The Organization and Individual Goals

Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the effectual usage of people to accomplish both the organisation and single ends. It is really effectual enlisting, choice, development, compensation, and use of human resource by organisation

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Human Resource Planning and Development

Human Resource Planning and Development is the model for assisting employees to be after and develop their personal and organisational accomplishments, cognition, and abilities. Human Resource Development includes such chances as employee preparation, employee calling development, public presentation direction and development, coaching, sequence planning, and organisation development.

How HRM Contribute To Organizational Aims

I have worked for Masood Textile Mills Ltd [ 1 ] . and completed my assignment in position of this organisation as assigned by the Dr.Helen Ford

A short and snappish preface of organisation is given as under

Masood Textile Mills Ltd is endeavoring to take in making, developing and fabrication of knitted dress merchandises right from basic to extremely fashioned garments therefore reacting to emerging tendencies in the industry. MTM translates conceptual thoughts of its clients into world and determine them through its proficient set and professional acumen.

MTM set up on 1998 and now has a recognized name in the fabric industry. MTM is one of the biggest exporters of dresss. Competent professional staff, a squad of gifted merchants, first-class supplies & A ; support services, and state-of-the-art engineering is the driving force behind MTM phenomenal growing in the past old ages. MTM has the engineering with expertness, merchandises with cognition and most significantly the right mentality to accomplish entire client satisfaction.

The HR director of Masood Textile Mills Ltd. is continuously endeavoring for doing parallel the demands of the altering organisation so that it can go more adaptable, resilient, speedy to alter waies, and customer-centered. Within this environment, the HR professional are larning how to pull off efficaciously through planning, forming, taking and commanding the human resource and cognition of emerging tendencies in preparation and employee development.

Aims of Organisation ( MTM )

Aims are pre-determined ends to which single or group activity in an organisation is directed. MTM regard for the person, unity, velocity, simpleness, self-assuredness, and a 100 % committedness, values are non-negotiable ; they are ne’er to be jettisoned. Aims of mtm can be defined as:

  • To supply market leading and trade name coverage
  • To prosecute technological invention
  • To spouse with operators for their maximal productiveness

HRM Contribution to accomplish aim

Aims of human resource direction are influenced by organisational aims and single and societal ends. MTM is non merely satisfied with this end, farther the end of MTM is growing and / or net incomes. Institutions procure and manage assorted resources including human to achieve the specified aims. Therefore, human resources are managed to deviate and use their resources towards and for the achievement of organisational aims. Therefore, fundamentally the aims of HRM are drawn from and to lend to the achievement of the organisational aims.

For the MTM, its ability to pull and retain human capital will depend on its repute as an employer. The repute about the organisation says something about who you are, what you stand for, and how you relate to others including yours employees. All this is partly formed through the organisation ‘s committedness to the employees. To derive their committedness, MTM is seeking to smooth communicating channels with the employees, assess their capacity to prosecute in assorted novices ‘ , give honest feedback, and invest in alining its aims with employees ‘ aspirations. The end of HRD is to better the public presentation of MTM by maximising the efficiency and public presentation of people.

HRM has a critical function to play in the accomplishment of organisational ends and assisting the organisation to accomplish and keep excellence. MTM believe that good people and a good civilization make good organisation to accomplish and keep excellence. HRM has the duty of acquiring the right sort of people, making and keeping a civilization that nurtures and wagess endowment. In MTM, human resource direction spring tools that need to pull off and run in organisations. HRM develop schemes associating to everything — production, direction, selling, gross revenues, research & A ; development for more productive.

MTM have made its known acknowledgment in the last 12 old ages of its constitution.It has been possible merely for the factor of enrolling right people in the right figure and right clip. They recruit extremely qualified and experienced individuals-both at entry degree and for vacancies originating at assorted levels-who would turn out to be assets for the organisation. They provide chances for bettering personal capableness to enable staff to take on greater duty.


HRD predicts its future employment demands even if they do n’t gauge their beginnings of supply. The challenges that determine this demand and method of calculating it virtues are given below:

Cause Of Demand: Employee ‘s demand in the MTM, for whole organisation or in specific section demand when some kind of external Challenges, extension of undertaking or section, turnover exist in the section, Lay off are impermanent loss of employment

Forecasting Techniques: Forecasting techniques is consist of following techniques

  • Adept prognosiss
  • Trend Projection Prognosiss
  • Staffing Table


Employees are selected or hired as the demands of sections. These demands can be reached out from the database, which is name as HCM ( Human Capability Management ) package. When any alteration occurs in above mentioned conditions, this plan informs to the Human resource Department. This section hires new employees as the demand of the specific section. Recruitment Resources of the MTM can be defined as under.

