What did Machiavelli mean by the statement “the end justifies the means”? Essay

What did Machiavelli mean by the statement “the terminal justifies the means” ? Analyze why it is still relevant to leading today. Support with illustrations.

Niccolo Machiavelli watched as French. Spanish. and German ground forcess wreaked mayhem on Italy in 1469-1527. He became positive that political integrity and independency were terminals that justified any agencies. Machiavelli meant by “the terminal justifies the means” . that the terminal consequence of an action was justified by the actions you took to acquire at that place. This celebrated quotation mark is relevant in leading today by illustrations of Harry Trumans dropping of the atom bomb. Hitlers concluding solution. and the onslaughts of 9/11.

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“The terminal justifies the means” was expressed in Truman’s determination to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Truman wanted to drop the bombs on military bases because the Nipponese attacked America. He saw this as a more timely terminal to this war and revenge back at the Japanese. “The terminal justifies the means” in this instance is relevant to today by Truman’s determination ( or means ) to drop the bomb was ended with 90. 000 occupants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki deceasing immediately. The deceases ( terminal ) was justified by his determination ( means ) .

Adolf Hitler wanted to make a superior race of the Aryans by making a society of blonde hair and bluish eyed people. Hitlers concluding solution killed approximately 12 million people with different categorizations of Jews. Soviet captives of war. Soviet civilians. Polish civilians. Yugoslav civilians. men-women-children with physical disabilities. itinerants. political captives. opposition combatants. homophiles. and deportes. Hitler’s concluding solution is an illustration of the “end justifies the means” consequence on leading today. The decease of about 12 million people was the terminal that was justified in Hitlers cruel position and actions on the fact that the Aryan race was perfect and all others were inferior.

Osama bin Laden was the leader of the al-qaeda group that on the forenoon of September 11. 2001. committed 4 self-destruction onslaughts. The 19 terrorists hijacked 4 rider jets. 2 went to the twin towers in New York. 1 to the Pentagon. and 1 was thought to of been heading to the white house ( but crashed in a field ) . 2. 996 people died from these terrorists onslaughts and more than 6. 000 were injured. Machiavelli’s “the terminal justifies the means” is relevant in this act of leading of bin Laden. The terminal in this instance was the deceases of guiltless Americans. national security being stricter. and bin Ladens decease in May 2011. The means to warrant these terminals ( his decease ) was bin Laden’s determination and organisation to these onslaughts on guiltless Americans.

“The terminal justifies the means” is relevant in leading today by Truman’s leading place and determination to drop the atom bomb ( agencies ) and killing 100s of 1000s of people ( terminal ) . Hitler’s inhuman treatment on non Indo-European races ( agencies ) lead to the decease of 1000000s ( terminal ) . and Osama bin Laden’s organisation of terrorists to assail Americans ( agencies ) lead to the decease of 1000s of Americans. tighter U. S. security. and his decease ( terminal ) .