Coffee and Starbucks Essay

How Did Starbucks Become an Icon of America Pop Culture? “Coffee” is a high frequence word in people’s lives. Students like to read books with sunlight and a cup of java. Professors like to walk into their schoolrooms to get down their first category with cups of java in manus. Peoples normally drink java with their breakfast. Most fast nutrient breakfast repasts. such as McDonald’s. include a cup of java. A cup of java in the forenoon can give people an energetic and fresh twenty-four hours. “Americans truly do like java. ” This stating comes from a picture called The History of Coffee Culture in America.

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Coffee civilization is profound in America. Most American people love java non merely because java civilization is popular and cool. but besides because it tastes good. Americans already had adapted good to allow java go a portion of their lives. When the subject comes to coffee. people ever think of Starbucks because it is different from other java shops. It has customized service. superior gustatory sensation. a broad scope of options. and alone packaging and ideals. As clip goes on. Starbucks more and more attacks people’s lives and becomes an of import portion of the java civilization in America. even in the whole universe. Now. the Starbucks trade name has become a portion of pop civilization in this 2 wang century.

It uses a superior merchandise. alone rules and attractive designs to do an ordinary java store become particular and exceeding. Starbucks is the largest cafe company in the universe ( Starbucks ) . It had 10. 924 shops in the United States in 2012. and the company has been spread outing and turning rapidly in the two old ages since ( Starbucks Company Statistics ) . The first Starbucks opened in Seattle. Washington. on March 30. 1971. by three spouses who met while they were pupils ( Starbucks ) .

Peoples ever think the Starbucks green logo is Heather Graham keeping up two stripy bass. but the symbol really means compulsion. dependence and decease. Peoples may non recognize that the adult female in their green label with twin fishtails is a Siren from Grecian mythology. She was chosen as the logo because Starbucks was looking for a maritime subject to capture the spirit of Seattle ( 7 Horrifying ) . Possibly people will inquire. so why is Starbucks called “Starbucks” ? The name “Starbucks” is non picked indiscriminately by the conceiver. it really means a batch. It is nil to make with the logo and merchandise.

Actually “Starbucks” is a person’s name. In a celebrated novel called Moby Dick. the whaler “Pequod” has a first-mate who loves java really much. His name is Starbucks. The book Pour Your Heart Into It-How Starbucks Built A Company One Cup at a Time is written by Howard Schultz. He is Starbucks’ president. He thought the name “Starbucks” reminds people of the sea escapade narratives and histories about java merchandiser travel around the universe to happen high quality java beans ( Dori Jones Yang ) . The conceivers really expected a batch from this name and this company from the beginning. 3 wang.

Thefirstandalsothemostimportanttraitforasuccessfulbusinessisasuperior merchandise. They are committed to purchasing and functioning high-quality java to maintain the pure gustatory sensation. Starbucks’ java beans chiefly come from Costa Rica and Asia. They have strict direction system to command the quality of java beans and other merchandises. That is why Starbucks can maintain pureness of their java ( Starbucks ) . GreatvarietyisanotherreasonpeoplepreferStarbucks. Ithastonsofflavorsof javas. They besides have a secret bill of fare. which non a batch of people know. Peoples besides can plan their ain java in Starbucks App.

Starbucks besides has particular java for each season even particular events. such as pumpkin spirit drinks for Halloween. “Starbucks up to now is non merely a java shaper. It really merely makes coffee-flavored drinks. ” a Starbucks’ selling director said in a publicity picture. They are professionals at doing coffee drinks. and foremost they have to larn how to do it right. Legend is one of the conceivers ; he went to Italy-the birth of coffee-to visit for a few months before they started the concern. Starbucksalsohaveauniqueideaabouthowtosealcoffeethathascreativenew patterns around the state.

They uses Italian words for the cup size such as “Grande” for medium. non merely to show that they are professional. but besides to give people a feeling that it is cool and stylish. Even though people do non believe “Grande” can turn out this java shop is professional. it will still give people a feeling that they are particular. Starbucks does non give much progress promotion. and they do non hold a batch of 4 wang postings. but the few postings they have are concise and specific. The chief thought of the posting is to show that java is equal to energy.

