Virgin Mobiles Operations Management Strategy Marketing Essay

Clarification of the range of analysis

To be able to measure the operations direction scheme of Virgin Mobile ( VM ) , the first measure should be replying the inquiry “ What is operations direction scheme? ” Clarifying the definition helps set up common apprehension every bit good as define the range of analysis. Harmonizing to A. Slack et al. , 2007 ) , operation direction scheme is “ the form of strategic determinations and actions which set the function, aims and activities of operations. ” With this definition, the operations direction scheme acts as a linkage between house ‘s concern scheme and its operations, how to transform inputs of labor, natural stuffs and energy into end products that have value to clients. Here, it is really important that company ‘s concern scheme every bit good as its operation be explored and understood before the reply to the inquiry “ What is VM ‘s operation direction scheme? ” can be reached.

Figure 1 The relationship of operations scheme with company ‘s scheme and its operation

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The study will continue from this point by, foremost, researching the operation facets of the VM. Then, company ‘s concern scheme, the long-run policy of the company, will be examined. The operations direction scheme will be drawn as the linkage between these two elements after which, in the last subdivision, the rating of how appropriate of VM ‘s operation direction scheme to competitory challenges will be reflected.

Operationss of Virgin Mobile

Figure 2 Involved parties in nomadic phone industry ( Weiss 2009 )

The nomadic phone industry is capable to limitation by authorities. The regulator usually limits the figure of nomadic web licences. For illustration in UK, authorities accredited the licence to merely five companies, Vodafone, O2, Orange, Three, and T-Mobile ( KeyNote 2010 ) . VM is non of these web companies. It could non supply mobile phone signal or radio wireless spectrum to its clients. VM needs to buy network/spectrum service from these web ( platform ) sellers. VM is besides non a maker. It does non bring forth the phone itself but instead purchases the nomadic phones from maker such as Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola ( Anderson, J. & A ; M. Kupp, 2009 ) . So what does VM make? Harmonizing to its one-year study ( 2009 ) , VM defines itself as “ a company that offers broad scopes of nomadic communicating merchandises and services, including nomadic voice, SMS, MMS, games, intelligence, music, and nomadic cyberspace services ” ( Virgin Media 2009 ) . Harmonizing to the range of its operation, VM should best be classified as “ Operator ” ( see figure 2 above ) . The operator, fundamentally, is a “ service ” supplier. This elucidation and apprehension that VM is more about “ services ” instead than “ fabrication ” will be really important and will pave manner for later analysis that VM has to concentrate on client contact every bit good as quality which is really intangible and elusive under client perceptual experience ( Mondragon: Lecture 1, p.8 ) .

Figure 3 Transformational theoretical account

Under operator chapeau, VM ‘s occupation is to supply clients feasible nomadic phone. Harmonizing to the transformational theoretical account ( Figure 3 ) , the inputs of VM are the phone and the web signal. Both VM and its rivals are really likely to sell the same theoretical account of nomadic phones. And once more, VM ‘s rivals, to run as a service supplier, must besides obtain a licence from one of the web suppliers. With the like-for-like phone theoretical account and web, this hardly gives VM any distinction or differentiation from its rivals. What gives VM competitory advantage over rivals?

The reply is the constellation of its operation through both value concatenation and value web ( as shown in figure 4 below ) . The operation of VM is non about holding the web or distribution channel since rivals can besides obtain those as good. Competitive advantage can merely be gained through “ how good ” it can pull off and guarantee the quality of the linkage across these value webs. Looking at VM ‘s operation through value concatenation besides helps show that “ Customer Care ” and “ Selling and Gross saless ” are the nucleuss operation activities of VM that will supply competitory advantage over its rivals.

Figure 4 VM ‘s Operation as value-chain and value web

Virgin-mobile concern scheme

The market for nomadic phone these yearss is concentrated. To obtain a topographic point in the head of a consumer, Virgin mobile need to invent its scheme to distinct its place from the rivals. What is current VM ‘s concern scheme?

Scheme is the way and range of an administration over the long-run, which achieves competitory advantage in a changing environment through its constellation of resources and competences with the purpose of carry throughing stakeholder outlooks ( Johnson et al. 2010 ) . Harmonizing VM ‘s Annual studies ( 2009, 2010 ) , the company ‘s waies that lucifer with the definition of “ scheme ” are

More focal point on high- use retail, contract phone ( antecedently VM ‘s mark clients are prepaid ) .

Emphasise on trade name edifice.

Shift focal point from cheap French telephones to smart-phones.

Increasing convergence offerings – roll uping offers of merchandises and services ; for illustration, cyberspace, application, game, music download, etc.

Strengthening relationship with its provider and distributers.

Virgin Mobile ‘s operations direction scheme

After the operations aspect and the concern scheme are explored, it is possible to pull the nexus between these two of import elements to deduce VM ‘s operation direction scheme as shown in the figure 5 following page.

Figure 5 Derivation of operations direction scheme

This method of derivation that helps find the company ‘s operations direction scheme has two major advantages. First, when company ‘s studies barely province about its operation scheme, through this derivation, operations scheme can be formulated by looking at company ‘s operation and its concern scheme. Second, it helps capture the kernel of the definition better. The operation scheme, through this derivation, represents the aims and activities of operations, which are to fulfill company concern schemes. The operation scheme now is more apprehensible from operation position and can be used as to steer, align and nexus concern scheme with the operations.

Does Virgin mobile ‘s operation direction scheme probably to be appropriate over clip?

