Website And Maintain Image Of Hotel Statement Information Technology Essay

Our mission is to make a commercial web site for a hotel concatenation in a clean, cost-efficient and professional manner. We will work hard to incorporate your concern with the web-site design. The web site designed by us will assist the hotel in increasing their gross by salvaging their clip and money. We aim to do the visitants of the hotel web site experiencing satisfied by giving them the “ do it yourself ” control.

Undertaking Aims and Scope

1 ) the most of import aim of the web site is to advance and keep the corporate image of the Hotel concatenation.

2 ) To give information and attract clients: The web site will let us to link with a larger audience base and supply them with current and relevant information. This will take to pulling more visitants and bring forthing more gross.

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3 ) To ease communicating with the bing and new clients: By puting up client service online for 24 hr a twenty-four hours, 7 twenty-four hours a hebdomad we are able to pass on with clients at any given clip and to avoid losing a individual client. We must enable our bing client ‘s login to their personal history via our hotel web site for current orders, bills, etc.

4 ) To Bettering communicating within the hotel concatenation: We have to put up “ intranets ” , i.e. internal web site pages which will assist roll up updated information at individual easy to utilize information which will better our efficiency and consistence.

5 ) To better gross revenues and Reduce fixed costs: By passing out all information and catalogues of the hotels online we will be salvaging 100s of lbs as the printing costs will be eliminated.

6 ) To work out questions and promote petitions for catalogue: The web site can incorporate a Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) page which will work out any jobs incurred by new or bing web page users. We can hold people mention their name, contact no. and reference before downloading catalogues from our site. This will assist us in bettering our likely client list and we can even reach them personally.

In Scope

Website and web design. To do the web pages available in standard nine linguistic communications.

Creation of a new SQL Database for all the tagged assets.

Testing of the package and the web

Booking hunt consequences

Payment gateway integrating and station hunt activities: – engagements, cancellations

Spam, malware, antivirus and other relevant security protection

Integration of freebees like facebook, orkut and fan page etc,

Out of Focus

Internet Marketing -Search Engine optimisation, Social Media Optimization ( extra costs required to convey it in range )

The manner a website shows on the clients personal computer.

Not possible to command client web logs and forums

Helping Customers non cognizing any of the nine linguistic communications on the web page.

Benefits and Justification

Establishing an Image of the hotel globally:

By holding an improved client satisfaction

Increasing repetitive concern

Better quality of work:

Better Employee development and morale as all of them portion a common base of information

Time decrease:

Having no in-between adult male consequences in quicker determination clip.

The sum of clip spent in updating the information associating to market alterations is greatly reduced. This consequences in holding an instant entree to information and good user efficiency.

Monetary additions from Lowering Costss in:

Selling: Easy planetary selling and fewer resources spent in local printing and presenting type of selling.

Administration: The complexness of disposal can be simplified

Recruitment benefits:

The web site can supply as an ideal topographic point to engage staff for all vacancies available in the hotel because:

It ‘s easy to utilize and be efficient.

It can hold a wider range and the posting velocity is really high.

Applicants can hold a 24-hour entree.

Key Premises

The clients will be able to happen our web site.

Everything will go on as per our program and the users will be able to voyage through our web site to seek and book for available suites.

Customers will be willing to give their personal information while making their history on our web page.

If any job has been encountered by our visitants they will reach client service alternatively of voyaging off from the page.

We will retain our clients.

Success Criteria

The success standards for hotel ‘s website are-

The hotels website must successfully function timely information to following manners of public information:

a ) Customers: The people who are interested in utilizing our hotel installations. This will assist in increased grosss.

B ) Medium: The people who need information for television intents. This will assist us maintain in spotlight.

degree Celsius ) Investors: There should be a separate page for those people who are interested in puting money in our hotels. This will ensue in us going competitory in market topographic point.

The Hotel web site should be easy to utilize and voyage. The web site should hold fast loading clip and a distinguishable lucidity.