The “Morning” set of postings Tells people they need caffeine to do the twenty-four hours full of energy. An energetic twenty-four hours sounds attractive. so Starbucks’ usage of people’s desire to hold “an energetic day” encourages people to purchase java. Starbucks besides has another characteristic. They are non the same as other java shops. which encourage people to imbibe easy and bask the java. On the contrary. they make “fast java. ” Starbucks has a drive-thru. which is the rule for fast nutrient. Fast java attracts different client groups than other java shops.

“Fast coffee” is more suited for office workers. administrative workers. pupils. instructors. etc. who are accommodating to the fast paced life. They are non hapless and they do non hold clip to sit down and bask java in the java shop. so Starbucks is perfectly suited for them. These sorts of clients account for the huge bulk of people. The wholly different rules make Starbucks go a wholly different java shop. standing out and going a leader of the whole java market. The immense client base makes Starbucks go a portion of the java civilization. non a little java company any more.

The immense client group besides gives this logo particular definition. which is stylish and cool. Peoples have group psychological science. which means people normally are interested in the activities that other people are making. For illustration. if 90 % of one’s friends like to eat “pepperoni pizza” for tiffin. so that individual must desire to seek it. unless he/she hatreds pizza. The Starbucks image is another characteristic. Not a batch of java shops write the 5 wang customer’s name on their cup. That is interesting and makes the client feel particular. Starbucks’ particular direction doctrine and rule make it particular adequate to do people speak about it and desire to go a portion of pop civilization. excessively.

Thereisanoldsentence. “Firstimpressionsareveryimportant. ”Thedesignand visual aspect are the first feeling that Starbucks gives to clients. So the attractive design is besides an of import ground why Starbucks has become a portion of pop civilization in this century. The first of import design is the logo. which is the “enchantress” from the Greek mythology. It gives clients a feeling of enigma. pretty and cosmetic. The outstanding logo makes their merchandises attractive. Starbucks sells their “Starbucks China Cups” for non a low monetary value. but still a batch of people want to purchase it.

The chief ground is they are reasonably. and people do non believe cups with a Starbucks’ logo are ugly. The 2nd ground. of class. people think Starbucks is cool and popular. It is a symbol of manner. A broad scope of options and attractive design makes Starbucks merchandises become more and more welcome. Not merely the pretty logo and the merchandises. the gift card is another high spot of attractive design. Most large companies or shops have their ain particular gift card. but Starbucks has many. They have dozenss of different design gift cards each twelvemonth. for different seasons. particular festivals. birthdays. birth and alumnuss.

Their pretty designs and particular significance made them popular. Starbucks is popular. but customershave topay forit. Starbucks’ averageprice for java ruled higher than other java shops. A tall latte in Starbucks is $ 3. 00 without revenue enhancement. 6 wang In McDonald’s it is merely $ 1. 99. and in Dunkin Donuts it is merely $ 1. 69 ( Yahoo Answers ) . Thus it can be seen that Starbucks goes far beyond the mean monetary value. If people want to bask high quality java or catch up with manners. people have to pay more money.

Different company normally has different consumer orientation. High-level consumer group normally do non care about a few dollars. They merely care about the quality and how easy and fast it is. Actually that group of people is in the minority. Most people care about a few dollars. particularly people who loves java. Spend few more dollars on each cup of java is really a immense figure of money. Peoples have to confront a tradeoff. Want to catch up with manners or better the position?

Then pay more money foremost. NoonecandenythepopularityofStarbucks. Itusesitsspecialdesigntocatch customers’ eyes. such as their representative logo and their particular design cups. Then they use first-class merchandises and alone gustatory sensation to maintain clients coming back. Finally uses people’s group psychological science and the strong rule to do themselves to became a portion of popular civilization. non merely a java store. Now. Starbucks is a tendency. It is expensive. but still a batch people chase after it.

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