What Kind Of World Do You Want To Live Essay

If we are able to make a universe of our ain we would that universe with everything we like and wipe outing everything that we dislike. But that universe could alter based on our ages. So similar every normal people I have my ain universe in my head since I was little. Since my dream is to go a scientist I want to be the Godhead of every individual thing in my ain universe. I want to protect my ain universe like “Super Man” protects the Earth. And I want to wipe out every disease. poorness and everything that is bad for the people. And for the first thing for poorness I think everyone should hold a function to afford them for a standard life. As I am populating in a underdeveloped state unlike America. I’ve seen many people droping profoundly in poorness. But for the rich people it is the opposite. They are going richer and richer but the hapless people are going poorer and poorer. So I would wish the people in my universe live in peaceable and a standard lives. And I would besides wish to populate in a universe where there is political stableness where there is no war between states and states. I don’t even want a individual struggle go oning in the state.

Nowadays One of the biggest states in the universe is at war with another state. United States Of America is contending against the Muslim racists who’s slaughtering every individual thing that does non obey them. And now we have to worry about those people terrorising the whole universe. Terrorism and killing people for no absolute ground is merely abhorrent and I. likely adding 1000000s of others. can non see myself digest this any longer. My position on terrorist act has been amplifies by one million after I’ve heard all the things go oning with the US ground forces and ISIS. Sing all these people that got killed and all the households that got destroyed merely convey me to the decision that these people have no regard. no humanity. no bosom. no nil. These people are deserving nil. non even a penny to me. So I would wish to populate in a universe where we don’t have to be worried about wellness attention. instruction. concern and much more. And I besides don’t like how work forces are handling adult females in the Muslim states. Womans should be respected since they give birth to their kids.

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But they treated the antonym to the adult females who gave birth to their kids and do them worship like God. All work forces should ever be gallant and should ever handle that adult female with regard. The adult female is of import because of he ability to convey kids to life. Personal duty is in the list because you are ever responsible for you won actions. non anyone else. And for the thing that is go oning presents in twenty-first Century is the human being has commissioned to make better autos. smart phones. realistic picture games. powerful computing machines and arms of mass devastation. A ferocious technological revolution that has made adult male forgets wholly his humanity. his values. the abstract side that goes beyond the platitudes and the desire for power. In the 90s kids used to play in forepart of the vicinity merrily and lively. But now the kids born in the twenty-first Century merely have their eyes stuck to the computing machines and play computing machine games for hours.

And the immature adventurers who used to research the Fieldss. research workers who used to maintain in touch with the nature are merely looking at the cell phone’s screen for hours and researching up on the net. For my sentiment. utilizing Internet is non a truly bad thing to make. But utilizing the cyberspace. playing games for the whole twenty-four hours that you normally forget to analyze is non a good thing to make. Because of this even our relationship with nature has been affected. adult male has lost the ability to watch the sundown and walk in the rain. adult male has lost the ability to appreciate the little and important inside informations. After that complex practical sea. 1000s of narratives that happen are ignored.

For the decision I would love to populate in a universe where there is no serious diseases. and wars where 1000s of people would lose their lives or poorness that would do world unrecorded in desperation. I don’t want to populate in a universe like twenty-first Century where most of the people are merely looking at the cell phone’s screen or the computing machines. I would merely love to remain in a universe with peace where I can merely populate like a normal people peacefully and lively.