There must be secured minutess taking topographic point between the Hotels recognition control and the client

It must carry through the client demands and outlooks in footings of attraction, communicating and content

The inbound service petitions are easy routed through a little series of well-designed options bill of fare.

The web site must be accessible from all types of browses and computing machine systems. If a client finds some piece of information utile to him, he must be able to publish that out from our web site. ( Default printer manner )

hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Undertaking Control

A complete undertaking control can be achieved by following stairss:

Agreed ends: There must be an understanding between the hotel direction and Undertaking stakeholders to accomplish common ends.

Definite program: A well-established program clearly saying the needed work force and resources like money, clip and tools. There must be a progress study generated every hebdomad to find whether we are on right way and service as an early warning system Project Management: Business Synergies Approach

Keeping communicating: There should be an effectual communicating set up for the forces involved in the development of the undertaking. The presence of the communicating apparatus will let them to work out jobs and adapt rapidly to alterations.

Realistic range: There should be a set mark for a given period of clip. The marks set for a given clip frame should be accomplished with an economical deliverables cost and besides fulfil the quality demands. Having said that all the forces involved must hold an intimation of what their undertaking leaders are taking to accomplish.

Top direction support: The most critical demand would be the engagement of the Hotels upper direction. We must be able to steer them to do speedy and efficient determinations sing let go ofing work force and resources. If required they can besides change some policy determinations to take any obstructions encountered by the undertaking.

Hotel web site:

Key characteristics of Hotel web site- :

It will hold simple pilotages characteristics to book hotel suites or dinner reserves.

The rates of the needed installations can be easy accessed by the client.

There will be changeless uploading of new Hotel offers which will assist in pulling new retaining our bing clients.

The web site will be easy noticeable from the hunt engine. The Work based construction to accomplish the above said features is as follows:

Work based construction

WBS Layout:

Staff preparation

Security proving

Servicess proving

Server O.S. and direction

Domain name and deployment

To keep Quality Standard

Web hosting


Website layout and features


Hotel Website




The design of the web site will be tantamount to the image of our bing hotel trade name. The web site created will be prosecuting to the mark audience. The written content in our layout program will hold link pilotage. The primary focal point of our design must be on the home page and its content.

The design of the web site will be tantamount to the image of our bing hotel trade name. The web site created will be prosecuting to the mark audience. The written content in our layout program will hold link pilotage. The primary focal point of our design must be on the home page and its content. There are certain cardinal design features that will be built into the overall design as

Hotel Logo -The hotel logo will be easy distinguishable on the web page.

Navigation – The pilotage through the web site should be easy and have a comfy feel to it.

Fonts and Colours – The fount ‘s size and colors used will give the web page an elegant feel.

Clean and elegant- The web site will be can be viewed by all age groups and will hold a professional feel to it. Fonts ‘ household, size and coloring material combine to keep a professional and cohesive feel.

Website features: The web site developed will be compatible with all types of browsers and must be harmonizing to the XHTML criterions. The web site will hold fast loading times and be good connected with the cyberspace.


The web waiter chosen for the execution of our web site will be dependable and informations centric. Finding information and pilotage from page to page on our web site must be done in a speedy and effectual mode. The web site must be able to manage the expected traffic. If the traffic is excessively heavy to command we have multiple waiters to counter the job. The web site will hold less downtime i.e. the clip required for care of the web site. The above characteristics will be achieved by following phases:


Domain name and its deployment:

Phase 1: The demands for any web site of a new organisation are to register for a sphere name. The Domain name chosen by us will be easy to utilize and pull off. We will be able to supply framed and standard sphere name forwarding. The hotel disposal can hold full control over the sphere name provided by us. The sphere name will hold full online trade name and content protection.

Phase 2: In this stage we will do our web site accessible to the universe by the above created sphere created. The file transportation protocols provided by us will assist in uploading the information. The web waiter contents will be managed by utilizing interfaces or a control panel.


