Users Perception On Digi Telecommunication Ebilling Service

Digi telecommunication ( DIGI ) established in the twelvemonth of 1995 and is a well-known nomadic communications trade name company in Malaysia that provides a wholly scope of extremely low-cost and simple to utilize Wi-Fi telecommunications services to do easier and better the satisfaction degree towards Digi client. The company provides nomadic phone every bit good as fixed telephone systems merchandises and services which enable people to remain connected ever with each other no affair where they are. DIGI ‘s two chief concern lines services are operates into such as Digi postpaid, Digi prepaid and international services as voice services, and text messaging, multimedia messaging service ( MMS ) , broadband cyberspace, GPRS/EDGE and wireless application protocol ( WAP ) as information services. Digi postpaid is where the user used fixed line service to name and pay the measure after their entire use used for the month whereby Digi prepaid user have to pay and recharge the recognition foremost before utilizing the service, and this do non necessitate any phone measures. International services are besides called as international direct dial ( IDD ) , which enable client to do international roaming such as calls and text messaging.

2.0 Rationale for the rubric

Digi Telecommunication industry is among one of the rapid grow industry in Malaysia. The telecommunication sector is spread outing quickly because of its up-to-date services and merchandises. Due to the rapid development of engineering, people are now in the epoch of telecommunication and cyberspace based. Everything in the universe are normally communicate utilizing cyberspace and concern can be deal utilizing on-line dealing. This development has become a passage for the development of the state ‘s industrial sectors. All nomadic communications company in Malaysia are seeking different ways to vie themselves from their rivals and derive benefits over competition. A good quality of service becomes the advancing method to pull client attending as it is the most of import factors in client satisfactions.

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The chief ground for taking this rubric is to research and place the user ‘s perceptual experience on Digi e-billing services in Penang country. Besides, it besides helps users to aware about the being of Digi e-billing service. It is of import to find the client ‘s demands, demands and the perceptual experience of the clients towards Digi e-billing services as in to derive the client service degree. Therefore, manus phone measures that are postal mail to the clients in monthly footing is already become a regular method among Malaysians. It ‘s already a fact that in this current advanced engineering universe, every individual person in urban countries has a nomadic phone because it ‘s one of a tendencies and life styles for people.

Besides that, another ground is because of the current clime alteration issue, Digi has now took portion in the Go Green run to cut down the clime impact, Digi has now to the full launch and encouraging e-billing service system to postpaid clients. For those prepaid clients who choose to change over to e-billing and unsubscribe for paper Billingss, DiGi will be lend the each of the postpaid clients paper Billingss of RM3.00 to WWF-Malaysia as a reforest financess. This is an attempt to minimise the environment impact by promoting the postpaid clients to have the monthly statement electronically instead than having the usual paper measures. Besides playing a function in protecting the state ‘s forest, Digi clients besides get to cut down the monthly measure by RM3 to change over to e-billing service.

3.0 Research Question and Research Objectives

This subdivision will convey up some inquiries in this research paper which are relevant to the research rubric and besides to place the chief aim of the research paper. There are 10 research inquiries created which are related to the rubric. The inquiries are as below:

1 ) Why do clients take Digi as their telecommunication web?

2 ) What are the degree of clients satisfactions by utilizing Digi postpaid web service?

3 ) How do clients subscribe up for e-billing online?

4 ) How do clients received their monthly statement measure through e-billing?

5 ) Do e-billing service brings convenient to clients?

6 ) Do clients take part in e-billing service?

7 ) Do clients prefer received monthly statement though paper measure or e-billing?

8 ) How frequent clients able to look into on the e-billing statement in a twelvemonth?

9 ) Do clients back up Digi to travel for Go Green by utilizing e-billing?

10 ) How does the user ‘s perceptual experience degree on Digi e-billing service in Penang country?

3.1 Research Aims

There are 2 chief aims for this survey. The aims of this survey are to place the user ‘s perceptual experience degree on Digi e-billing service in Penang country. Second, is to allow user aware about the e-billing services and promote them change over to e-billing to cut down climate impact.

4.0 Research Methods

The type of this research method is based on empirical undertaking. The research is focused to carry on a study on the Digi e-billing Service in Penang country merely. This research will affect a sum of 150 respondents to acquire the feedback. To do this research into more good focussed survey, the respondents will consists of the Digi postpaid web service clients in the Penang country where they will choose to take part into this study merely. They were either the bing or old Digi postpaid user. The research is non limited to any other demands either age or faith. Overall, all Digi telecommunication postpaid user in Penang country will take part in this research survey.

In this research, primary and secondary research is included to obtain the informations aggregation. Primary research will started off with distributions questionnaires to Digi postpaid users in Penang promenades such as, Queensbay Mall, Gurney Plaza, Prangin Mall, 1st Avenue Mall and besides Straits Quay Mall. Besides that, e-mail study will be forwarded out to selective friends and other Digi postpaid users by electronic mail. And eventually, an single interview will be held between the Digi gross revenues individual and other Digi postpaid users. Following, secondary research will obtained by utilizing electronic databases such as diaries and articles and on-line research.

5.0 Time Scale



Title / Article

13th April 2011


13th April 2011

Questionnaire Construction

Questionnaire Analysis

Methodology Analysis

Literature Review