Internal Resources

The organisation motivates and ascents their employees when the organisation feels to engage the services of the peculiar individual for the peculiar occupation within the organisation. Because employees are familiar with the environment of the organisation. It saves the cost of clip, recruiter ‘s clip and trainee ‘s clip.

Communication with Other Department

Other sections inform to the Human Resource Manager by the internal E-mail system about the demand of the employees. That specific section tells the lone appellation & A ; the figure of employees required. Following, the Human Resource Management starts his work, they see the demands of the occupation from the H.C.M ( Human Capability Management ) plan that require the followerss

Experience, Education, Age Limit, Personality, Intelligence

External Resources

For the station of Management Trainee MTM ‘s web site is the biggest beginning of enlisting besides Advertisement is another beginning of enrolling the extremely qualified people. When MTM needs extremely skilled, energetic, and qualified forces for a specific occupation, so it uses the external resources.

Written Trials: At the first measure of choice written trial is taken by the HR section of the selected applier who fulfill the basic demands of the occupation description. If applicant passes this trial so he/she frontward to the following measure of choice which is HR Interview

HR Interview: At this measure the HR director and Ht deputy Manager conduct the interview of the selected campaigners.

Management Level Interview: At this measure the HR director, General Manager and other panel squad from the senior degree direction measure the appliers. Both types of inquiries are asked by the panel for measuring his/her capablenesss to execute the occupation.

Mention Checks: Mention is checked by the Human Resource Manager for the place of the Management Trainee. These include:


Ex- Employer

During the choice standards for Management Trainee, Human Resource Department gives importance to cite cheques about 30 % to 40 % weight age out of entire choice Markss.

Medical Trial: Medical trial from the Allied Hospital and Civil Hospital is must for look intoing the ability to execute the occupation holding physical fittingness.

Realistic Job Review: Realistic occupation reappraisal is besides conducted in MTM when Management Trainee is traveling to be appointed for new occupation. The HRD working environment is shown to employees where they are expected to be after choice.

Hiring Decision: The concluding authorization which takes the determination about the hiring of the Trainee Officer is the manager of operation named as Mr. Arif Ali. At the terminal this authorization will take determination about the hiring or non engaging because there is a centralize environment in Masood Textile Mills Ltd.


Professionalism and Human Resources

The direction of MTM has continued its policy to set up in house preparation plans and to direct the employees to direction classs arranged by reputed direction institutes and universities to foster to farther better and update their professional cognition.

In order to develop and prepare their direction accomplishments, employees are encouraged to go to and take part in top direction meetings. Fresh qualified professionals are being employee on regular footing and a pre designed calling way in given to them to promote each individual to develop his possible and systematically better his public presentation.

Human Resource Development

The direction of Masood Textile Mills Ltd. has a steadfast belief that their go oning success is dependent upon the quality of each person associated with the Company and how good their cognition and creativeness is being utilized.

In this respect, on the occupation preparation plans are being on a regular basis arranged to develop and prepare their endowment. During the twelvemonth under reappraisal more than 120 employees have besides attended assorted direction classs to better and update their cognition in their several Fieldss held at Pakistan Institute of Management ( PIM ) , Lahore University of Management Sciences ( LUMS ) , Pakistan Institute of Quality Control ( PIQC ) , etc.


Training of Management Trainee

In Masood Textile Mills Ltd. on the occupation preparation is given for the station of Management Trainee. It is perpendicular incorporate organisation where A to Z procedures are performed by MTM itself. All disbursals of preparation plans are beard by MTM.

Standard for Training

MTM non merely develop the employees of the occupation but besides concentrate on the development of the employees so, supplying the employees competence for carry throughing the possible demands of the organisation every bit good as their calling development. This period is called probation period in which no increase is given to the MT.

Types of Training:

The preparation of Management Trainee consists of two stages which are given below:

  • Management Level preparation
  • Production Level Training

Management Level Training

This type of preparation is given to the MT in the HR section, which is located at Sarghodha Road Faisalabad. The Consultants, Experts and immediate officers of the MTM behavior this preparation. In direction degree preparation following preparation plans are conducted.

