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Infinity Essay, Research Paper

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The construct of eternity has been evaluated many times throughout history. Merely late, in the 19th century, has major advancement evolved in the field. The chapter & # 8220 ; Beyond Infinity & # 8221 ; answers the inquiries, & # 8220 ; what is mathematics and why should I analyze it? & # 8221 ; by reexamining several mathematician & # 8217 ; s theories of eternity.

First, the writer mentioned Galileo who theorized that a line which measured 3 inches long contained the same sum of points as a line twice it & # 8217 ; s length. The writer besides referred to Bernhard Bolzano, a mathematician who subsequently on attempted to specify eternity every bit good, but failed to make so. Archamedis was besides referred to, for he developed a system for eternity called & # 8216 ; myriad & # 8217 ; . Using this, he was able to gauge the figure of grains of sand there are on a beach.

The chapter was focussed on matmatician named Cantor who became good known towards the terminal of the 19th century. Cantor believed that one set of Numberss is tantamount to another set if they can be paired together. This was referred to as his & # 8220 ; stepping-stone & # 8221 ; procedure. He besides used this to specify Numberss beyond eternity. Cantor assigned the first missive of the Hebrew alphabet, along with a inferior, to stand for the figure of elements in an & # 8220 ; ordinary space set & # 8221 ; . The first missive ( Aleph ) with nothing for a inferior represented existent Numberss.

Aleph with a numerical one stood for existent and irrational Numberss.

Cantor recognized eternity as a verb, instead than a noun. This was uncommon, for it contradicted old Platonic theories. Therefor, many mathematicians & # 8217 ; dismissed his theories at first. Besides, he was criticized for non holding an & # 8220 ; absolute eternity & # 8221 ; . Some mathematicians finally started to accept Cantor & # 8217 ; s theories. He so went on to turn out that there are an infinite equal sum of fractions and whole Numberss, and that the set of irrational Numberss is larger than whole Numberss and fractions. Cantor applied his theories to Geometry every bit good, therefore showing that there are the same infinite sums of points in every infinite, despite dimensions. He besides showed how points on a line can be paired with points on a plane, which can be paired with points in a volume, and so on.

Based on the accrued theories, mathematics is defined as a scientific discipline that has been evaluated, modified, and added to since the beginning of clip. It includes all types of Numberss and objects that are, in bend, applied to other constructs in the & # 8220 ; physical world. & # 8221 ; To reason, it is of import to analyze mathematics in order to understand constructs and things in our lives, and obtain an overall greater apprehension. Cantor & # 8217 ; s theories are peculiarly of import for, as the writer stated, they take us beyond & # 8220 ; ordinary eternity & # 8221 ; .