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This papers has been developed to help you to develop your accomplishments and cognition to be able to run as an effectual Assessor. The completion of this papers will supply cognition for larning results in order to finish a multi-choice trial for unit 1 Understanding the Principles and Practices of Assessment. In your debut to the award you will hold been provided with a assortment of information including The function of the Assessor Guidance on appraisal of different types of grounds Guidance on the agreement for appraisal The Centres entreaties and ailments policy The Centres Quality Assurance Policy These paperss and other information provided during your preparation should help you in the completion of this papers. Introduction to Qualifications and Credit Framework QCF Qualifications and Credit Framework ( QCF ) is a unitised making model underpinned by a system of recognition accretion and transportation. The QCF is designed to let scholars to accomplish recognition for single units or makings. supplying scholars with the chance to roll up recognition at their ain gait and utilize it to claim for a making when they are ready. The Assessment Process Assessment is the procedure of roll uping grounds of public presentation and cognition and doing opinions on Whether the grounds meets the needed criterion Whether there is sufficient grounds to warrant a place determination.

The appraisal is concerned with whether the campaigner has collected and presented sufficient grounds to show that they can transport out work to the agreed criterion and possess the cognition and understanding which underpins their pattern. If the grounds is sufficient so the campaigner is judged to be competent in the specific country of pattern. If the grounds is deficient so the opinion is that competency is non yet demonstrated. Campaigners should be afforded every chance to show their competency but it should be acknowledged that some campaigners may. irrespective of their aid and work chances available. happen themselves unable to show competency. The appraisal system should be Transparent in that the appraisal processs are clear and easy understood by the campaigner and that the grounds is explicitly presented and assessed and accessible and unfastened for confirmation intents. Valid in that the types of grounds used for appraisal are clearly able to show competency. and where appropriate cognition. However it should be borne in head that cognition does non in itself demonstrate competency. and Reliable in necessitating different assessors to do consistent opinions based on the same grounds. Evidence is classified into public presentation grounds. which refers to competence which the campaigner has personally demonstrated and knowledge grounds which refers to what the campaigner knows.

The footings primary grounds and back uping grounds for any standards. will usually be in the signifier of observation public presentation or appraisal of a work merchandise e. g. studies. records etc. Supporting grounds is used to back up primary beginnings of grounds and is peculiarly of import where there is a uncertainty as to the sufficiency of the primary grounds. The grounds for the nucleus competencies in any component is normally to the full supported by utilizing grounds from observation. work merchandises and a brooding history. Naturally happening grounds is that which arises out of the campaigners normal work activity and is considered to be the most utile type of grounds as it allows appraisal of the campaigners twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours competence without break to normal work activity. It is hence likely to be a cost effectual manner of roll uping grounds. Please answer the inquiries below- 1. Understand the Principles and Requirements of Assessment Explain the maps of appraisal in larning and development Assessment is used to find if learning and development is taking topographic point with respect to specific standards. The standards are normally set by the awarding organic structure for each making the scholar is taking.

The intent of appraisal in acquisition is to find the scholars degree of competency by utilizing a scope of different methods. Based on the findings of the appraisal and the grounds gathered during the appraisal. determinations can so be made by comparing the grounds against the making criterions. This will find if the scholars Competence. Knowledge Understanding of the topic. and Skills required to transport out required undertakings are of a sufficient degree to run into the laid down standards. Appraisal should be used to concentrate on bettering and reenforcing acquisition. It can assist a scholar understand how they are come oning and what they may necessitate to make to better their cognition and advancement farther. Initial Assessment Review of ProgressAssessment Planning Decision FeedbackAssessment Activity Initial appraisal determining whether a scholar has any old cognition or experience of the topic or subject to be assessed. Assessment be aftering holding suited types and methods of appraisal with each scholar and puting marks. Assessment activity this relates to the methods used for illustration observation or brooding history. Assessment determination and feedback devising and opinion of success or otherwise. Giving constructive feedback. Review of advancement reexamining advancement. appraisal activities. targets/plans Define the cardinal constructs and rules of appraisal Concepts are the facets involved throughout the assessment procedure. They include Accountability being accountable to my scholars. my administration and the awarding organic structure to guarantee an I am is transporting out my function right. Achievement the support that an administration receives is related to a scholars accomplishment.

