh-high fishing net stockings and a G-string. While they are joggling their butt cheeks the creative person. with no vacillation. touches and hang-ups on their buttocks…and appears to be basking it! In this picture Nicki Minaj interacts with these adult females the manner that most male rappers interact with the adult females in their picture.

Not merely does the creative person exploit the adult females in the picture. but the manufacturers and videographers besides take some of the recognition. For the full continuance of the picture. there are short cartridge holders demoing all of the adult females in barely-there Bikini. six-inch high heels. and their organic structures are covered in tattoos. More than half of these short cartridge holders consist of extreme-close-ups of the women’s natess and chests. One cartridge holder during the span of the vocal shows a slow-motion. unsuitably close shooting straight into a dancer’s anus ( of class she was have oning a lash so her bare anus wasn’t exposed ) ! Nicki Minaj’s immense rear terminal and extra-large chests are a really major portion of her visual aspect. so video manufacturers make that the focal point of many of her female supernumerary in her picture.

In the concern of hip hop music picture production. it is no surprise to see a male rapper working adult females. However. if it is a adult female working other adult females. in the instance of Nicki Minaj’s “Beez In The Trap. ”