The meaning of life Essay

All congratulations be to God. the Sustainer of All the Worlds. and approvals and peace be upon our maestro Muhammad. and on all his Family and Companions. [ Brother! You wanted a few words of advice from me. so listen to a few truths included in eight short narratives. which since you are a soldier. are in the signifier of comparings of a military nature. I consider my ain psyche to necessitate advice more than anyone. and at one clip I addressed my psyche at some length with Eight Wordss inspired by eight poetries of the Qur’an from which I had benefited.

Now I shall turn to my psyche with these same Words. but briefly and in the linguistic communication of ordinary people. Whoever wishes may listen together with me. ] The First Word Bismillah. “In the Name of God. ” is the start of all things good. We excessively shall get down with it. Know. O my psyche! Merely as this blest phrase is a grade of Islam. so excessively it is invariably recited by all existences through their linguas of temperament. If you want to cognize what an unlimited strength. what an ageless beginning of premium is Bismillah. listen to the following narrative which is in the signifier of a comparing.

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It goes like this: Person who makes a journey through the comeuppances of Arabia has to go in the name of a tribal head and enter under his protection. for in this manner he may be saved from the assaults of brigands and procure his demands. On his ain he will die in the face of countless enemies and demands. And so. two work forces went on such a journey and entered the desert. One of them was modest and low. the other proud and conceited. The low adult male assumed the name of a tribal head. while the proud adult male did non.

The first travelled safely wherever he went. If he encountered brigands. he said: “I am going in the name of such-and-such tribal leader. ” and they did non molest him. If he came to some collapsible shelters. he was treated respectfully due to the name. But the proud adult male suffered indefinable catastrophes throughout his journey. He both trembled before everything and begged from everything. He was abased and became an object of contempt. My proud psyche! You are the traveler. and this universe is a desert.

Your powerlessness and poorness have no bound. and your enemies and demands are endless. Since it is therefore. take the name of the Pre-Eternal Ruler and Post-Eternal Lord of the desert and be saved from imploring before the whole existence and shaking before every event. Yes. this phrase is a exchequer so blessed that your infinite powerlessness and poorness bind you to an infinite power and clemency ; it makes your powerlessness and poverty a most acceptable mediator at the Court of One Almighty and Compassionate.

The individual who acts stating. “In the Name of God. ” resembles person who enrolls in the ground forces. He acts in the name of the authorities ; he has fright of no 1 ; he speaks. performs every affair. and withstands everything in the name of the jurisprudence and the name of the authorities. At the beginning we said that all existences say “In the Name of God” through the lingua of temperament. Is that so? Indeed. it is so.

If you were to see that a individual individual had come and had driven all the dwellers of a town to a topographic point by force and compelled them to work. you would be certain that he had non acted in his ain name and through his ain power. but was a soldier. moving in the name of the authorities and trusting on the power of the male monarch. In the same manner. all things act in the name of Almighty God. for infinitesimal things like seeds and grains bear immense trees on their caputs ; they raise tonss like mountains. That means all trees say: “In the Name of God. ” make full their custodies from the exchequer of clemency. and offer them to us.

All gardens say: “In the Name of God. ” and go caldrons from the kitchens of Divine power in which are cooked legion assortments of different nutrients. All blessed animate beings like cattles. camels. sheep. and caprine animals. say: “In the Name of God. ” and produce springs of milk from the copiousness of clemency. offering us a most delicate and pure nutrient like the H2O of life in the name of the Provider. The roots and rootlets. soft as silk. of workss. trees. and grasses say: “In the Name of God. ” and Pierce and base on balls through difficult stone and Earth.

Mentioning the name of God. the name of the Most Merciful. everything becomes subjected to them. The roots distributing through difficult stone and Earth and bring forthing fruits every bit easy as the subdivisions spread through the air and bring forth fruits. and the delicate green foliages retaining their wet for months in the face of utmost heat. cover a smack in the oral cavities of Naturalists and prod a finger in their unsighted eyes. stating: “Even heat and hardness. in which you most trust. are under a bid.

For like the Staff of Moses. each of those satiny rootlets conform to the bid of. And We said. O Moses. strike the stone with your staff. 1 and split the stone. And the delicate foliages fine as coffin nail paper recite the poetry. O fire be coolness and peace2 against the heat of the fire. each like the members of Abraham ( UWP ) . Since all things say: “In the Name of God. ” and bearing God’s premiums in God’s name. give them to us. we excessively should state: “In the Name of God. ” We should give in the name of God. and take in the name of God.

And we should non take from unheeding people who neglect to give in God’s name. Question: We give a monetary value to people. who are like tray-bearers. So what monetary value does God privation. Who is the true proprietor? The Answer: Yes. the monetary value the True Bestower of Bounties wants in return for those valuable premiums and goods is three things: one is recollection. another is thanks. and the other is contemplation. Stating. “In the Name of God” at the start is recollection. and. “All congratulations be to God” at the terminal is thanks.

And perceiving and thought of those premiums. which are invaluable admirations of art. being miracles of power of the Unique and Eternally Besought One and gifts of His clemency. is contemplation. However foolish it is to snog the pes of a humble adult male who conveys to you the cherished gift of a male monarch and non to acknowledge the gift’s proprietor. it is a 1000 times more foolish to praise and love the evident beginning of premiums and bury the True Bestower of Bounties. O my psyche! If you do non wish to be foolish in that manner. give in God’s name. take in God’s name. get down in God’s name. and act in God’s name.