The operating system used by our web waiters would be Microsoft Windowss. This operating system provided by us will include Microsoft SPLA ( A simplest manner for holding licence of Microsoft package ‘s ) . Any latest operating system updates and their applications would besides be provided by us. We will be invariably supervising the waiter and its hardware.

Our aim is to hold a 99.99 % uptime which is besides known as four 9 ‘s i.e. the sum of clip a web site can be accessed by the cyberspace. The presence of 99.99 % uptime will about co-occur with 52 proceedingss 33.6 sec downtime ( clip we can non be accessed ) .Sometimes there is a possibility that we might be required to re-start web waiters ( planned or unplanned ) .To achieve this we would make all right public presentation tuning and user-friendly direction of the waiter.



The broken links can turn out really raging for the user. We can guarantee that if there are any broken links nowadays in our web site they will be fixed utilizing a nexus examiner and any mistakes in functionality will be checked. The backups and catastrophe recovery systems for data Restoration will besides be in topographic point for any indecent occurrences. In services proving, web site monitoring will be done to look into the response and animation of web site.


A monthly security audits must be conducted to reexamine runing systems exposure to outside menaces. The web waiters will be equipped with latest antivirus and firewalls to protect the web waiter from malicious activities like security breaching or professional web hacking. The web waiter security testing will be conducted to see if our site is blacklisted, hacked, etc.

Staff preparation: After implementing the web site some basic staff preparation will be required by the hotel forces to run the intranet.

hypertext transfer protocol: //


Complete backups: Even if we are confident of our programs, we are traveling to maintain complete backup of monthly information generated on our web site. We will besides be utilizing incremental backups per hebdomad. Therefore, if any indecent incident does go on we can easy return to our last month web site.

Finding keywords: In this measure we will seek to happen the keyword phrases likely to be used by our clients so they can easy turn up us. This is a uninterrupted procedure and our squad will invariably maintain updating the keywords to vouch our web site best representation possible.

Page Optimization: If the pages of our web site are non good constructed they are non traveling to rank good in hunt engine consequences. Hence, we will be optimising our web page contents to a suited denseness, images and founts.

Analyzing web pages: We would invariably scan our pages to seek for jobs in pilotage and design. This will assist our clients to easy run our web site. There is a possibility that mistakes can happen in artworks and hyperlinks. These defects will be corrected.

hypertext transfer protocol: //

Dependences and Constraints in website design A

The restraints occurred during web site development would be:

Restrictions of sing system: Some sing systems may hold less figure of founts. Therefore, to do particular founts available to our clients we have to put them inside an image.

Browser features: All types of browsers have their ain several show characteristics. So it is possible that show images and hypertext markup languages presented by us would do our website show falsely in our user ‘s browser. Another of import factor is the type of browser users view the web page through. Different browsers interpret the show images and the HTML in a somewhat different mode, which can take to the image being displayed falsely.

Flash participant demands: The presence of flash participant on our user ‘s personal computer is highly of import so that he can see the dynamic contents of our web page.

Hazards to our Website Undertaking

Hazard: To be underprepared for the undertaking

Redress: The ends to be achieved should be clear in each and every individual involved with the undertaking. The information sing Hotel Son, images, etc which is to be displayed on the web site should be planned good in progress.

Hazard: Sabotage due to inner and outer beginnings

Redress: The forces we chose must be to the full dedicated to the development of the web site. If any office political relations begins to crawl in it will do jobs in website development. This can be referred as interior sabotage.

The website security breaches like hacking, virus invasions can be termed as outer beginnings of sabotage. To antagonize them the web waiters should ever incorporate updated antivirus and firewalls.

Hazard: Our inability to happen mark audience will ensue in our web site non even acquiring off the land.

