Wholefoods Marketing Mix Essay

Wholefoods Market Inc. ( WFM ) has successfully earned dual figures grosss over the past 25 old ages and are today known to be a leader in the organic supermarket industry ( about $ 4. 7 Billion industry ) ( Organic Trade Associate. 2014 ) . Their Core Valuess include: 1 ) Caring about the community and the environment. 2 ) Promoting healthy feeding and instruction to our stakeholders. 2 ) Selling highest quality organics and natural nutrients available. and 3 ) Making ongoing win-win partnerships with our providers ( Wholefoods Market. 2014a ) . The company is steadily graded one of the top socially responsible concerns and celebrates 4th ranking on Green Power Partnership from Environmental Protection Agency ( Wholefoods Market. 2014b ) Wholefoods Marketing Mix

A typical WFM carries over 2. 600 natural and organic merchandises that include green goodss. seafood. food market. meat/poultry. baked goods. prepared nutrients & A ; catering. java & A ; tea. nutritionary addendums. organic structure attention. educational merchandises. flowered. pet nutrient & A ; merchandises. and household goods ( Wholefoods. 2014d ) . Each shop is able to beginning merchandises through local bargainers and manufacturers. prosecuting in important sum of local trade and merchandise sourcing. In add-on. the company besides imports from international providers that are carefully selected and run into WFM and local criterions. WFM besides offers its ain line of merchandise called 365 Everyday Value that meet Wholefoods quality criterions. ( Wholefoods Market. 2014c ) . Monetary value

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Natural and Organic nutrients have higher monetary values due to rigorous ordinances. blessing casts ( e. g. USDA certified organic ) . and shorter shelf life. ( Investors Group. 2012 ) . WFM pricing is valued harmonizing to the quality of the merchandises they carry. “The monetary value of the merchandise is considered through finding the cost of doing the merchandise. the wages of people bring forthing the merchandise. the cost of operation and the other disbursals made in the creative activity of the product” ( Investors Group. 2012 ) . With this monetary value scheme WFM maintains and guarantee the merchandise to be of high quality and longer lastingness. The 365 Everyday Values gives consumers a pick to buy WFM’s ain trade name at a lower cost and in 2011 the value trade name accounted for about 11 % of entire gross revenues. ( Investors Group. 2012 ) Promotion

WFM has a really strong Integrated Marketing Communication ( IMC ) plan. This is possibly one of chief grounds for their success. Some of the often used publicity tactics includes: Online publicity. Social Media. News Papers. Television. Magazines. Public dealingss. Community Event. Sponsorships. Contests. and their ain shops and employees as trade name embassadors. WFM has ever used their communicating scheme to prosecute clients and community and now to a great extent utilizing societal media as a cardinal tool to advance their values to their clients. Harmonizing to their web site. WFM publishes approximately 1. 000 messages per twenty-four hours across 900 societal media channels and their overall societal media footmark on Facebook and Twitter is about 7 million ranking their trade name as figure 2 ( Wholefoods Market. 2014e ) Topographic point

WFM has 380 shops across Canada. United Kingdom. and United States ( Wholefoods. 2014e ) . With 73 locations. California is by far has the maximal figure of shops that wholefoods operates in a individual province ( Wholefoods. 2014e ) . This absolutely aligns with overall image of the province where healthy life. organic nutrients. and better life criterions are good traits of the demographics and population. This tendency is by and large seen to be prevailing in countries where communities are more focussed on healthier life and wellbeing. In add-on. the design of each shop is alone to reflect the location and civilization of local community. ( Investors Group. 2012 ) .

Where is wholefoods in this Green/Greener/Greenest?
In my sentiment WFM is at a green phase of sustainability. Although they have good enterprises in topographic point at assorted degrees of operations including corporate maps. selling. and community battle. and local concern growing. However. there is decidedly a range for betterment in multiple countries. some illustrations are listed below: Large overall footmark: Supply Chain ( Transportation Cost ) . Building ( use of resources ) Healthier merchandises focal point: presently the merchandise possibly natural or organic but that does non necessary mean they are fitter. E. g. high Na or sugar nutrients are available at their shops Promote sustainability throughout the supply concatenation: helping provider or husbandman by offering sustainability plans to stand in providers or husbandmans