The Lowest Animal Summary Essay

“The Lowest Animal” by Mark Twain

In Mark Twain’s “The Lowest Animal” . man’s one time top topographic point in Earth’s caste system is disputed. Couple expresses his sentiment in this essay by composing it as a scientist who performs different experiments on people and animate beings to see which is so the “lowest animal” . He proves that human existences are barbarous. uneconomical. and the MarkTwain the lowest animate beingon Earth.

The Mark Twain the Lowest Animal

Couple uses human action and behaviour to turn out his belief that people are non superior to any other animate being. When speaking about some of his theories. Couple writes. “ [ The huntsmans ] killed 70 two of those great animate beings ; and ate portion of one of them and left the seventy-one to rot” . This quotation mark proves that human existences are uneconomical and merely care about themselves. To these people. hunting is a signifier of amusement. They kill for merriment. And. alternatively of cleaning up after themselves or utilizing all of the meat from the animate beings. they leave them to decompose as if the animate beings were ne’er alive in the first topographic point. Twain so proves that non all animate beings behave like worlds by composing. “The thankful [ Eunectes murinus ] instantly crushed one of [ the calves ] and swallowed it. so lay back satisfied. It showed no farther involvement in the calves and no temperament to harm them. ” Had the Eunectes murinus killed all the calves like the worlds had. so one may oppugn which animate being is the “higher” 1. but the Eunectes murinus merely killed what it needed. This suggests its consideration for other animate beings and its selfless personality.

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Not merely are human existences wasteful. but they’re besides cruel. As Couple phrased it. “ [ Man ] is the lone 1 that inflicts hurting for the pleasance of making it” . Man knows he is aching others. and yet he continues to make so. Other animate beings do non deliberately seek to ache their quarry because they want to ; they do non cognize that what they’re playing with is in hurting. Human inhuman treatment has besides been reflected through Acts of the Apostless such as bondage. Worlds are the lone animate being who enslaves others. whether it be his ain species or one he believes is lower than himself.

Although worlds are believed to be the highest animate being. their actions prove non ever positive. Every second of the twenty-four hours something bad is go oning in the universe as a consequence of human action ; whether it be strong-arming. slaying. self-destruction. auto clangs. or even littering. These negative and selfish actions make adult male the lowest animate being.

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