Where the Gods Fly Essay

The distance between a female parent and a girl can be every bit far as the distance between civilizations. Where is the all right line between counsel and command? How far can you travel as a female parent. and do you ever know what’s best for your kid? In the short narrative “Where the Gods Fly” written by Jean Kwok. we meet a concerned Chinese female parent covering with a serious civilization clang which affects both her and her girl Pearl.

The storyteller is a Chinese adult female who has immigrated to America with her hubby and her girl. Pearl. It seems clear that the household haven’t chosen to travel to America by their ain involvement. but because it has been necessary to acquire a occupation at the cloth. The small household lives under really hapless conditions and the parents are non integrated neither with the linguistic communication nor the American civilization. The inability to talk English makes it even harder to accommodate to the western civilization and Pearl has to interpret for her female parent. The narrative is told with watercourse of consciousness. This gives us a great penetration in her concerns and ideas but this besides means that we merely know the other individuals from the mother’s feeling and point of position.

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Through her many concerns and ideas we rapidly acquire an feeling of the adult female. She is really spiritual and as we foremost meet her she is kneeling before her Gods seeking for forgiveness. The storyteller and her hubby are really hardworking. and spend all their waking hours at the cloth. She feels really guilty for non holding the agencies and the clip to give Pearl a nice childhood. As mentioned before. they spend all their clip working at the cloth even though it leaves them with no clip for themselves or their girl but they do it all for Pearl’s interest. The storyteller wants to supply Pearl with a good hereafter and the last thing she wants her girl to stop up like. is the life she is populating herself right now – a life on a cloth. _”…I saw her full life pulled tight before her similar yarn – her thin fingers worn callused and red by old ages of run uping in the factory…”_ ( P. 1-2 l. 30-31 )

The construction and the plot line of the short narrative are created around the narrator’s ideas and flashbacks. It begins in a temple in present clip where she is kneeling. Right after that her ideas and conversation with herself takes us to another scene. These flashbacks give us a great foundation to understanding why she wants to halt Pearl from dancing. She frequently jumps from the present to the yesteryear. which can look a small messy but besides really realistic because ideas don’t come chronological and it is as if we are inside her caput. The interruption from the flashbacks are short but they are giving us a good penetration of the ambiance she is in during her ideas: _”As I circle the room led by the drumming of the monks…” ( P. 4 l. 118 ) _

The biggest contrast we see in the narrative is the contrast between Chinese civilization and Western civilization. Each of them contains different societal norms. ethical values. faith. traditions. etc. It is clear that she doesn’t tantrum into the society they live under “_I understood nil of these people who did non bow to our Gods and Ate with crisp knives at the tabular array. ” ( P. 2 l. 37-39 ) _ Her spiritual visions are enlarging the spread between the two civilizations and are besides the overall ground why she will coerce her girl to halt dance.

She believes that it’s excessively much of a hazard for her to allow Pearl dance and to accept the scholarship. It’s non sustainable plenty and non something she can hold on. She has grown up in another civilization with different criterions of society ; hence she has a difficult clip seeing Pearl in this foreign nature. Suddenly she can’t even acknowledge her ain girl and it terrifies her: “_…and I no longer recognized my daughter… I felt all of a sudden dizzy…” ( P. 4 l. 139 + 142-143 ) _

It is really clear throughout the whole narrative that she loves her girl deeply. and that she merely acts like she does to protect her and to assist her grow. She knows what she is making and hold done to Pearl is difficult. but she is to the full convinced that it is the right thing to make: _”Help her to understand that all I have done. I have done because it was the lone pick I had. ” ( P. 1 l. 24-25 ) _

A critical point in the relationship between her and Pearl is that she is non seeking to set into the new civilization. She is seeking to coerce a wholly different civilization on Pearl and it is non realistic that she could populate like she grew up in China. If Pearl grows up under the same conditions as in China and right after her mother’s caput she will hold an unbelievable difficult clip socializing with her friends and schoolmates. She will besides hold troubles with turning up and making her ain life and raising her ain kids. Both the Americans and the storyteller demand to compromise. The Americans need to understand her state of affairs and her values but she besides needs to accommodate by e. g. larning their linguistic communication. which could stop up being the span between the large civilization spread.