Features Of Home Safety And Security System Information Technology Essay

Foremost, I would wish to show my deepest gratitude to Faculty of Engineering Multimedia University Melaka Campus for the chance given to every pupil undergoing the technology plan to derive priceless first manus experience of managing existent life undertaking. The undertaking demands existent committedness and concentration merely like the undertakings that we will run into subsequently in the hereafter.

I would wish to personally thank my supervisor Dr. C.Senthilpari for his clip and consideration of accepting my undertaking proposal and had agreed to go my supervisor. Dr. C.Senthilpari has been the individual I seek for aid in the clip I needed him the most. And he has besides contributed his thought in certain country of my undertaking that needed betterment that I can eventually come out with a successful undertaking.

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The following individual that I would wish to thank is my friend and besides my group mate Mr. Ganesh who had worked twenty-four hours and dark determined to complete the undertaking. He is hardworking friend that drives the importance of completing the undertaking on clip. The clip we spent while making the undertaking has been a existent fruitful and merriment clip. I ‘m looking forward to work with him once more.

I would wish to toast my household members for understanding the importance of the concluding twelvemonth undertaking and the forfeits they have made to demo that they are ever supportive. The fiscal assistance from my household has been a large encouragement for me to accomplish this today.

And to all of my friends I thank you for your uninterrupted support and aid.


Home safety and the security systems are of import in modern universe. For an illustration, I am ever disquieted and I am ever cognizant of what is go oning around me so that ailment be alerted of any burglary effort or to look for any indicants of menace for my and my household ‘s safety. But by being so cautious we ca n’t truly state that it is adequate for the safety and security.

News paper reports a batch of larceny and burglary around the lodging country ; people are being killed for little sum of money. Not merely that, we could even read out loud that a batch of houses and people remaining inside their place Sweet place being victim of the house set on fire or acquiring on fire by chance. As we are human, we do do errors and by being careless for even a piece will stop up in hurts or worst instance scenario, acquiring killed or murdered in our house. So the safety and security is non ever a warrant where of all time we are.

But allow ‘s merely believe why do n’t we utilize a device that has the engineering that really can alarm us of any invasion or safety menace in our life topographic point? Well in that instance, most of the people will wanted to acquire a place safety dismay, a device that alerts the people populating in the house or neighbours about any safety and security jeopardies. The modern universe needs this type of device as a basic necessity in every individual place.

Most dismay system today offers gesture sensors that will sound the interloper dismay when it detects any motion whenever the dismay is turned on. It besides offers a characteristic that will alarm the people and fire section whenever there is a fire started in the house, and it comes with toxicant gas sensing characteristic excessively. So it is of import to make research to take the type of place safety and security system that is available in the market. It must be able to protect you and your household members even during power failure by holding battery back up.

How about the false dismaies? It is ever a wearisome for the abode and neighbours. So a good system will hold to hold characteristics that it needs a watchword from the proprietor to turn off and to turn on the dismay system. So all these characteristics and safety protection will merely give you peace of head so that you and your household can kip soundly during your slumber or even when you are off for a holiday trip. Home Safety and Security is a must.

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The demand of many for excess place safety and security continues to originate as offense degree and accidents at place additions. The place whether it ‘s a room in a group place, an flat or a house should be comfy and have safe environment. While safety-proofing every facet of house is non impossible, but it is expensive. For affluent people, the usage of safety guards and nomadic patrols can merely supply ocular hindrance against interlopers. But for others, they can afford to do simple upgrading to do place a safer topographic point for everyone.

The modern consumer need a place security system to protect household members and properties, but the system that ‘s available comes with the fanciest, most elaborate system. But does the most elaborate system necessary? Well I think it ‘s merely some over priced appliance that makes life harder. By cut downing all the illusions in the system, we can merely better the system and do it low-cost, and increase the safety and security system of a house. By reexamining some facts about place safety tips, all we can reason is that the rudimentss of a place safety and security system is good plenty to assist to remain safe and sound in our place.

