The Picture of Dorian Gray Essay

1. The Picture of Dorian Gray is the narrative of a immature and beautiful adult male named Dorian Gray who is frightened by the fact that he will finally lose his good expressions and young person as he ages. Dorian Gray is the topic of a picture by an creative person. Basil Hallward. Basil introduces Dorian Gray to Lord Henry Wotton. who easy begins to derive greater influence on Dorian Gray. Lord Henry believes the lone things deserving prosecuting in life are beauty and fulfilment of the senses. Once Dorian realizes that his good expressions and young person will finally melt away he decides to plight his psyche to his picture to guarantee that the portrayal will age and bear the load of his infamy alternatively of himself.

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Shortly after making so Dorian meets an actress named Sibyl Vane. He falls in love with her and they become occupied. But Sibyl decides to discontinue playing ; because of she believes she can non feign to love moving when she loves Dorian so much more. Once Dorian discoveries that Sibyl has quit moving he breaks the battle and that dark Sibyl hangs herself.

After Sibyl’s decease. Dorian begins a life of orgy. Once rumours begin to distribute of his ill-famed Acts of the Apostless Basil comes to Dorian to face him about the rumours. Out of fury Dorian kills Basil and needs aid disposing the organic structure. After the slaying Dorian is full of guilt and alternatively of atoning his wickednesss he takes the knife he used to knife Basil and knife his image alternatively. Dorian’s retainers find Dorian’s portrait a beautiful image of a immature adult male and their master’s organic structure lying on the floor. Dorian’s organic structure is an old disfigured adult male with a knife in his bosom.

2. The chief characters in this narrative are Dorian Gray. Basil Hallward. and Lord Henry Wotton. Dorian Gray is an improbably handsome and affluent immature gentleman whom Basil Hallward paints a image of. Once Dorian meets Lord Henry he finds that his beauty will finally melt and plight his psyche to the picture Basil made. He shortly begins a life of corruptness.

Basil Hallward is a painter who is infatuated with Dorian’s utmost beauty. He is the painter that creates Dorian’s painting that ages as Dorian doesn’t. Basil is besides a friend to Lord Henry Wotton.

Lord Henry Wotton is a baronial witty friend of Basil and subsequently becomes a friend to Dorian every bit good. He finally has a immense influence on Dorian and foremost puts Dorian in the mentality that beauty doesn’t last forever.

3. There are multiples subjects in The Picture of Dorian Gray but the most cardinal subject would be physical beauty and self-love. and how they lead to self devastation.

There are legion state of affairss of Dorian Gray hinting at self-love. In the 2nd chapter Dorian murmurs “How sad it is! I shall turn old. and atrocious. and awful. But this image will stay ever immature. It will ne’er be older than this peculiar twenty-four hours of June… . If it were merely the other manner! If it were I who was to be ever immature. and the image that was to turn old! For that – for that – I would give everything! Yes. there is nil in the whole universe I would non give! I would give my psyche for that! ” ( pg28 ) This is when Dorian realized that his young person. his dazing beauty. will non last everlastingly. Dorian now realizes that he should prize his young person more than of all time. He besides realizes would give up everything to salvage his vernal beauty. even his psyche. However. everything has a monetary value to pay.

Another illustration of Dorian’s self-love in the book is on page 95 where Dorian incriminations Sibyl for the ground he ended their battle. “It was the girl’s mistake. non his… he had thought her great. Then she had disappointed him. She had been shallow and unworthy. ” ( pg95 ) Dorian’s attitude towards the stoping of his relationship with Sibyl shows how cocksure he is in his beauty and because of this certitude he loses the adult female he loves.

The concluding illustration of how egotistic attitude leads to devastation is the stoping of the narrative. In the terminal of the narrative Dorian ends up killing himself because of all the atrocious things he had done in his life. He stabs himself with the knife he used to kill Basil and one time he kills himself he turns old and his image becomes immature once more.

4. Oscar Wilde’s composing manner in The Picture of Dorian Gray uses a great trade of item and an copiousness of witty duologue. Wilde uses Lord Henry to arouse wit with his theories on how life should be lived with lone pleasance. More frequently though Wilde uses description to make the temper. tone. and scene of the narrative. Wilde describes each scene in the narrative with great item doing clear what he wants the image of the scene to look like in one’s caput. On page 4 Wilde wrote “As the painter looked at the gracious and comely organize he had so skilfully mirrored in his art. a smiling of pleasance passed across his face. and seemed about to linger at that place. ”

In this description Wilde sets the temper. tone. and puting. He besides describes each character with great item. “Lord Henry stroked his pointed brown face fungus. and tapped the toe of his patent-leather boot with a tasselled coal black cane. ” ( pg11 ) Wilde’s description’s of Lord Henry helps the reader create a better thought of what the characters are like and what they look like.

Wilde all-knowing point of position on the narrative gives insight to each of the character ideas and concluding behind their actions. With this point of position the reader can understand Dorian’s motivations behind plighting his psyche. interrupting his relationship with Sibyl. and stoping his life.

5. The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of the most challenging and alone books I have of all time read. The plot line of the narrative is alone itself because I don’t believe I’ve of all time read a book about a adult male plighting his psyche to a picture to continue his young person. Dorian Gray’s character is inspiring. His selfishness made me desire to both strangle him and go on reading throughout the full narrative. Lord Henry’s humor was striking and violative but besides thought arousing. The little homosexualism between Basil and Dorian was humourous.

Not merely was the book full of interesting point of views on life and ill-mannered behaviour it was besides edifying. Although Dorian was selfish and incorrect for plighting his psyche so that he could remain immature his ideas are apprehensible. The impression that acquiring older isn’t every bit enjoyable as it may look to others is an thought that I can associate with but I would ne’er sell my psyche for it. This book was good worth the read even though the beginning seemed sort of prohibitionist to me.