Vietnam Posts And Telecommunications Group Report Information Technology Essay

With over 90 thousand of employees and staff, advanced telecommunication technological substructure, service web covering 64 states state broad, VNPT ( Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group ) is proud of being the figure one supplier of post-telecommunications in Vietnam, supplying more than 71 million of rolling subcribers, about 12 million of fixed subcribers and about a twelve million of Internet users. In 6/2006, VNPT officially became Vietnam Post- Telecommunication Group replacing old corporations theoretical account harmonizing to the Decision No 06/2006/QA?- TTg of the Government with the strategic of development following Vietnam ‘s chief force economic Group theoretical account, multi- concerns, multi- Fieldss, multi- proprietors. On June 24th, 2010, parent corporation- Vietnam Post- Telecommunication Corporation converted to state-owned limited Company, one member harmonizing to the Decision No 955/ QA?- TTg of Prime Minister. VNPT is curently a Vietnam taking Post- Telecommunication Corporation.

William claude dukenfields of concern

Servicess and merchandises of telecommunication and information engineering

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Servicess and merchandises of media

Exploring, confer withing, planing, building, installing and care of telecommunication, information engineering and media plants.

Manufacturing, concern, import-export and supply of telecommunications and IT stuffs and equipment

Servicess of finance, recognition and bank ;

Ads and events

Real estate and office for release.

In which, Post- Telecommunications- Information engineering is back- boned Fieldss, conveying much net income in the present every bit good as in the following decennaries.

Success of VNPT since 2007


On May 2, 2007, VNPT o_cially set up a subdivision office in San Francisco, U.S.A.

VNPT finalized the Wimax test, started to construct 3G web and test 3G services.

In December 2007, VNPT established the Postal Corporation.

VNPT became a strategic spouse of many taking economic groups in Vietnam.

The group ‘s turnover was VND 45,593 billion in 2007.



VNPT ‘s VINASAT – 1 orbiter was launched into the orbit in April, 2008.

The group ‘s turnover was VND55,466 billion 1995


In October 12, 2009, VinaPhone under VNPT becomes the first operator supplying 3G services in Vietnam. VNPT became the innovator in supplying 3G services.

VNPT Week was held for the first clip. VNPT Week was cordinated by VNPT`s members nationally. From now on, this event will be held yearly.


On the twentieth January, the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group ( VNPT ) honored to have the Labor Hero Award from the State for the important concern accomplishments during 1999-2008A contributing to the national development.

VINASAT-2 projectA which hosted by VNPT has been approved by the Government Prime Minister. On 11th May 2010 Lockheed Martin Commercial Space System ( USA ) A has signed the command bundle with VNPT.

2. Corporate Duty

CSR – Corporate societal duty

To be one of the biggest telecommunication Group of Vietnam, VNPT ever meets the increasing demand of society for corporate societal duty. In ten old ages, VNPT is one of telecommunication Groups lending significantly for Social Security plan in Vietnam. VNPT has contributed wholly VND 435.559 billion, specially in 2009 VNPT contributed VND 122 billion for Social Security activities, gratitude, charity, human-centered, study publicity, etc.

Particularly in 2009, VNPT is a vanguard concern implementing Solution 30a/2008/NQ-CP by Government by developing plans to back up socio-economic development, poorness decrease and sustainable development for two territories Muong Te and Sin Ho ( Lai Chau ) . Consequently, VNPT will hold spent about VND 200 billion to put in plans of back uping education-training development, vocational preparation, building of residential life, medical specialty, substructure and communicating in these two territories. Besides, VNPT besides invested VND 1.500 billion to heighten Post Telecommunication- IT substructure capacity for 62 hapless territories state broad.

Besides, VNPT besides is a positive unit in activities of environment protection. VNPT ‘s merchandises and building plants have standards of environment protection, fuel economic system, consumer- friendliness. VNPT ever gives prominence prestigiousness, concern cultural with slogan “ Real life ” and guideline “ quality- effectiveness- whole hearted helping, VNPT ever aims at clients with qualified merchandises and services monetary values of which are suited with the market monetary value, with good helping. With specific committednesss, VNPT has been continously beef uping its place in Vietnam market. At the same clip, VNPT besides relflects societal duty of a taking endeavor to Vietnam ‘s telecommunication in the following old ages.

On December 12th, the President of Vietnam signed the Decision No 2056/ QA?- CTN in term of presenting the rubric Labour Hero to Vietnam Post Telecommunication Group for first-class particular accomplishment in originative labour from 1999 to 2008. On April 19th, 2008, Vietnam Post- Telecommunication Group VNPT, as a undertaking investor, has successfully launched the first orbiter of Vietnam VINASAT-1 into orbit, this has been the first and alone orbiter of Vietnam up to now. It can be said that VNPT going undertaking investor and implementing undertaking of Vietnam orbiter establishing VINASAT express trust and particular attending of the Government to VNPT. Above information shows sustainable development and growing of VNPT Group.

