The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock Essay

Without a uncertainty. T. S. Eliot is one of the most of import figures of English literature. In the universe of poesy he towers even more. One of the Eliot’s best known plants is The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. which at the clip of its publication was even considered as one of the most of import events in the history of English poesy ( Lowe. 1 ) . This must non comes as a surprise bearing in head the fact that there is something extremist about the verse form as if Eliot was stating that he intends to make something new ; something ne’er done earlier.

He succeeded to a great extent and he wrote a verse form that is stalking in its powerful manner of depicting an unhealthy signifier of stiff introspection because the chief character is the ultimate representative of all those who are self-aware to a mistake. J. Alfred Prufrock’s utmost uneasiness greatly affected his personality and his relationship with others particularly to the 1 he loves.

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The job of J. Alfred Prufrock can be farther simplified into the followers:

1. He was a an highly self-aware adult male ; and

2. He was an highly self-aware lover

Bing a really self-aware adult male will already make serious jobs for Prufrock but if he will add “self-conscious lover” to his sketch so he is in for a large problem. A self-aware adult male is already fighting with low self-pride. immobilized by analysis palsy and wasting clip 2nd thinking himself but if he becomes a lover his anxiousnesss is taken to the following degree. But before traveling any farther it is better to get down understanding Prufrock as a adult male.

A Self-conscious Man

There is nil incorrect with a healthy dosage of uneasiness. This prevents a individual from believing excessively extremely about himself and saves him from the destructive forces of pride and other egotistic behaviour. Bing self-aware is the grade of a wise adult male doing him sensitive to others around him and he will ever make his best to look presentable and seek every bit much as he can non to pique anyone. But there is besides the utmost side of being self-aware. Robert Cook was right when he remarked that there is such a thing as an “excess of consciousness” or as Cook would wish to set it. an “unhealthy self-consciousness” ( 224 ) . He was speaking about Prufrock. the literary character who like an expert demonstrated how to act in such extremes.

It can be argued that one of the root causes of utmost uneasiness is fear. Fear of being rejected. fright of loss. fright of the unknown. fright of treachery. fright of hurting and so much more. But seeking to insulate a person’s life from these calamities may assist him to avoid specific reverses but it does non vouch felicity or sing life to the fullest. So Prufrock will now hold to take between protecting himself from hurting or the opportunity of going self-fulfilled and most significantly the opportunity to be with the individual that he loves. For many it is a no-brainer inquiry ; they will take a opportunity than to forever regret non put on the lining anything and hence losing everything.

Prufrock’s timidness was like an expert hidden by the usage of his mind. He justifies his hapless being by the high quality of his logical thinking. Get downing in lines 26 Prufrock believed in his ain psychotic belief and he said:

There will be clip. there will be clip

To prepare…

Time for you and clip for me.

And clip yet for a 100 indecisivenesss.

And for 100 visions and alterations.

Before the pickings of a toast and tea

Prufrock could be forgiven if he is covering with life and decease state of affairss that require careful planning and analysis. Everyone will understand if he was contemplating on a calling alteration or make up one’s minding to get married person or non. But most of the clip his jobs are every bit simple as make up one’s minding to travel out or non or to eat a piece a fruit or chorus from making so. It requires determination to make such things but a normal individual will make it in a catch. non to dwell over it for yearss ; and non passing so much clip over it that he can even compose a verse form depicting his idea procedure.

A Self-conscious Lover

It was made clear that this verse form should concentrate on love. peculiarly the love between a adult male and a adult female. In order to direct the focal point of the reader to this capable affair Eliot made certain that the rubric should inform that this is a love vocal. a heartfelt vocal from Prufrock to his lover. Furthermore. Eliot introduces the verse form utilizing the words from possibly the greatest lover of all. Dante who went to hell and back for the love of his life Beatrice ( McCormick. 108 ) . There is merely one trouble with that averment – it is difficult to see the ramblings of the self-tortured adult male as a love vocal. How could he win his lover through the usage of such linguistic communication? Is at that place a adult female out there who will be flattered by his inability to move resolutely? Possibly Prufrock was looking for a female version of a self-doubter like him.

As mentioned earlier. being a self-aware adult male is adequate to convey problem to a adult male but if the same individual falls in love ; his universe will wholly turn upside down. Bing self-aware means the inability to make up one’s mind if he will travel frontward or rearward. A adult male in love will merely experience one action and it is traveling frontward. the natural reaction of a adult male is attracted to a lovely thing. It is a natural behaviour when a adult male is drawn to a beautiful adult female. One could merely conceive of the struggle ramping on inside Prufrock. his natural inclinations forces him to travel in circles while his bosom pushes him to travel frontward. It is like skiding down a slippery incline and one attempts to halt the downhill slide with au naturel custodies. It is painful and non a wise move. Prufrock already had enough on his home base covering with everyday things but when love entered the image he was wholly overwhelmed from utmost uneasiness.

In line 55. in one of the most telling portion of the verse form. Prufrock Tells of his insecurity in the presence of other people:

And I have known the weaponries already. known them all –

The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase.

And when I am formulated. sprawling on a pin.

When I am pinned and writhing on the wall.

Then how should I get down?

Prufrock sees himself like a specimen being studied closely by others. He may be right that there are those who make it their concern to dish the dirt and distribute prevarications against other people. but life should non be lived that manner and that there is no alibi for his behaviour. Yet Prufrock refuses to alter his head.


Prufrock felt like he was approximately to pound against a wall. The wall of unfavorable judgment is standing between him and his lady love. The critics are many and they surround him. He felt that he was like person pinned to the wall while the rich and powerful ladies are circling about and analyzing his limited capablenesss and second-rate visual aspect. On the other manus he felt something inside him that encourages him to jump beyond the wall and by making so win the love of a adult female.

At the terminal Prufrock was convinced that he does non hold what it takes to face the interior voices that tell him he was non good plenty. He decided to discontinue the battle. He rationalizes that it is non deserving it and that there is no usage detaining the inevitable and for him there is no sense in fighting when he knew absolutely good that at the terminal he will lose the battle. At the terminal nil of value can be seen except that the life of J. Alfred Prufrock serves as an illustration to what awaits a adult male with an unhealthy sense of consciousness.