A basic place safety and security system can hold any characteristics that are customable, from fume sensors, PIR gesture sensor, magnetic reed switch and all the smart place appliances, but in this undertaking, I have merely wanted to put in the really basic of a system that operates entirely for invasion qui vive and fire bar. From the infusion of place safety and security research, most invasion happens through door and skiding window that is non secured. While the major accidents while we are at place is the fire accident where for the most of the clip it starts in the kitchen or praying room. So to cut down the over priced appliances and for the efficiency of the system, it is wise merely to hold hsome security and safety characteristics sing to doors and fire dismaies.

Features of Home Safety and Security System

The system designed to suit four basic securities and safety system and two smart place systems. The security characteristics are PIR gesture sensor, Photo-electric fume sensor, Reed switch based door magnetic contact and besides LDR based security light commanding unit. The two smart place characteristics are the magnetic door lock based on solenoid and besides place lighting system. These characteristics are presented in the paradigm to show the existent system would look much of a sort. The paradigm besides comes with 16×2 LCD show and 4×3 matrix computer keyboard construct internally. As for a Siren, I have used the Piezo doorbell that is powerful plenty to resemble the existent siren merchandise.

Therefore the system is considered a digital system and it is customizable utilizing assembly linguistic communication scheduling as the commanding unit is a microcontroller that is capable to run accurately and faithfully for this undertaking. The position of the system can be monitored on the LCD panel and any sensing of invasion or any malicious event will be displayed as good. The computer keyboard is another characteristic that acts as input faculty to pass on with the system as it will be a user friendly system and besides extremely effectual.

The system is farther enhanced with its internal safety characteristics. The system comes with PIN protection, which really prevents the whole system from being hacked in instance of invasion. It prompts for the watchword and it gives 3 line of lifes to the user to come out with the right watchword. And if the user fails to make so, the dismay will come in the lock down manner where the dismay Siren goes of to subscribe a menace to the house or the system itself. This will alarm the neighbours and the house occupants itself.

The paradigm of the Home Safety and Security system utilizes the place AC power supply. But the existent undertaking comes with a double powered device which will hold the 9V battery support. This is due to its exposure of system failure in instance of power cut. So in the event of a power cut, system will instantly return to the backup battery system. And it remains until it senses the AC power is back to return to existent power supply. However the battery back up merely support for 2 to 3 hours of power before it finally wears off. So it is necessary for user to take appropriate steps and to hold often maintained the system for better and permanent protection.


The chief motive for me to take this undertaking is foremost because I have acquired all the cognition required and ready to set about my concluding twelvemonth undertaking. The cognition has been acquired from old ages of surveies and lab experiments at the Faculty of Engineering MMU Melaka. I believe that this undertaking will prove my cognition in electronics and the theories that I have learned are now to be implemented in a undertaking that will assist the society.

Second, it is everyone ‘s aim that they have gained cognition that will lend to the good will of world. So do I. To be utile for the society and contribute thoughts and cognition that will non merely profit human, but to assist endurance of world. It is what every applied scientist wants to be and seeking difficult to accomplish. This undertaking is my first measure of seeking to be what the university has developed me into. This undertaking will let me to believe in a manner that is originative and advanced, to happen solution for all the jobs that I will confront, and to undertake all the obstructions in a humanly mode.

The undertaking, Home Security and Safety System has its ain mission and intent by the manner. Some of the aims are as below:

to plan a paradigm of place safety and security system that has basic security characteristics

to plan a paradigm of place safety and security system that has characteristics of a Smart Home System

to plan Smart Home System in the place safety and security system paradigm that will be able to observe twenty-four hours and dark and bend on the security visible radiations

to interface safety characteristics with a individual bit accountant unit to command the system as a whole

to plan a system that is protected internally and be able to protect its user and their properties with a simple but effectual watchword protection

System Block Diagram

The Home Safety and Security System usage AT89s51 as the exclusive commanding unit that will command all the input and end product of the system. The Central Control Unit ( CCU ) is a stand-alone individual bit that powered by AC power. The Controling unit has a alone scheduling characteristic that is being installed in it as its microcode. The plan instructs the bit on how to run the system and devices attached to it.

