Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been by Joice Carol Oats Essay

The narrative “Where are you traveling. where have you been? ” by Joyce Carol Oats embraces some thoughts of existential philosophy theory. popular in the sixtieths of the past century. that a person’s true and best qualities reveal during dramatic state of affairss. normally during their combat for life. This narrative is about a adolescent miss. whose behaviour and a perceptual experience of ego drastically alterations within proceedingss because of a barbarous world interrupting into her life and destructing it. Connie is a supporter of the narrative.

She is a 15 year-old egoistic adolescent. who “knew she was reasonably. and that was everything” ( 626 ) . Not demoing a deep personality. she concludes that her female parent is “simple” and fools her with a small compunction ( 627 ) . Connie considers her 24 twelvemonth old sister “plain and chunky” . “poor old June” ( 628 ) ; and pull a “thick line“ between herself and misss that are non up to her ( 628 ) . She enjoys her turning power of a good- looking immature adult females over male childs and work forces. and off from place experiments with vesture. walking and laugh. urgently wanting to look as a mature adult female.

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She likes hanging out with male childs. turning some of them down and woolgather about love. listening to a “hard. fast. shrieking” vocals on the wireless ( 629 ) . Connie’s relationships with her household are instead distant and are missing fondness and attending from her parents: with her male parent. who is “away at work most of the time” . and does non “bother speaking much” ( 627 ) . and her female parent. who seemed to hold more ailments and discontent with Connie. than love and dedication. Connie’s world of a romantic dreaming adolescent alterations at the reaching of a xanthous auto to her door.

What seems to her in the beginning as a possible machination and an escapade. when two boys come to ask for her for a drive. after a few minutes makes her concern. when Connie asks Friend how old he is and realizes that he is much older so he claims to be ( 632 ) . The daze follows when she sees another “boy’s” face and besides gets him to be a adult male. As Arnold’s wheedling continues. and menaces begin. Connie becomes more and more frightened. recognizing that she is non ready to confront his sexual demands. At understanding of how dark his purposes are and at the new menaces to harm her household the miss experiences a horror torment.

As her feelings transform from wonder to a sense of a danger and from fright to panic. she is immediately forced to turn out of a romantic adolescent and is faced to do a pick to safe her household lives by agencies of her ain. Despite of a looking deficiency of intimacy with her household. this is all she has in her life. And the determination that Connie makes to come out of the house. cognizing that she’ll ne’er see her female parent. or slumber in her bed once more ( 636 ) should be considered heroic. because of the duty she took for the lives of her household.