Redress: Since our organisation is a concatenation of 500 hotels our mark audience would be all holiday loving people and all A-class invitee lists. So we must be able to capture and retain their attending. The web site made will be brooding of their image in the society. The characteristics used will straight turn to their specific demands.

Hazard: Higher determination doing clip required due to presence of excessively many people

Redress: Involving your full squad in determination devising procedure can be good to a certain extent.

This can be done in the pre development phase but in the development phase it can ensue in longer determination devising clip. This is due to clip spent in geting to an consentaneous determination. The best manner to avoid this is to hold a clear hierarchy and a exclusive leader.

Hazard: Ineffective communicating web ensuing in delayed undertakings.

Redress: The hotel disposal should be good informed about who is traveling to take the undertaking so they can straight turn to their questions to him. Any major determinations should hold a go in front from the undertaking director. The longer he takes clip to do up his head the full undertaking squad is kept on clasp which consequences in delayed undertakings. Therefore there will be an effectual communicating set up in topographic point to decide the above issues. The apparatus can besides assist in happening replies to all the inquiries asked by the development squad.

Hazard: Concentrating on Details holding less precedence ensuing in undertaking failure

Redress: The undertaking development will be divided into two types of demands:

Low priority- These are points which can be changed and be sought after if the clip and resource

High precedence: These are points which are must hold for the development procedure

We have to avoid concentrating on low precedence inside informations and finish the procedure vital for the web site development

Hazard: Underestimating timeline and doing immense last minute alterations.

Redress: We have to understand that if any more demands are added to the original procedure so the sum of hold caused by it would detain our undertaking.The undertaking timeline must be followed in order to accomplish the ends and it is ever better to overrate the timeline.The undertaking timeline should take into history following requirements-

Time required for making and implementing a web site

Time taken to work out jobs found in proving.

Time required to update the content of our web site


The web planing undertaking is for a Hotel organisation with more than 500 hotels across the universe. Therefore, extremely qualified and good trained forces will be required to manage such a expansive graduated table undertaking.

The basic model of our undertaking squad will be as shown:

Undertaking director

Team leader web design and execution

Team leader web selling

Team leader web information

Team leader Security and Quality

Web design and Graphics Engineer

Web Information Writer

Selling Analysis

Technicians for links and browser testing

Web redaction director

Network and System Engineer

Legal adviser for pull offing web page

Network and Information Security Engineer

Web advertisement director

Software Engineer

Copyrights director

Hardware Engineer

‘A ‘ Programming Engineer

Cost analysis:

The costs estimated are highly sensible sing the extent of our undertaking. But still the hotel direction squad is free to compare our services.

Design costs:

Web page costs: 50 per page ( around 25-70 pages required for our web site )

E-commerce web site with SEO: 1000- 2500 ( Vital to run into our aim )

Plug-in supports, artworks complexness, browser and nexus testing: 1200

Execution costs: –

Sphere costs: We will be utilizing a multiple sphere names across the universe ( For prioritising our web site harmonizing to location ) .

Hotel website linguistic communication

A Domain name

A Price euro ‘s to lbs





















U.S ( English )



hypertext transfer protocol: //

hypertext transfer protocol: //


These are the charges for holding the hotel web site on the cyberspace 24 hr a twenty-four hours, 7 twenty-four hours a hebdomad.


Platinum Hosting

Monthly Fee including multiple waiters and information science references


Disk Space

500 Gigabytes

Monthly Data Transportation

5 Terabytes AWI of 64 GB

Electronic mail Histories


Email Forwarding


Standard Language Support ( Included Free )


Care costs: As we will be supplying 24 hr care services it would be around 500-1000 per twelvemonth ( depending on updates taken )

Entire Website cost would be in between: 8000-20000 lb

Our undertaking is a corporate web site undertaking. Therefore,

Undertaking DURATION: 60-90 yearss ( non presuming a consistent 8-hour a twenty-four hours )


hypertext transfer protocol: //