Urban Area in Hong Kong Essay

An Infant becomes elderly as clip flies. edifices besides do. Harmonizing to the one-year study of the Urban Renewal Authority. there’re 18. 000 of edifices over more than 30 old ages in Hong Kong. All 3600 edifices are in hapless conditions. To change by reversal the urban decay is race against clip. redevelopment work is so necessary to transport out in Hong Kong by replacing old edifices with new. In recent old ages. the Urban Renewal Authority has adopted the construct of sustainable development in order to equilibrate societal. economic and environmental impacts on the renovation procedure in Hong Kong. How does it get the better of the troubles in these facets? We’ll chiefly describe them in the undermentioned paragraphs with groundss.

Environmental The Urban Renewal Authority has been implementing an environmental- friendly and sustainable development in heightening the built atmosphere in urban countries. Vision City and Mount Davis 33 are the typical illustrations. whose perpendicular rejuvenation developments have been good adopted. The two undertakings have rewarded the Pt criterion certifications by the HK-BEAM Society in acknowledgment of the environmental characteristics in 2006 and 2007 severally. After the renovation of the Vision City. about 8. 000 square pess of such perpendicular rejuvenation will be formed by the 40. 000 workss.

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In add-on. appropriate and sustainable environmental commissariats are made into the building of joint venture developments of the Urban Renewal Authority. After the application of the green characteristics such as High Thermal Performance Structural Fabric. Renewal Energy Lighting System. and Grey Water Recycling System. Lee Tung Street’s C dioxide emanation has reduced 23 % . Mr. Cheung. the URA Chairman stated that “this decrease in the project’s C footmark is tantamount to about 170. 000 trees. Why it can cut down such a big sum of C dioxide? Let’s take a expression of E-glass. an illustration of High Thermal Performance Structural Fabric. which can cut down the overall chilling burden and heat island consequence by reflecting 48 % of solar energy outwards indoors.

For another illustration which is the Renewal Energy Lighting system. it uses the mixture of street lamps and electronic sunshine aggregators to allow the street expression shinier. Besides. there will be less altering the light bulbs day-to-day and for the lighting system ; it is usage of Sun detector and optical fibre to do the lighting system more environmentally friendly. For the illustration on Low illuming power for common countries such as the forepart of the house. when no 1 is in that peculiar country. the visible radiations will be switched off automatically. On the other manus. when people entered a room. the visible radiations will be turn on because of the light detector. Therefore. the Urban Renewal Authority has been developing a viridity. modern and environmentally-friendly show window for the reclamation countries.

Decision In decision. the urban renovation has bettering residents’ populating criterions. advancing a sound economic system. and besides making an environmentally-sustainable urban environment in Hong Kong through the renovation. One-day success is non a triumph. To keep sustainable renovation for Hong Kong can non merely rely on the Urban Renewal Authority. but besides authorities support and everyone’s engagement.