  • Cross Functional Training is given for the intent that when there is any individual absent and no other employee available so Management Trainee can make his/her occupation.
  • Un-parallel preparation is given to employees.
  • Human Resource section of MTM offers legion plans and activities of involvement that are related to diverseness.
  • The Human Resource Development ( HRD ) Group offers classs to employees that are targeted to public sector directors, supervisors, administrative support specializers, Human Resources professionals, and employees who want to increase their cognition and better their accomplishments to be more productive and effectual.
  • HR offers a assortment of personal and professional accomplishment development classs such as: Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, Interpersonal Communication, Behavioral-Based interviewing to module and staff.

Production Level Training

As the MTM is perpendicular incorporate organisation therefore production degree preparation is besides given to the Management Trainee. This preparation is given in the Production section of MTM which is located at sheikhupura route. The intents for the preparation are given below.

  • To heighten the public presentation of employees.
  • To stress expertness in the production sector.
  • To heighten the productiveness and efficiency of employees.

Execution of Training

At Masood fabric Mills Ltd. for the occupation of direction preparation officer the undermentioned method is adopted:

  • First of all talks are delivered to direction trainee in which the most of import issues discussed are how to better the communicating accomplishments, how to measure the employees, how increases are provided, what benefits would be given to employees working under their supervising.
  • Second the direction trainees are given 1-month preparation at developing centre 15 kilometre off from the chief office subdivision of MTM at Sargodha Road. After 1 month the direction trainees are given the preparation at Human resource section for 2 months. This 3 month period is called the probation period in MTM. During these 3 months direction trainees are paid Rs. 7,000 per month.

Career Planning & A ; Development

Masood Textile Mills Ltd. provides chances for bettering personal capableness to enable staff to take on duty. Having a rich and diverse history, the house encourages its employees to venture Forth in new and dynamic countries taking to organisational advancement along with single growing.

Career Counseling

The house provides best chances for its employees to develop their calling through the conductivity of preparation plans.

  1. Career Counselor: The calling counsellors at MTM attempt to explicate those points to direction preparation officers which are non known to them and can assist their calling development. Besides career counsellor points out the stairss needed for MT officer to go qualified for following occupation chance.
  2. Mentors: Mentors are provided by MTM to advocate the employees their calling development. Mentors help employees to do advancement through exposure in such a manner that direction trainees become known to their supervisors who are the ultimate deciders of their publicities.

Methods of Career Assessment:

Two types of appraisal methods are used for the trainee officer. These are as follows:

Self appraisal: Self appraisal is taken by MT officers themselves in order to overview their ain activities. In this procedure, personality and personal behaviour is assessed by him. They want to cognize if they ‘re doing any errors and if so how they should rectify them. Self Assessment is done in rating signifiers in which they are able to reply themselves the undermentioned inquiries:

  • How am I making?
  • I need to cognize where I am, so I can be after how to acquire in front.

Organizational appraisal: Organizational appraisal is besides done by HR director and supervisor of MT officer for the intent that employee work is in conformity with the organisation or non.

Wayss for Organizational Appraisal:

Human resource section of Masood fabric Mills Ltd. uses rating signifiers to measure the public presentation of MT officers.


First we will speak about the challenges and jobs faced by mTm so solution to that jobs and challenges. The HR director of Masood Textile Mills Ltd. is continuously endeavoring for doing parallel the demands of the altering organisation so that it can go more adaptable, resilient, speedy to alter waies, and customer-centered. Within this environment, the HR professional are larning how to pull off efficaciously through planning, forming, taking and commanding the human resource and cognition of emerging tendencies in preparation and employee development. Followings are the human resource challenges in Masood Textile Mills Ltd. :

  1. Rapid Change: The internal environment of the organisation is altering really quickly because of noise of the machines, high temperature where merchandise is produced, quality control and cultural environment of the organisation. The external environment of the organisation is change in the engineering, economic factors and industry based merchandises.
  2. Work Force Diversity: The values, norms and attitudes of the workers are non homogenous so the workers have to be trained by the different sorts of classs which relate to the work force diverseness. The dimensions of workplace diverseness include: age, ethnicity, lineage, gender, physical abilities/qualities, race, sexual orientation, educational background, geographic location, income, matrimonial position, military experience, spiritual beliefs, parental position, and work experience.
  3. Legislation: The regulations and ordinance, authorities policies, contract act, services act and revenue enhancement Torahs are being changed every twelvemonth so MTM must be updated with them.
  4. Competitive Challenge: The competitory border of the organisation is Cost, Quality and Availability of the goods. So, MTM has to be updated harmonizing to client penchants and rivals engineerings for bettering qualities and cut downing costs.