It is utile for me to maintain a record of my scholars achievement Assessment schemes following schemes in a specific topic will guarantee functions are carried out right and working toward assessor makings Benchmarking involves comparing what is the recognized criterion against the current place of our ain scholars public presentation Evaluation the assessment rhythm should be evaluated on an ongoing footing and feedback obtained from scholars. directors and assessors Internally or externally devised appraisal methods internal appraisals would be devised by myself such as undertakings. inquiries or written assignments. External are appraisals produced by the awarding organic structure Progression patterned advance of a scholar should be taken into history when Im measuring scholars ie calling patterned advance. Progression should ever be discussed with the scholar Transparency to help transparence I need to guarantee that everyone involved in the procedure clearly understands what is expected of them Types of appraisal includes initial. formative and summational every bit good as diagnostic trials which ascertain a scholars current cognition Key rules of assessment include Communication should take topographic point on a regular basis with scholars. internal quality assurers and employers CPD keeping currency of cognition and accomplishments Equality Diversity appraisal activities embrace equality. inclusion and diverseness Ethics appraisal procedure should be honest. moral confidential and built-in Fairness planning. determinations and feedback should be justifiable Health Safety this should be taken into history throughout the appraisal procedure Motivation encouraging and back uping scholars

Quality confidence guaranting assessment determinations meet criterions Record maintaining accurate records should be maintained Responsibility following organizational guidelines and doing nonsubjective determinations SMART appraisal activities should be specific. mensurable. accomplishable. realistic and timely. Standardization that all assessors are doing comparable and consistent determinations Explain the duties of the assessor By following the constructs and rules of appraisal will guarantee an assessor is executing the function harmonizing to all relevant ordinances and demands. The function of the assessor is to measure the scholars knowledge and public presentation. This includes. Assess scholars work and grounds against specifications. Guaranting work is reliable Make determinations and give feedback Provide support appropriate to scholars. ( Adapting instruction. acquisition and assessment activities Decide whether the scholar has demonstrated competency. Apply equal chances

Ensure that their appraisal pattern meets QCF counsel. Keep up to day of the month with preparation on appraisal. Prove they can measure efficaciously Standardise opinions and pattern with others Follow organisational and regulative governments procedures Identify the ordinances and demands relevant to assessment in ain country of pattern Health and Safety at work Act ( to guarantee the wellness. safety and public assistance of individuals at work ) . I have to be cognizant of hazards affecting activities in the assessing of my capable. I need to corroborate scholars knowledge of fire issues. first aiders and any relevant points refering the country we are working in. Health and safety issues should be acted upon Equality and Diversity requires me non to know apart against any scholars on the evidences of race. gender or disablement. I must supply a acquisition environment where every scholar is treated reasonably and every bit. advancing inclusion utilizing assorted resources.

Promoting equality and valuing diverseness means leting every single regardless of age. race. gender. disablement. and civilization or faith entree to acquisition and actively taking barriers that would forestall certain scholars from deriving a learning experience. At the start of the lesson I would place experience within the topic with a accomplishments scan. Data protection Act states that I must safeguard personal information at all times. keeping merely the relevant information and merely leting authorized individuals entree to these inside informations. SoVA is guaranting I keep immature people and vulnerable grownups are safe. Recognizing the marks of possible maltreatment and covering with the state of affairs in a sensitive and unagitated mode. A vulnerable grownups is defined as a individual aged 18 old ages or over. who is in reception of or may be in the community attention services by ground of mental or other disablement. age or unwellness and who is or may be unable to take attention of him or herself. or unable to protect him or herself against important injury or development ( Bonnerjea 2009 ) Code of Practice. as an assessor I must adhere to the rules. procedures. patterns. duties and quality confidence as documented by my administration guaranting all scholars receive the best possible acquisition experience. A condemnable background cheque is typically conducted by jurisprudence enforcement or employers to verify your condemnable history. A full felon background cheque will name every apprehension. charge. strong belief and acquittal you have of all time had. Condemnable background cheques are chiefly used by jurisprudence enforcement and the tribunals to find an persons condemnable history for bear downing or condemning intents.

Recently. employers. landlords and other organisations have begun utilizing them to guarantee they are non engaging or lodging dishonest or violent felons. My function. duties and boundaries as an assessor within the footings of the teacher/training rhythm can be split into 5 countries Identifying the demands of the scholar this is the first measure within the teacher/training rhythm and can besides be known as the initial appraisal. During this initial appraisal it would be my duty to place their demands this could be achieved by obtaining cognition from the scholar by finishing a accomplishments scan and by talking personally to them. The information gathered would enable me to be after a lesson around the person or group taking into history abilities. disablements or particular demands. Apply land regulations. these could include the respecting of others within the group. non to knock their sentiments but to understand the ground behind the thought. I believe this would advance equality and diverseness within the group. This will besides advance appropriate behaviors and regard for others. Planing and planing Now that I am cognizant of the scholars needs I can come on to the following measure of planning and designing. There are many countries to turn to before planning starts. This ranges from the clip. location. entree. resources. hazard appraisals and wellness and safety.

