United States Dominance After Civil War Essay

The American Civil War. besides known as the “War Between the States” was a war between the Confederate States and the Union. The Confederacy was composed of 11 provinces which supported bondage. while the Union was comprised of all free American provinces and five provinces surrounding the slave provinces. The American Civil War became one of the most of import events that led into the outgrowth of the United States into universe laterality. The development of the American state as a universe leader came after a series of events and wars being won.

The Civil War all throughout was highlighted by the intense societal. political and economic struggles and differences between Northern and Southern States. The war commenced in about 10. 000 provinces and more than 3 million American people have been involved in it. The old ages between 1861 to 1865. the war has escalated between American provinces and resulted to the devastation of peace and integrity among fellow Americans.

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The war made the American state ironically more unmindful to the construct of freedom and single rights. given that the civil war was fought on the footing province rights and freedom in America. However. by the terminal of the Civil War. the American state took the whole experience as a “new birth of freedom” for the people and the authorities. And as such. the old ages following the terminal of the Civil War marked the start of the American laterality in the international community.

America After the Civil War: Fusion. Expansion and Industrialization

Despite the devastation. the decease toll. and the pandemonium that the Civil War has drawn upon the American society. however. it has become as one of the focal points for universe domination for the United States. The separate provinces which used to be hostile to one another due to their differences. became a individual united and strong state

The terminal of the war marked the new epoch of expansionism for the United States of America. Indeed. the start of the nineteenth century was highlighted by the intensifying of the American enlargement. Alongside America’s move to industrialise and urbanise its district. the American geographic expedition pushed further to the West. In 1803. Louisiana was obtained from the Gallic authorities ; and during the period between 1816 to 1821. a sum of six provinces were added to the American district. Aside from the westbound enlargement. in 1865 the American authorities besides took control of eastern provinces.

This due west and eastbound enlargement of the United States district became strategically good to the industrialisation in the United States. And as such. the strength of the United States industrialisation became one of the strongest points of the United States outgrowth as a universe world power. Although the industrialisation in the United States before the Civil War was mostly preempted and minimum due to the political and societal struggles of the clip. the terminal of the war and the outgrowth of the new American society greatly hastened the industrial development in the United States. And despite the fact that industrialisation has been an old tendency in other advanced states such as England. Belgium. France. Germany and Japan. the United States transmutation was more profound. developed and powerful.

In add-on to United States’ more sophisticated and impressive industrialisation. the American authorities was able to carefully and strategically use its alone advantage over its settlements and among those less developed and powerful states. The American authorities used its domain of influence in order to drive economic advantages and power towards them. Furthermore. the United States district. given the enormousness of its freshly acquired countries and settlements were greatly endowed with natural natural resources that one time tapped. can be used to bring forth a big sum of benefits and net incomes.

The provinces acquired by the United States became its focal points of industrialisation. modernisation and development. Some of these provinces served as chief centres for finance. fabrication and commercialism. Other provinces were besides suited for agricultural growing and revolution in the transit sector. In add-on to these developments. the moving ridge of immigrants between 1840 to 1860 besides strengthened manpower stableness in the state.

As such. by the terminal of this period of expansionism and industrialisation. the United States emerged as one of the most successful states in the universe. The American authorities grew highly confident of the stableness of their economic. political and military strength. In add-on. the broad domain of influence that it was able to set up became one of the assets that qualified United States as one of the strongest state in the universe.

Menaces to American Power and Leadership

A series of American war engagement has been etched in the world’s history. And as such. each war wherein the American state has took portion in signified a menace against the United States’ laterality. The First and Second World War. though commenced between a big spread that went for old ages were fought on about same grounds. Economic imperialism. military struggles. trade barriers. proliferation of arms. political competitions and balance of power were among the chief cause of the first and 2nd universe wars.

During these wars. the universe was divided into two domains. And of which. both wars were won distinctively by the side that the United States has taken. The winning outgrowth of the United States and its Alliess in these wars has farther established its authorities as one of the strongest leaders in the universe. During the Second World War in peculiar. the triumph of the United States. the Soviet Union and their Alliess became the closest call to the American laterality. At the terminal of the Second World War. the United States and the Soviet Union emerged as two universe leaders. and as such. became the pillars for balance of power.

The terminal of the Second World War and the outgrowth of two dominant provinces resulted to another series of struggles and ill will. After the Second World War. the Cold War commenced and a series of indirect confrontations took topographic point between the United States and the Soviet axis. The Cold War served as a proxy war between the two provinces wherein alternatively of a direct confrontation. their Alliess became more involved in the war.

The Cold War became the step of stableness. leading and influence of the two universe world powers. Political political orientation became the chief focal point of the competition between the United States and the Soviet axis. During this period. the American authorities was mostly threatened by the spread of communist political orientation within the European provinces. As such. the hostility between capitalist economy and communism became the root of the struggle between the two provinces.

In add-on to this hostility. atomic weaponries race. espionage. economic competition and the Cuban missile crisis were among the issues that farther intensified the struggle. Despite the absence of direct confrontation between the Americans and the Soviet axis. the result of the Cold War still became one of the most of import factor in the outgrowth of a solitary universe world power.

As such. by the terminal of the Cold War. the Soviet axis disintegrated and the communist political orientation became less influential. Although the American authorities and its Alliess were non successful in to the full incorporating the Communist political orientation. the Soviet decomposition became a measure to weaken communist provinces. In add-on. the decomposition of the Soviet axis marked the terminal of the Cold War. And the exultant outgrowth of the United States in the Cold War automatically rendered the United States as the lone universe world power.

United States in the Present Era

Following the terminal of the Cold War and the death of the biggest menace to United States leading. the American authorities is now considered as the lone hegemonic power in the universe. The constitution of international organisations such as the United Nations. World Bank. International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Center to call a few. strengthened the American clasp on universe laterality and leading.

In the present coevals. the most likely menace against the American authorities is the current proliferation of terrorist organisations posting terrorist activities that might bring on pandemonium and fright amongst the citizens. However. despite these menaces and current economic and political quandary experienced by the American state. United States still stands as one of the strongest. influential and stable states in the international community.


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