Human Resource Problems

Although there are many HR jobs in MTM as we have visited the human resource section yet the most identifiable was that of retrenchment of employees.

Masood Textile Mills have been utilizing the retrenchment scheme in order to cover its budget and to cut down the costs that become high due to increase in the wages of operational degree employees. MTM has increased the wages of low degree production workers from Rs. 3,000 to Rs.4,000. In this manner the budget additions and MTM has to cover up so, it used to downsize the employees.

Downsizing Impacts Overall:

  • It is set uping the overall economic system as more people are downsized the un-employment persist in the economic system.
  • Assorted effects on steadfast public presentation: some short-run costs nest eggs, but long-run profitableness & A ; rating non strongly affected.
  • Firm ‘s repute as a good employer is enduring.

Downsizing Effectss on Employee Morale:

  • Employee motive disrupted: addition in political behaviours, choler, fright which is likely to negatively impact quality of client service
  • Misdemeanor of psychological contract, leads to cynicism, lowered work committedness, fewer random Acts of the Apostless of “ good will ”
  • “ Survivors ” experience more emphasis due to longer work hours with re-designed occupations, and increased uncertainness sing future retrenchments.

Solutions to Downsizing:

EmploymentChanges inPay/Benefits can be an effectual option to retrenchment.

Outplacements can be another good option to retrenchment in which organisation aid show employees find new occupations with other houses.

Abrasions which mean the voluntary goings of employees must be encouraged in this state of affairs. Voluntary Quitsby employees must be appreciated. Offer voluntary early retirement or other bundles to people within a certain class, such as peculiar place or old ages of service. If this offer does non ensue in adequate nest eggs, it is extended to a broader pool. Offer early retirement inducements to pension-eligible employees in a specific country. If that does n’t acquire sufficient response, expand the pool and so on.

Hiring freezing can be done by non leting occupation gaps fill with external employees. Internal occupation enlisting by sequence planning can be done in order to make full new occupation gap.

Relocationcan be done by directing the employees overseas to another subdivision of MTM where there is HR deficit alternatively of engaging new employees at that place. It would decidedly cut costs.

VoluntaryPay cuts of employees can be done by doing certain that they will acquire the accrued wage at the terminal of twelvemonth with some increase in it.

Involuntary Separation policies must be rigorous plenty to keep employee committedness to organisational policies and in instance of dis-obey must be separated. Early Retirements can be granted to employees. Organization may include the aureate handshaking benefit.

Impermanent Layoffscan be done. This will assist organisation to keep its employee trueness and besides cut down its work force for some period.

Other deductions to better HR public presentation:

Successful organisations have a focal point on the public presentation of their employees. Here employees are rewarded based strictly on their public presentation on set standards. Their public presentation ends and marks are clearly defined and communicated to them in a formal manner. The employees feel motivated and accountable for their public presentation and strive to achieve/exceed the marks set for them. The lone thing that pleases the directors and leading is higher accomplishments and public presentation bringing.

  1. Regular Feedback to Employees. Supervisors must hold to acquire feedback on regular footing from workers.This feedback should be on twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing to better the current marks instead than to to rectify the mistakes / errors of past.This attack demands to detect and measure the efficiency of employees.This is besides guarantee that the director besides involved to give positive feedback for the occupation good done.
  2. Authoized overtime payment: The surest manner to worsen a pay and hourly claim is non to pay overtime to those employees who have worked. The Department of Labor ( DOL ) ordinances has been clearly huffy that if you know that an employee had worked more clip than is scheduled, you must paid him, even if you did non delegate him for extra work.
  3. Exempted employees treat decently: Employers expects that their exempt employees ( those exempt from the overtime commissariats of the Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ) ) to worked every bit long as the occupation done.Some of the employers besides punish their exempted employees to make work for paid holiday or ill clip.
  4. Review HR policies and processs. There should be clearly written policies can be both effectual employee relationship.The policies that are out of day of the month applied improperly should hold antonyms effect.There should be regular reappraisal of policies that should be matched with new Torahs, regulations & A ; regulations.Experts suggest that a thorough reappraisal of policies should be made one time a twelvemonth.


Muhammad Akram, DMS Level-07