Different acquisition manners VAK must besides be considered and the assortment of resources available to me. I must besides be cognizant of the nucleus criterions and work to a standard and the scholars must be witting of clip restraints guaranting the program is completed on clip. Facilitate As an assessor I must guarantee the environment is suited and the scholar has every chance to larn. understand and be supported and that my purposes and aims are clear and can be met. Feedback from the scholars is of import to guarantee I am on the right path and that the session is being carried out right. I can accommodate the session consequently to guarantee all scholars receive the correct larning integrating inclusion. It is my duty to keep a safe and supportive acquisition environment for the scholar to enable the best from the person. This will guarantee the scholar is comfy with me and their milieus to be able to run into their demands and the standards. Assess During the session I have to invariably supervise understanding. engagement and assess advancement. The assessment stage of the teacher/learning rhythm lists uninterrupted advancement and reappraisal. I must give feedback on a regular basis and it must be kept positive and constructive.

All records must be kept associating to the person. these include trial consequences. reappraisals. attending. initial appraisals and feedback. The boundaries are that I must merely measure what is relevant and valid. ever leting the scholar to show their cognition and understanding without intervention from me or outside beginnings non involved in the appraisal. Measure It is my duty to measure how the session went. With feedback it should be kept confidential as it normally contains personal positions and information. There may besides be a demand to acquire other parties involved to advance the scholars larning. It is my duty to guarantee the session meets the demands of the scholar and the standards. Understand different types of appraisal method Compare the strengths and restrictions of a scope of assessment methods with mention to the demands of single scholars. Performance grounds provides cogent evidence of what a campaigner can make. Sometimes. public presentation grounds can besides supply grounds of what a campaigner knows.

Method of assessment How and when this method could be usedEvaluation of methods ( include mention to the demands of peculiar learnersStrengthslimitations Workplace observation During the scholars twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours occupation role/taskGives a better overview of how the scholar performs and how they can cover the standards holistically. Observations are natural and reliableLearner can be called off to make something non related to the standards. Can be simulated. Learner may experience nervous of on border during observation Examining merchandises of work Once an assignment has been set for scholar to garner information needed. This will underscore what the scholar understands about the standards and it is merchandise grounds that can be used and referenced within the scholars portfolio. Reliable as these are of course happening Some scholars may non be able to garner merchandise grounds as they do non utilize it for their occupation function. Files may non be accessible due to confidentially Simulations and accomplishments trials To guarantee the scholar has the relevant accomplishments needed to run into the standards. Imitate a state of affairs to cover standards. Skills trials will high light what strengths the scholar has and what can be worked on to run into the standards. The scholar can besides hold more input on how to accomplish the units.

Aidss in covering awkward standards and can do the scholar think about their function in more depth Time can be a factor if the scholar is excessively busy. If the scholar has non completed a accomplishments trial before they may be nervous. Its non a existent event and therefore could be wholly false Projects and assignments To run into standards of a unit that can non be assessed by observation. This will demo the cognition the scholar has and their ability to finish and understand the project/assignment. Personal life can curtail a scholar from finishing assignments and undertakings. If they have non understood the standards they may non cover it wholly and need to revisit to finish. Questioning and treatment During an observation or guided discussionTests the scholars knowledge and understanding. Prep the scholar so they can make some research. Validates brooding histories and scholars knowledge If no homework has taken topographic point the inquiries and the treatment will non be structured. Some scholars do non execute good and they feel pressured. Witness testimony To cover standards of certain units where a accomplishments testimony is needed. This is a statement from a equal sing the scholar and their competence. This will give an penetration about the scholar from another co-worker or peer on how they complete certain undertakings to cover the standards.

Good coverage of grounds when assessor is non at that place If the context of the WT is non explained an uncomplete WT may be written or it can be undependable. Learner statement/ Reflection To look into the scholars cognition of certain standards points and besides a scenario they may hold encountered that relates to the unit. This will give an honest history from the scholar sing a state of affairs they have been involved in and how they dealt with it. Some scholars can non reflect good and make non cognize how to discourse state of affairss onto paper. They can be wholly false events Case survey This can be used when the scholar has a colleague/student they have worked with on a certain undertaking. It can be a existent state of affairs they describe or a scenario set by the tutorThis method can be strong to be able to cover the standards if the scholar writes the instance survey good. Poorly written will non cover standards and if the scholar can non change over a state of affairs onto paper well it can do emphasis to the scholar. RPL Recognition of Prior Learning is a method of appraisal by which scholars can derive acknowledgment for Knowledge. apprehension. accomplishments and competencies that they already possess. If a scholar has grounds from another making or experience they have already completed it can be used to back up the standards on the new making. Theres no repeat in appraisals and is clip effectiveIf grounds can non be found or it is out of day of the month it can non be used.