VNPT is presently spouses of over 200 taking multi- national Corporations of Post, Telecommunication and IT over the World in the Fieldss of concern, geographic expedition, industrial fabrication, finance, consulting, insurance, preparation and human resource development.

Post: VNPT coorperated to interchange and present letters, station mail, station package with 60 states over the universe via 25 paths.

Telecommunication: VNPT has established international telecommunication communicating with all states worldwide in which VNPT communicated straight with 36 states with 5,700 international telecommunication channels via orbiter and sea fibre optics.

Industry: VNPT has coorperated with Siemens, Alcatel, Fujitsu, NEC, Cornning, G, Daesung, DongAh, Huawei and established 9 associations of company with entire investing capital every bit much as USD 100 hundred million. These companies met 40 % of circuit commuting and transmittal accoutrements, 70 % of fibre optics and Cu overseas telegram and started exporting.

Network and service development: VNPT has been developing contracts of coorporating with the taking working Group over the universe: NTT, France Telecom, Telstra, KT, Kinnevik with entire capital over USD one billion to construct and develop international, mobilising and domestic telecommunication web.

3.Crisis Management

Entering in redevelopment period, initial substructure is limited so nomadic coverage of VNPT focuses chiefly on metropoliss, towns, deltas. This hinders clients, who frequently have travel on official concern in countryside or moutainous countries, they can non reach. In 2005-2006, VNPT had faced up with a claim scope of web congestion phone in vacations or Tet ( Tet is new twelvemonth ‘s vacations of Viet Nam ) when many people called or sent message at the same clip. Although VNPT has to confront up with large challenges, as the function of a back- boned endeavor in Post Telecommunication – IT Fieldss and confronting up with redevelopment and modernisation of post- office sector responsibility, VNPT introduced sound orientation and make bolding decision- devising to develop.

It can be said that first of all make bolding decision- devisings travel directly into modern engineering towarding digitalisation, skip the intermediate engineering, choice modern, synchronal homologous engineering with the advanced states in the part and the universe. This discovery plays an of import function in profound, all-sided alterations of Vietnam ‘s Post Telecommunication field from retardation to modern in a short clip. In 2007, VNPT already covered state broad and some adjacent states, ended web congestion phone in particular times in Vietnam ‘s vacations.

Besides, one factor non less of import is that VNPT strongly broke environing, embargo through flexibleness in international friendly relationships, choosing multinatinization of spouses to utilize capital resources and engineering. Simultaneously, VNPT implements mechanism of self- adoption, self-paying ; takes the lead in transition from subsidies mechanism to market mechanism ; interruptions monopoly, accept competition to develop. With strategic orientation from that to now, VNPT has modernized and developed Vietnam Post Telecommunication maintaining gait with advanced states in part, constructing VNPT to go a strong economic Group that plays back-boned function in Post Telecommunication- IT, lending efficaciously in industrialisation and modernisation of state.

4. Scheme

In past old ages, VNPT focused on domestic market with web covering in 64 states in Vietnam and this is planetary strategic market of Corporation.

VNPT ‘s procedure of scheme analysis is a flexible procedure so study will utilize SWOT analysis to analyse internal and external environment. Internal environment includes strength and failing of VNPT and external analysis includes chances and threatens of VNPT.


Preponderant web capacity and sustainable quality are strong points that VNPT needs to efficaciously develop to present in concern activities.

High professional, qualified staff is the deep development advantage of company that helps company able to vie with other companies.

Trademark is trusted and familiar with clients in the market ; VNPT was built and developed 65 old ages together with development of state. With that clip, trade grade VNPT was well- known, when consumers knew this trade grade, establishing the merchandises will be more easy accepted.

Sustainable fiscal potency: VNPT is state- owned corporation so concern capital is ever guaranteed with strong capital to take portion in concern activities in the market.


The company has been affected by thought, working manner and consciousness of subsidies mechanism, which impacts really much on concern activities of company. When the economic system integrates in external economic system, it is necessary to hold better thought, working manner and self- independency. This is considered as the biggest failing that the company needs to cover.

The company is ever constrained and controlled by the Government ‘s economic policies, which makes the company fail to take the enterprise in be aftering economic policies. Introducing economic determinations is waste of clip ; implementing these policies is more hard. This trouble hinders company in its concern.

Company ‘s forming theoretical account is non perfect, bulky direction system with many parts overlapping each other will impact concern activities pull offing of company.


