We need to respect each other Essay

As-Salamu `Alaykum: This type of salutation is common in the Arab & A ; Muslim states intending “Peace be upon you” . This recognizing indicates that every individual should inquire for the well being of others. Respecting each other’s independency. rights and wishing for the well being of others is an built-in humanity characteristic which should be in every individual person who call himself/herself Human. Bible besides says. ”Do to others what you want others to make to you. ” Thus in about every faith esteeming others emotions. belief. ego regard is a must directive.

But is that truly go oning or we merely utilize faith to injury others than safeguarding involvement of humanity. The Present twenty-four hours scenario: Today. the universe is more like a little small town wherein every individual individual is able to link himself/herself with the remainder of the universe. There is freedom of address and look in about all the states of the universe. The criterion of life has improved in many states. But a large job has besides cropped up in this new advanced universe. And this new job is of green-eyed monster. Today no state wants to be called rearward in any field.

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Every state is seeking difficult to do more military agreements than the neighbour. Stairss are taken to turn out domination in trade. Even the sovereignty of other state is besides kept on interest merely to turn out power position of the state. The eastern people in aftermath of advancement adopt civilization of the western states and there by displacing there past ethical values and moral. At one time. multiculturalism and the streamer of tolerance commands a trivialization of values. while sustainability of tradition seems to of all time more flexible joint on its profitableness – where value replaces virtuousness.

This doctrine frequently rides the coattails of modernisation. of Westernization. In the race for success and advancement we about forgot to esteem each other’s civilization. sovereignty. equality and self-respect. Let’s merely have an thought of the alterations go oning in the universe and the possible ways of bettering our attitudes towards them. East and West. 2. Cultural alterations and regard of civilization: Culture is infamously hard to specify. harder therefore to so continue.

As the wonts. lives. and histories of the over 6 billion persons on our planet entwine. Cultural alterations have been dominant in the eastern states like Japan. China. India. Thailand. Malaysia etc. At these topographic points. people are seeking to copy all the ways of life of the western people. Reason being that they believe that by copying such ways they will be called people with category and their state will be identified as developed state. Anthropologists are ever pressed to supply concrete illustrations. and touchable grounds of their attempts.

Foregrounding cultural menaces or extinction is non as black and white as a corporate underside line. nor Compared to the West. can we in the GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) be considered more corporate than individualistic. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Bolshevism can take to heard outlook and a sense of parturiency. Individuality can set the success of one at the disbursal of another or many. and an ultimate disaffection of ego. Respect of civilization is must and necessitate to be recognized as an plus of our forefather’s.

These people do non cognize that the western people are seeking to copy the eastern civilization as they find eastern civilization to be more ethical based and exclusive soothing. Peoples in western states are copying the vesture manners of China. matrimony rites of India etc. These people are seeking to pull out all the moral values from the eastern states and give to their kids whom they find detached from the household values. Hazard to sovereignty and esteem of sovereignty: Sovereignty means the independency of the state to do determinations of its ain without the intervention of any other state.

Every state today is autonomous but literally. The present fact is that in the aftermath of turn outing its liberty on the universe political relations. every developed state is seeking to put on the line other country’s sovereignty. In the field United States is at the top degree. By assailing Afghanistan and Iraq in the last few old ages. the state proved its domination over the universe political relation. But along with that the hazard to sovereignty of other states has once more reinstated the tensenesss of cold war. East and West. 3. The hazard of possible Iran and United States war has increased.

Reason being that United States do non desire a atomic province in the gulf part to keep its control over the rough oil. Whereas Iran wants to protect its boundaries from the eyes of the United States ensuing in increasing tenseness in the in-between E. The districts of Pakistan are attacked with a position to kill terrorist but against the will of the authorities of that state. Further more United States is seeking in doing a trade with India on atomic supply but on the footings of put on the lining its sovereignty.

Respecting each other’s boundary is a must thing but with an attitude like that United States is ask foring more enemies from the eastern universe. Hazard on Equality and esteem the thought of equality: Equality is the emphasized committedness to democracy is born of a committedness to equality. Therefore every individual in this democratic universe enjoys equality before jurisprudence. equality to bask cardinal rights etc. Still the equality discriminates in these states particularly in United States. For case the seventeen-year-old seem tantrum for political engagement than some of the voting population. Regardless. it is a grade of favoritism.

Furthermore kids address their seniors and even parents by their first name in the democratic state. This may be called equality but along with that it undermines the importance of relationships. Therefore democracy in the United States goes far to advance equality though their system does know apart against age. Decision: In the nutshell. we can reason that independency and regard of each other’s sovereignty. civilization. right to equality. position and power designation in the International personal businesss is an of import factor that should be considered so as to convey about peace in the universe.