Better and Practice Essay

1. Describe the responsibilities and duties of your ain work function

* Following all policies and processs at all times.
* Keeping the male childs safe from injury and maltreatment.
* Follow attention programs and behaviour support programs.
* Keep the wellness and safety of the house and the milieus.
* Keeping the house clean and tidy.
* Supporting the male childs to independence.
* Cooking and shopping.
* Giving the relevant medicine.
* Writing the right paperwork / day-to-day logs.
* Attending preparation.
* Promoting Every Child Matters – being safe. wellness. bask & amp ; accomplish. economic well-being.
* To be consistent and professional at all times.

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2. Explain outlooks about ain function as expressed in relevant criterions

* Every Child Matters – maintaining the kid safe at all times. * Being healthy – advancing healthy eating / regular exercising. * Make a positive part – back uping the kid to a good instruction. being hygienic. possibly personal attention. giving community entree to give them a better life. * Enjoy and Achieve – doing certain every kid gets to bask their life by accomplishing good things. This could be in instruction and excursions ; this makes the kid happy. * Economic Wellbeing.

3. Explain the importance of brooding pattern in continuously bettering the equality of service provided

Brooding pattern agencies to reflect on things that happen in mundane pattern. By reflecting on things that happen. we can better the attention for the kid by reexamining schemes to do them better. as they did non work earlier. This can so profit the kids as it can advance independency and public presentation of the immature people.

Reflecting on pattern enables all relevant factors to be taken into history. When reflecting. we can believe what can work and what might work. This once more can break the service and supply equality ; by reflecting. regular services can better for the better.

4. How make you reflect on your pattern?

In mundane pattern. utilizing a diary to reflect is a good thought. This is easy to look back on what happens and come up with new thoughts of working. By utilizing a diary. we will non bury anything as it is all written down.

In the workplace. we can utilize day-to-day journals as a diary to reflect on our pattern to better our working.

We can analyze our pattern. for illustration. compose down what went good and what did non. We can so compose this down in the communicating book with suggestions of what to make. eg. today I gave ( name ) supper before a shower. Please make non make this once more as we had an incident.

We can ever hold an unfastened head and expression for options. eg one of the male child does non like chip. but we found out he likes Walker’s Squares. This was by seeking options.

Besides when reflecting. I think of things from other people’s position. for illustration. when traveling on an excursion and non wishing busy topographic points. would I wish to travel in Tesco on a Saturday? By reflecting like this. I can besides do a good determination based on this.

By besides believing about effects. it is besides a good manner to reflect. eg. if a male child sweep doors all the clip. is taking him someplace with doors. eg. McDonalds a good thought? He could nail glass or do hurt to the populace. so this would be a bad thought. If the male child likes McDonalds. an option could be to take him through the thrust through.

5. Explain how your values and beliefs and experiences may impact working with persons and MDS members

Valuess and beliefs can impact work positively and negatively. This is because what you think is right may non be right in the eyes of other people and this may do struggle.

Experiences between each other could be different. for illustration. taking a kid out on the coach when dying can do them to quiet and another individual could hold an opposite experience and think their right. This could impact working negatively if both parties do non hold.

Culture between persons can impact the manner of working.

These experiences between persons can give staff self-awareness and can take to consistence and regard between persons.

Valuess and beliefs can allow staff be originative and seek new things as we are seeking out other individual’s beliefs. This is a positive consequence of an experience. An illustration of this is seeking out a cultural difference. eg. giving milk before bed calms a kid ; I didn’t believe this would work. but seeking it made me gain it did.

6. How do you measure ain cognition public presentation and understanding against relevant criterions?

We can measure our ain cognition through self-evaluation. We can make this in our supervisings with other direction or entirely.

If we follow the functions and duties in our occupation function. we should run into the criterions that are in topographic point. as they are in topographic point to run into these. We can reflect upon our pattern to do certain we are run intoing these and if non we can so make up one’s mind what to make to run into these. eg. Every Child Matters standard we follow is maintaining healthy if kids are seting on weight. we can alter activity contrivers to make more exercising and repasts to more fitter options.

7. How do you seek feedback and how do you utilize this in your personal development?

You can seek feedback from work co-workers and directors at the workplace or from instructors and supervisors at the school topographic point. By utilizing this feedback positively. we can reflect upon this to do working better for the kid. For illustration. the director has a supervising and asks you to be positive whilst working with a immature individual. as this will halt incidents go on. By making this. the workplace will be better for other staff members as less incidents will go on. The immature individual will so be less dying due to no incidents.

By utilizing feedback. we can be cognizant of our strengths. for illustration. a staff member says to you “you do ( name ) ’s bath clip everyday truly well” . This positive feedback develops assurance. competency and motive and. for illustration. would do me desire to make bath clip routine more and make this confidently.

By acquiring feedback. we can place countries for betterment. eg. person says you need to larn to cook. we can so inquire for aid or preparation from our director.

10. How do you work with others to reexamine and prioritize your ain acquisition and development chances?

By holding supervisings. we can reexamine our pattern with our line director and we can prioritize chances in this. eg. in supervising we can state our director about preparation we feel we need and she can state us what is available and if there is any suited occupation chances coming up.

We can utilize our brooding diary to reexamine our acquisition and reflect upon this.

We can shadow more experient co-workers which can develop our acquisition and may assist us to acquire better occupation chances in the hereafter.

By moving as a wise man for new staff by allowing them shadow us. we can demo off our qualities to direction which could assist us develop into better occupations in the hereafter.

11. How does larning impact pattern?

Within our company. we receive regular preparation in all countries of our occupation. These preparation Sessionss are formal lessons.

On the occupation preparation where directors observe our pattern. In our squad meetings. we get research activities such as our director will inquire us to research intimidation for the following meeting.

All these types of larning aid to break our pattern by larning and seeking new attacks.

We can use theories to practical and see if they work. This should assist break the attention for the kids and immature people.

Regular preparation Sessionss maintain staff up-to-date on new policies and processs.

12. How does reflective pattern lead to improved ways of working?

By reflecting on our work while back uping kids and immature people. we can believe what does work. what doesn’t work and what could work. By believing like this in all countries of our occupation. it could better ways of working. as we are ever believing of things that we could make better.

An illustration of this in our workplace is a male child who came into our attention and we all tried new ways of working with him to halt incidents. hurts to staff and to assist him kip. All staff reflected and talked as a group about what works and what doesn’t.

We all tried new things and modus operandis and have come together as a squad and decided to non give the male child nutrient after tea as he doesn’t sleep and to take him out from 6pm to 7pm. so have bedtime everyday. By our staff squad coming together and reflecting. we now have improved our manner of working. doing less incidents and no emphasis and better slumber for the immature individual.

13. How do you enter advancement in relation to personal development?

In respects to the individual above. we record his slumber on sleep charts and incidents we record in incident books. On a Monday forenoon. these are taken to the school to the behaviour direction specializer who review all this information on a regular basis.

In other instances of personal development planning. we have grounds of accomplishments. eg. our male childs bring place certifications of accomplishment from the school. for illustration. student of the hebdomad and this is kept for them to demo their accomplishments.

New ends are set in meetings at the school. for illustration. a new end for one of our male childs is to ‘use a zebra crossing’ and we grounds this by taking exposure to add to activity contrivers.