The door magnetic contact, window magnetic contact, fume sensor, PIR gesture sensor, security visible radiation control and extra Smart Home Features and wired to the Central Controlling Unit. The LCD is to expose the result of events that will be seeable to user. It displays information and besides used to motivate for information from user.

The computer keyboard is connected to CCU to its input ports. It is used to input information such as PIN watchword and besides to enable/disable the system. A power supply is connected to all the constituents that require external electrical power. It is connected to AC power supply. Basically the Home Safety and Security System is a Hard-wired system.

Scope of undertaking

Scope of work

Undertaking flow chart

Project Research and Information Gathering

Establishing Functional Block Diagram

Construction of circuit and conventional diagram

Determining and buying electronic constituents

Construction of initial hardware paradigm

Microcontroller Programming

Testing and debugging of constructed plan

Enhancement of plan design and circuit execution

Finalizing circuitry and plan design

PCB design and Fabrication Process

Report authorship and presentation of paradigm

Gantt chart

Scope of Report

Motion Detector

In place safety and security system, gesture sensing is one of the most of import characteristics that help in to protect the house from encroachers. It is a device that detects physical motion in a field of position, and transforms any sense of gesture into electrical triggered signal that will turn-on the dismay into loud manner. A gesture sensing device is electrically connected to the commanding unit in the place safety and security system. It uses optics or acoustic manner and it may besides be a inactive or active type. A gesture sensing device can be placed at exterior room accesss, Windowss, halls, suites and other topographic points that are in the scope of sensing. Once gesture is detected, it transmits predetermined signal to a selected dismay or light commanding device which is so activated.

The history of gesture sensing goes manner back to 1970 ‘s. At that clip it was based on Ultrasound engineering that was widely used in medical industries to handle patients. But the ultrasound based gesture sensor was prone to triping false dismay and it was considered as a nuisance. So, much research has been done in improvizing the device truth. The discovery comes in 1980 ‘s when the detectors are equipped with microwave, radio detection and ranging and Infra-Red engineering.

Types of gesture sensor

I ) PIR Motion Detector

A PIR gesture sensor is known as Passive Infra-Red gesture sensor. The device is designed to mensurate Infra-Red visible radiation radiation from objects in its field of position. All populating objects such as animate beings and worlds emit Black Body Radiation, a type of thermic radiation. It ‘s due to the heat inside of the object, features that depends on temperature. In this instance the radiation can be called as Infra-Red which means light beginning that ca n’t be seen with our eyes and ruddy is the lowest visible radiation that is unseeable for human position before any visible radiation can be seen. PIR is a inactive device as it does non let go of or breathe infrared beam but so it accepts radiation moving ridge that is comes to its detectors.

Passive Infra-Red detectors are made of Pyroelectric detector. The detector is split into two different halves, as it will be observing in the alteration of IR radiation degree. Both half will be connected to each other through wire. When one half detects more or less IR radiation degree than the other half, the end product will swing high or low to trip the dismay. So when the detector is fitted in a room, an object that radiates heat base on ballss by, IR radiation intercepts one half of the detector and it generates positive differential alteration between the two halves and when the object leaves, detector generates negative differential alteration. The pulsations are what really being detected technically.

two ) Ultrasonic Motion Detector

Supersonic gesture sensor is an active device. It emits acoustic moving ridges from a Quartz Crystal Transducer. It has a Transmitter and besides a Receiver device attaches to it. The Ultrasound gesture sensor ‘ sender emits ultrasound wave into given infinite volume continuously. The familial moving ridges are reflected back to the receiving system which has the same frequence form and it is changeless if there are no traveling objects in the scope of sensing. The traveling objects will really alter the return waves frequence and stage harmonizing to Doppler Theory. The alteration in the frequence reading of the return moving ridge is what being detected in this device. The sensor will trip the dismay on if it detects the traveling component.

