Website Evaluation Essay

Bing able to place inaccuracies and legitimate information on web sites is perfectly indispensable to effectual cyberspace research. There are an overwhelming of misleading and ‘rogue’ sites that are put up each twenty-four hours. The webmasters of these sites could be intentionally misdirecting their site visitants and there are some who are simply misinformed about the subjects they discuss with assurance that is tempting to the common web surfboarder.

The undermentioned paper will discourse how to separate the factually accurate sites from the misinformation that is far excessively prevailing on the cyberspace today. At first glimpse. a legitimate site should be professional-looking. While this seems like common sense. there are many characteristics that will separate a professional and factually accurate site from a illicit site. Broken links. mistake messages. and proxies for images are a dead giveaway that the site should non be used as a scholarly mention ( AssociatedContent. com. 2007 ) .

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An overpowering figure of dad ups or advertizements is besides a revealing mark of knave sites ; frequent advertisement at the disbursal of the smooth passages and ocular entreaty of the web page implies the proprietor of the site is more interested in money than the web content ( AssociatedContent. com. 2007 ) . Additionally. the underside of the chief page should hold ‘safe affiliation’ payment methods. There are sometimes wagess for excellence that can impart acceptance to the legitimacy of the site ; the user should snap on these little icons to do certain the links are legitimate and travel to an established site.

While shoping. the user should look for concern information such as references. telephone Numberss. client service communicating. Grammatical rightness and easy readability are besides an index of legitimacy ( AssociatedContent. com. 2007 ) . Scenario AND RECOMMENDATIONS Middle-school pupil X becomes worried as he hears his instructor is undergoing an MIS. Gathering farther information. he learns the specific name of the process and writes it down. fixing to make some research to see what the process entails.

By originating a Google hunt with the hunt standards being “Laparoscopic Surgery” . many consequences gave multiple definitions for this surgery. If Student X has forgotten the spelling. the helpful suggestion list produced upon typing the first four letters of the process produces ‘laparoscopy’ as the first suggestion. Student Ten is relieved and chinks on the familiar hunt suggestion. He skips the first consequence for Wikipedia. com because of the uncertainness of the cogency of the information on the wiki site.

Wiki sites are ne’er dependable for true. accurate research informations ; the user-generated content is changed at any random clip. doing the beginning to change. Often. errors are non caught – particularly on the more advanced. proficient articles. and the content can be changed maliciously or unwittingly to false information. absolutely misdirecting the research worker. Student X looks for the first familiar. dependable site on the Google list of hunt consequences. Four sites down. Student Ten recognizes the familiar “WebMD” site he has seen advertised on telecasting.

He remembers the announcement of all information being reviewed by an medical physicians ; the reputable site is certain to supply accurate information. Snaping on the site. Student Ten is brought to the Digestive Disorders Health Center with the article entitled “Laparoscopy” heading the article ( WebMD. com. 2008 ) . The first sentence provides an concise and simple definition that instantly allays Student X’s fright about the surgery being unsafe. The definition provinces “Laparoscopy is a surgery that uses a thin. lighted tubing put though a cut ( scratch ) in the abdomen to look at the abdominal variety meats or the female variety meats.

” Jumping the battalion of medical footings he doesn’t understand such as adenomyosis and tubal ligation. he looks for information about the hazards involved with this surgery. He is relieved to happen that laparoscopy is a minor surgery. that MIS stands for “Minimally-Invasive Surgery” . Mentions: “How to Tell is a Website is Legitimate” . ( 2007 ) . Retrieved on May 26. 2010 from associatedcontent. com: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. associatedcontent. com/article/363241/how_to_tell_if_a_website_is_legitimate. hypertext markup language? cat=15 WebMD. com Google. com Search Engine Wikipedia. com