This can intend that the scholar will take longer to finish the making and will necessitate to make more work if RPL was planned to be used. Needs endorsing up with oppugning as attending doesnt needfully intend understanding Understand how to be after assessment Summarise key factors to see when be aftering appraisal Evaluate the benefits of utilizing a holistic attack to assessment Explain how to be after a holistic attack to assessment The cardinal factors to see when planning appraisal are Assessment type and method Dates. times and continuance of appraisal activities Individual scholar and qualifications/employment degree Location and environment Requirements for doing determinations and giving feedback Resources and stuffs Particular requirements/learner demands Staff handiness Type of grounds required I must see how the standards will be met i. e. observation guided treatment or personal statement. I would be after the clip needed for the appraisal chosen to do certain adequate is captured and the appraisal procedure recorded. A holistic attack to assessment allows me to see the procedure as a whole and in some instances can cover so much of the units that cross citing can be achieved.

I will necessitate to take into history the scholars old experience and if they can supply grounds associating to the experience. This can all be considered if a holistic attack is carried out. This can be gathered and provided at the following planned meeting. Sometimes an observation can take topographic point directly off every bit long as the cardinal factors have been considered. If non I would be after for the following visit so the scholar is cognizant and they can besides do agreements so I can detect holistically associating to the units and standards. There are times when meetings and an appraisal procedure have been scheduled but can non be carried out because of an unplanned event. I would discourse a different attack with the scholar to guarantee the standards can be covered. Within my occupation function I have to take into history the demands of the scholar and what is the best procedure to cover the unit. Some of my leaners do non experience comfy composing so in this case I would utilize a guided treatment. There are some scholars that do non experience comfy speaking so I would explicate the usage of a personal statement/reflective authorship and how it can be written. A personal statement/reflective history is a signifier of self-assessment for the scholar. If they understand the unit and how it relates to their occupation function they will be able to compose a elaborate personal statement/reflective history about themselves and their apprehension.

Summarize the types of hazard that may be involved in appraisal in ain country of duty Explain how to understate hazards through the planning procedure 4. 1 Explain the importance of affecting the scholar and others in the appraisal procedure With all assessment procedures there are some hazards involved and these demand to be taken into consideration. I will ever guarantee I am non halting the scholar from finishing their responsibilities and that the appraisal can take topographic point. Health and Safety is really of import as I may necessitate PPE in some countries of the appraisal. This should be asked and verified when the planning is discussed. Lone working is another factor to see. There are besides hazards associating to the scholar work itself. Every scholar has to subscribe their ain work to formalize it. but there is ever a hazard that the work that has been completed is false. This relates to transgress of quality confidence rules ( VARCS ) Practical appraisal and 1st manus observation helps cut down the issues of plagiarism of false deceit. Open inquiring and principles of responsibilities functions and duties. aid advance verification of cogency. every bit would a greater apprehension of the campaigners manner of work Other hazards may include Learners non turning up for their assignment Learners non being competent in their occupation function Learners non being ready for appraisal

Others involved may necessitate notice of assessment Internet Explorer directors and service users Costs involved in going if assignment are non decently planned To understate these hazards it may be possible to Send the scholar a reminder message Complete a accomplishments scan prior to subscribe up Email directors to maintain them up to day of the month with assessment assignment Ensure all parties agree and sign a program 4 Understand how to affect scholar and others in assessment 4. 1 Explain the importance of affecting the scholar and others in the appraisal procedure 4. 3 Explain how equal and self-assessment can be used efficaciously to advance learner engagement and personal duty in the appraisal of larning


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Abraham Maslow developed the Hierarchy of Needs theoretical account in 1940-50s USA. and the Hierarchy of Needs theory remains valid today for understanding human motive. direction preparation. and personal development. Indeed. Maslows thoughts environing the Hierarchy of Needs refering the duty of employers to supply a workplace environment that encourages and enables employees to carry through their ain alone potency ( self-actualization ) are today more relevant than of all time. Abraham Maslows book Motivation and Personality. published in 1954 ( 2nd edition 1970 ) introduced the Hierarchy of Needs. and Maslow extended his thoughts in other work. notably his ulterior book Toward A Psychology Of Being. a important and relevant commentary. which has been revised in recent times by Richard Lowry. who is in his ain right a taking academic in the field of motivational psychological science.

Involving the scholar and others is really of import when discussing and be aftering an appraisal. This will give the scholar opportunity to give their input into how they can cover the standards and besides what grounds they can convey to supplement their cognition and preparation they have already had. Promoting the scholar to reflect on. and correlate old experiences or makings will help the assessment procedure. Reflective composing non merely aids betterment. but promotes learner inclusion in their ain acquisition. Brooding histories throughout the class are a good illustration of this. By affecting others i. e. scholars director or equal they can be used to supply a WT ( witness testimony ) relating to the scholars mundane undertakings and responsibilities. This is ideal as the director has a good penetration into the scholar and can give a really elaborate history that is function related.