Definition and model

To measure whether VM ‘s operation scheme will be appropriate over the old ages, the issue of competitory advantage and its sustainability should be considered. Harmonizing to Hayes & A ; Wheelwright ‘s Four-stage theoretical account ( 1984 ) , at phase four, the operational map provides the footing of competitory advantage for the organisation. If combined that position with Barney ‘s ( 1991 ) , to hold potency of sustainable, a steadfast competitory advantage must hold four properties:



Difficult to Imitate

Difficult to Substitute

If VM ‘s operation scheme direct its operation to concentrate and supply competitory advantage and that competitory advantage has the feature of sustainable over the long-run, the operations direction scheme is likely to be appropriate for the company in this dynamic, extremely competitory environment.

Analysis of sustainability of VM ‘s operations scheme

Figure 6 VM ‘s operation directions scheme

Strengthening forces through preparation, providing more contents & A ; applications for higher use, and guaranting the stable/quality signal

VM ‘s operation scheme to beef up its service through forces developing, to provide broad contents and applications, and to guarantee the stable / quality signal can be considered together. The aim of these operations schemes is about supplying quality every bit good as reliable services for clients. Harmonizing to the Sandcone theoretical account of operation ( see figure 7 below ) , accomplishing quality every bit good as dependableness is the innermost bed that operation should be strived for. To construct a stable Sandcone, Ferdows and De Meyer suggested, the first “ bed ” of betterment, and a stipulation to all permanent betterment, is attempt applied to quality public presentation ( Ferdows & A ; De Meyer 1990 ) . Such focal point is an appropriate move since this service is a nucleus of company offering. Give the challenges of the even fiercer competition and nature of the concern, this is a polar activities in value-chain that aid distinct the company from other rivals.

Figure 7 Sandcone theoretical account

VM has won many acknowledgments and awards sing quality, the cardinal component that has been admired by its clients ; For illustration, VM systematically received high evaluations in the UK Mobile market for its client attention and satisfaction. Actually, it received the highest evaluation for both classs in 2004 and 2005. VM besides won Mobile Choice Consumer Awards in 2004, the 4th twelvemonth in a row, for best client service ( Anderson & A ; Kupp 2009 ) . Today, many participants have used monetary value as a primary arm to vie away market portion. With higher grade of competition in the industry that drives general clients to be more and more sensitive to monetary value, repute in service quality is still well of import for VM ‘s mark clients. Quality is the competitory advantage that can assist VM distinct itself from rivals. Sing “ Valuable ” facet from Barney ‘s model, service quality is significantly valuable. In add-on, even though concentrating on service may non sound rare nor inimitable, “ good ” service are. It requires VM ‘s committedness to assist develop employees and attempt to guarantee choice signal. This can be recognised as experience curve consequence ( Besanko et al. 2010 ) . Furthermore, the service quality is slightly considered silent cognition, which can merely be get through action and experience ( Polanyi 1974 ) . This makes it difficult to happen tantamount replacement.

Looking from outsourcing determination matrix besides points out that VM ‘s operations scheme is appropriate. It chooses to maintain these, intangible, critical and strategically of import activities in-house. The quality of service that can barely be seen from “ physical ” mobile phone position but can be perceived through clients ‘ experiences with company offerings is really important to the edifice VM trade name every bit good as clients ‘ trueness. This determination makes it is easier for VM to command and keep the criterion of its services at the highest degree at which clients will be loyal to.

Figure 8 Outsourcing determination Matrix

Procuring & A ; spread outing relationship with cardinal providers & A ; distribution web

VM ‘s success depends a batch on the relationship with providers every bit good as distributers. To be a service operator, VM must hold the right to entree nomadic web and must hold distribution channel, either through its ain shop or through contractual understanding with distributers. Partnership is so significantly valuable for VM. However, partnership with provider or distribute is a must for or can easy be obtained by all the participants. It is non the factor that distinguishes VM from rivals to assist company gain higher than industry norm. In this sense, without sing cost position, it is non rare, inimitable or non-substitutable ; For illustration, rivals can ever hold distribution contract understanding to sell nomadic phone with the same high street shops that already sells VM merchandises ( Virgin Media 2009 ) .

Though providers and distributers are really critical in term of bring forthing and supplying the goods to clients, they are non strategically of import because they are non alone from competition point of position. Sing the outsourcing determination matrix position, VM outsources ( all or portion ) these operations ( e.g. nomadic phone, web spectrum, shopfront ) through its providers and distributers. This is non to state that these activities are non of import plenty to make it in-house. It is about concentrating on operation procedures that are the nucleuss of company ‘s competitory advantage so that VM can concentrate its resources on the activities that it does best and are its competitory advantages, the services.

Puting it all together: Adapt to alter

It is difficult to warrant how long VM ‘s operations scheme will go on to be appropriate. Invention gives rise to new engineering at a faster rate than of all time earlier. To be successful and sustainable in this extremely dynamic and competitory environment, VM must concentrate on continuing its nucleus competitory advantage. Gross saless and service forces are the cardinal to understand its clients. Strengthen its partnerships with other involved parties to guarantee changeless and quality of the supply and distribution. There are many relationships as can be seen in value concatenation and value web. However, each different relationship has different grade of strategic importance. VM can utilize outsourcing determination metric to prioritize its determination that aligns with external environment. VM should guarantee that the relationship with its providers who provide merchandises that extremely align with germinating client outlook such as iPhone and Blackberry ( presently, VM-UK does non sell iPhone, which is the 1 of the market leaders in smart-phones section ) .

In hypercompetitive conditions, sustainable competitory advantage is hard to accomplish. Operation direction scheme is to assist prolong competitory advantage for success. VM must make dynamic capablenesss, abilities to regenerate and animate its strategic capablenesss to run into the demands of a altering environment ( Johnson et al. 2010 ) . This requires concern to consciously gain that “ nil is certain as alteration. ”