The Organizational Structure Of Managers Management Essay

The organisational construction depicts the manner each activity in an organisation is performed, the manner formal occupations are allocated, the manner resources are optimally allocated, and the manner sections are coordinated. Organizational construction shows the place of a unit or division in the organisation. Next, organisational construction besides shows the types of occupations performed in an organisation and the relationship between each occupation. An organisational construction is normally depicted in a graphical illustration knows as the organisation chart. Below is an illustration of organisation chart.

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Finance Manager

General Manager

Administration Manager

Production Manager

Selling Director





The organisation chart shows each section ‘s maps, places, and relationship between each section in the organisation. An organisation chart has several features. First, each box shows the person ‘s place, section, division, or unit in the organisation that has been given specific maps or duties. Next, the line that links the rectangles shows the communicating relationship between persons, sections, units, or divisions harmonizing to the concatenation of bid. Third, each person will describe to his supervisor in the same direction degree. The organisational construction must be formed harmonizing to the organisation ‘s schemes. The organisation ‘s schemes are formed in order to find ‘what should be done to accomplish organisational ends ‘ , while the organisational construction is created to find ‘who is responsible ‘ and ‘how to ends can be achieved.

In organisation construction have four common constructions, there are entrepreneurial construction, functional construction, divisional construction, and matrix construction. The different organisation construction each has different map and different organisation chart. First, entrepreneurial construction is main executive ( CEO ) is retains control over big or of import ventures of the organisation. There are other directors to transport out their functions in relation to the head. Following, this construction has clearly defined lines of authorization for all degrees of direction and has a extremely bureaucratic process. In an enterpriser construction, every things decided by the top direction such as cafe and clinic.

Second, functional construction is divides the activities of the organisation into different functional countries. Each functional country would hold its ain direction construction, so this construction combines both hierarchal construction and centralised construction. In a functional construction, activities or undertakings are grouped harmonizing to organisational maps such as production, selling, and finance. For illustration, the selling director is responsible to market all merchandises produced by the organisation and execute other responsibilities related to selling.




Fresh Milk



General Manager Furthermore, the divisional construction is a signifier of departmentalization whereby activities are grouped harmonizing to similarities in footings of merchandises, market, and geographical location. A divisional organisation can be divided into three types of departmentalization: merchandise, geographical, and client. Product departmentalization involves the grouping of activities or undertakings based on the merchandises produced by the organisation. The organisation chart as shown at below shows three merchandise divisions: cocoa merchandise, sushi, and fresh milk. Each division has its ain functional sections such as selling and finance sections. Product departmentalization is normally practised by organisation is non suited due to troubles in commanding the organisation.

Merchandise Departmentalization

North borneo

Branch Manager


Branch Manager


Branch director

General ManagerNext, geographical departmentalization is performed based on location. For illustration, when the central office of company in Kuala Lumpur and they open a subdivisions in other locations such as Kedah, Perlis, and Sabah. Therefore, the general director in Kuala Lumpur is responsible for pull offing all the subdivisions with the aid of subdivision directors in Kedah, Perlis, and Sabah. Every division is responsible for the production and selling of merchandises in their location. Below is the organisation chart of geographical departmentalization.

Geographic Departmentalization


Office Customers


Ordinary Customers


Industrial Customers

General ManagerIn add-on, client departmentalization as depicted in below is based on client groups who purchase the organisation ‘s merchandises such as industrial clients, ordinary clients and office clients. Each division will be managed by a director responsible to the services general director. The services general director will command all the determinations made by director of each division. Each division is responsible for bring forthing and marketing the merchandises that will utilize by consumers in their market. These types of departmentalization can carry through client demands and demands quickly.

Customer Departmentalization

Last, the matrix organisation operates in a horizontal and perpendicular organisational construction whereby an employee study to two supervisors such as the division or line directors and functional or undertaking directors. The matrix organisation is besides known as the Multi Commands Systems. In a matrix construction, human resources are used expeditiously because the accomplishment processed by each employee is combined to develop a new merchandise and execute functional responsibilities. Furthermore, the matrix organisation operates in an environment that is ever altering due to tight competition and technological alterations. For illustration, the competition services are offered by the organisation. The attempt and creativeness of employees must be combined in order for the organisation to keep a competitory advantage in the industry.

Definition of event direction is the procedure by which an event is planned, prepared, and produced. As with any other signifier of direction, it encompasses the appraisal, definition, acquisition, allotment, way, control, and analysis of clip, fundss, people, merchandises, services, and other resources to accomplish aims. An event director ‘s occupation is to supervise and set up every facet of an event, including researching, planning, forming, implementing, commanding, and measuring an event ‘s design, activities, and production.

My company is Fantastic Gardening Sdn Bhd. My company are making landscaping ; we have helped the families to keep their works or grass, or have a undertaking to plan on a new company, mill, new houses and the image of metropolis. We have over 20 old ages experience and had won many wagess. Our section have site operations, finance, and forces. Finance section is command the capital, under site operations section have undertaking directors, different undertaking director have different undertakings and undertaking to make. However, in forces section is the topographic point that our company engage foreign workers from Nepal, Vietnam, and others state to come here and work.

Our company are utilizing functional construction. We are utilizing this construction it is because the undertaking directors have different undertaking or undertakings to make. As an illustration, one undertaking director are making everyday work to make such as maintain the works in different families, nevertheless another undertaking director is to assist other company, mill, or houses design their encompassing countries or to assist their hold a little garden in their edifice. Below is an organisation chart of our company Wonderful Gardening Sdn Bhd.


( Plant )


( Maintain )


( Etc )

Undertaking Manager

Work Scheduling

Military officer

Site Agent

Plant & A ; Materials


Undertaking Manager

Undertaking Manager

Finance Director

Forces Director

Site Operation


Pull offing Director

Furthermore, the advantages of functional construction is emphasizes occupation specialisation, minimizes struggles in resource use, the job work outing procedure is more effectual due to specialisation of accomplishments, determination devising procedure is more effectual because the authorization of doing determinations is centralized, and easier to command the organisation as directors practise occupation specialisation. Following, the disadvantages of functional construction is involves the execution of everyday undertakings, deficiency of communicating among employees in different sections, calling development is limited to certain countries, employees tend to concentrate on accomplishing departmental aims, and can non bring forth employees who are skilled in many countries due to occupation specialisation.

In short, functional construction is rehearsing the director occupation specialisation, occupation specialisation or occupation division involves spliting undertakings into smaller occupations. Each occupation will be performed by different persons. The company can hold a assemblage or have a travel to the employees. With this ways, the employees can better their relationship each other and can forestall struggles, and besides can makes this assemblage or travel as a wagess to promote the employees.