Walter Lippmann Essay

What is a stereotype? A stereotype is a simplified image of a individual. group. etc. Does pigeonholing salvage us the problem of happening out what the universe is like? Are stereotypes damaging? Is at that place anything positive or helpful about pigeonholing? Robert L. Heilbroner in. “Don’t Let Stereotypes Warp Your Judgments” and Brent Staples in. “Just Walk on By: A Black Man Ponders his Power to Alter Public Space” . do it clear on why people stereotype and the consequence it has on others. Judging others before you get to cognize them is really unjust and unkind.

Particularly judging them based on other people’s sentiments or merely off of rumours. In Heilbroner’s essay he quoted Walter Lippman’s stating. “For the most portion we do non foremost see. and so specify ; we define foremost. and so see” . This is really of import because it is indicating out a defect that we as worlds have in society. What we don’t do is acquire to cognize a individual first so do our judgements about them. What we do is look at how their visual aspect is. what nationality that individual is. and listen to the rumours about that individual and establish our judgements on that.

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This is non positive at all because everyone on Earth is different and have different gustatory sensations. manner. involvements. etc. So because their manner. involvement does non fit your return on a successful and attractive individual. you judge that individual negatively. That is a job in our universe today. We judge people in negative ways without acquiring to cognize the individual foremost. We put labels on how a certain individual must look. act and talk. If a individual does non run into up with those labels. the ground that they don’t are blamed on their tegument colour. ethnicity. background. etc. Pigeonholing can hold a great consequence on a person’s life.

One individual can be such a sweet individual that would non do injury to none. but because of the stereotypes of their race and gender. they have to alter their activities. the manner they look. and ways of life to suit into society. Basics in his essay explained as a black adult male how he had to change his ways to do life for him a little easier. “I began to take safeguards to do myself less endangering. I move about with attention. peculiarly tardily in the evening… if I happen to be come ining a edifice behind some people who appear flighty. I may walk by. allowing them clear the anteroom before I return. so as non to look to be following them.

” Is it just that those people who fear him can populate their life as they please while he has to alter his ways and give away his freedom? Peoples tend to experience uncomfortable in their ain tegument due to stereotypes and besides deny who they are and where they came from merely to suit in to contend the opportunity of being judged negatively. Peoples are looked upon in a negative manner based on their tegument colour. race. ethnicity have to do life easier for others by altering who they are and what they do in mundane life.

There are people out there who have automatically looked upon as a Sweet. intelligent individual due to stereotypes. but in world are the nastiest people. There are besides people who are looked at as rude. violent people but are the nicest people. This brings me to my following point. Why is it that there are still stereotypes if they contradict themselves? Harmonizing to Heilbroner. “we tend to pigeonhole because it helps us do sense out of a extremely confusing world… . therefore the problem is that stereotypes make us mentally lazy. ” He is explicating that we stereotype because it is easy and fast.

We’re excessively lazy to really travel up to a individual and acquire to cognize them so we stereotype. We can’t happen out for ourselves how each individual is so we listen to the rumours and other judgements about person. Stereotyping is unjust. unkind and inaccurate. Pigeonholing is non a positive thing that we have in society today. but it’s something that will ever lodge with us. because of the different type of people we have in the universe. There are people who are really judgmental. opinionated. etc. We can’t command the stereotypes. but how we decide to cover with them is what we control.