As supra, VNPT which is investor of VINAAT-1 undertaking besides is the alone unit in Vietnam implementing orbiter concern. VNPT is presently get downing undertaking of establishing VINASAT 2 orbiter. This is a new orientation which is supported by Vietnam ‘s Government ; open a new mentality for Corporation in the possible field of concern via orbiter.

VNPT is a taking unit of supplying 3G service In Vietnam. This is possible service in the hereafter.


VNPT has to confront up with rivals in the market, which is a large challenge for the company. Particularly, VNPT is a strong development Telecommunication Group in Vietnam in recent old ages.

In 170.1 million of Vietnam ‘s endorsers, nomadic endorser ‘s histories for about 154 1000000s of endorsers, fixed endorsers histories for 16.4 million in which VNPT ‘s endorsers are 11.7 million- fixed endorsers are strong points of VNPT.

VNPT is confronting a turning point: continue spread outing fixed subscriber web to remote country, guarantee societal public involvement and accept cut downing net incomes, or concentrate on developing nomadic endorsers to increase involvement rate and income

Solutions to increasing concern activities effectivity.

In world, in its concern operation, VNPT has bit by bit overcome its troubles to keep the figure one and Vietnam ‘s prima endeavor in Post Telecommunication field and go a trade grade that is ever used. Establishing on the specific conditions of company, we introduce some solutions to lend believing to accomplish effectivity in company ‘s concern activities.

It is necessary to make new merchandises and services to run into devouring demands of the market which helps the company bound rivals. Business slogan is now: “ in front of rivals ” .

The company should reorganise direction system for operations do non overlap each other and execution of determinations is more rapidly. At that clip, suited concern determinations will be introduced seasonably.

With the function of back- boned economic Group of Vietnam, in 2009 VNPT committed with Prime Minister to construct a fabrication and concern program with the highest attempt.

5. Vision and Strategy.


Vnpt Has Always Been The Number 1 Group In Vietnam In Footings Of Post & A ; Telecommunications Development. It Is Fully Capable To Expand To Oversea Markets And To Complete Units Major Telecom Giants. With the function of back- boned economic Group of Vietnam, in 2009 VNPT committed with Prime Minister to construct a fabrication and concern program with the highest attempt. VNPT will spread out concern in orbiter field which is proved by get downing of VINASAT 2 launching undertaking.

VNPT is presently spouses of over 200 taking multi- national Corporations of Post, Telecommunication and IT over the World in the Fieldss of concern, development, industrial fabrication, finance, consulting, insurance, preparation and human resource development. This shows market spread outing program to outside of VNPT.


Vnpt Always Tries It ‘S Best In Efficiently Applying Advanced Post, Telecommunication & A ; It Technologies, In Order To Bring Premium Values To The Life Of Consumers & A ; Vietnamese Peoples. VNPT has been portion of the state ‘s history for the past 60 old ages. In its as the key participant.

Beside concern, VNPT has a mission as a leader developing Vietnam ‘s telecommunication sector and catch to come up with the universe.

Presents, VNPT has chiefly exploited Post telecommunication in domestic market and been be givening to spread out to outside market. VNPT ‘s attitude has changed. In the yesteryear, operations of telecommunication sector merely focuses on calling, telecommunication sector has income and use income to do up for disbursement and see functioning as chief end which is bing and developing end.

6. Goal, Desirability as an employer

VNPT drives to go one of 10 biggest telecommunication companies up to 2010. With over 27 million of clients, VNPT is one of the biggest nomadic webs in Asia-pacific country, which is the first attempt for its end.

In order to implement this end, VNPT has been constructing high qualified staff. When staff has high accomplishments and craft, they will guarantee the company to develop profoundly. This is proved in enlisting procedure, the company selected skilled people who can run into the demand of work.

VNPT encouraged employees, created working motive in company and appropriately combined stuff benefits and economic benefits. VNPT ever has worth wagess for originative thoughts in working and encourages make bolding and originative thoughts.

VNPT ever has publicity and stuff wagess seasonably. Together with wagess, VNPT besides has hindrance signifiers of mistake to maintain rewarding and penalizing every bit, which promote working motive. Besides, forces personal businesss of VNPT ever implements personnel policies for employees in occasions of birthday, new house, etc. VNPT besides builds a suited pay, wages mechanism and guarantee life for employees to concentrate on concern activities of the Corporation. In add-on to this, the corporation builds typical civilization in behaviour and relationship in company harmonizing to the rule “ Respect ” .

With a friendly on the job environment and pay policy and good inducements of VNPT, I think that non merely I but besides all the immature want to work in an environment like that.