In Ultrasound, the device transmits acoustic sound moving ridge that has frequence in the scope of 20 Hz to 20 KHz which really can be heard by human. There are drawbacks though in this type of detector as it is over sensitive. But excessively sensitive will take to false dismaies and this is ever will be undependable for place safety and security intent. It besides ca n’t perforate solid objects so intruder can ever conceal behind any object and base on balls by.

three ) Microwave Motion Detector

This device besides employs physical theory of Doppler known as Doppler Effect. Harmonizing to the theory, waves that are reflected by traveling object has different frequence from the moving ridge reflected from letter paper object. Microwave gesture sensor is besides an active device whereby it has to breathe micro-cook energy into country of sensing. It uses a Gunn rectifying tube to bring forth and breathe micro-cook energy to milieus. So any break caused a motion in the scope of sensing will trip the dismay. Microwave gesture sensor is a monostatic device where the sender and receiving system are placed in one unit. But it besides has bistatic unit merely like Ultrasound gesture sensor. Microwave can perforate most types of surface but its lone drawback is that it can perforate metal. It is besides vulnerable to interference from other electrical devices.

Smoke Detector

A fume sensor or besides known as Smoke Alarm is an electronic device that is capable of observing fume atoms and trigger dismay to forestall fire accident in the house. That is why it is installed in a place safety and security system. Smoke sensor device housed in a disc shaped fictile enclosure. Smoke sensor consists of two basic parts which is a fume detector and a built in doorbell. Sensor is used to observe fume atoms which are powered by a 9V battery.

This device can be installed by mounting on the wall or else on the ceiling as it is easy to put in. A fume sensor is an indispensable demand for one if they are sing doing their place a better and safer topographic point to populate. Well, researches have found that every twelvemonth 1000000s fall victim to fire catastrophe and most of it happens while victims are kiping at place. This is because they are incognizant of the fatal incident taking topographic point right under their olfactory organ. But when they have noticed the malicious event, they have no equal clip to get away the destiny. And most victim dies due to inspiration of toxicant fume and toxic exhausts due to fire. It is known to researches that two tierce of decease occur in house that did non hold smoke sensor.

A fume dismay operates 24-7 and is the best cheap device that has been built to safe lives and to forestall decease. Since a fume dismay is really of import, there are experiments done to happen out the best engineering that is accurate to feel fume. Smoke dismaies are categorized by the fume sensing detector employed, which is ionisation and photoelectric method. Both method of fume sensing uses different rules to observe fume and this may ensue otherwise for assorted fortunes where one method might be good and another 1 does non and vice-versa.

Types of Smoke sensor

I ) Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Photoelectric smoke sensor employs light sensing method whereby it contains a light beginning such as Light Emiting Diode as light beginning and besides a light sensor such as Photo-detector to observe light beginning. Both devices are setup in a manner that the angle point of angle is near to 90 grades. The operation mechanism is rather simple, when there is no fume atom in the air, the light beginning base on ballss by the photo-detector in a consecutive line that the sensor ca n’t feel the presence of visible radiation as it is non reflected to the sensor. In an event of fire, the air will be filled with fume atoms, and when this atom of fume enters the optical chamber of the fume sensor, it scatters the light beam to all the waies and some are scattered to the photo-detector. The sensor picks up the visible radiation and it triggers of the dismay to alarm the residents.

Optical Chamber

Photo Diode

Plastic Cover

Light Emitting Diode

Case Molding

two ) Ionization Smoke Detector

In Ionization smoke sensor, the method employed may sound a small extremist but it is still safe for consumer usage. It deploys simple yet effectual method in observing fume atoms and it is much faster and more accurate than the other types of fume sensor technique.

As we can see in the Figure above, there is a spread between the positive electrode home base and the negative electrode home base and it is called the ionisation chamber. It contains ionisation radiation beginning besides known as Alpha beginning which has Americium. This component will really ionise the air atoms in the chamber in which the N and O will lose either positive charge or negative charge from their atom and becomes free atoms. So the negatively charged atoms attracted to the positive home base while the positively charged atoms are attracted to the negative home base. So this procedure will bring forth a little sum of current in the chamber.

In the event of fire, the fume atoms fill up the air and finally will come in the ionisation chamber. The fume particles so will attach to the free atoms in the chamber and neutralize them. These consequences in current degree bead in the system and it will trip the dismay on. The method that employs Alpha Radiation is really safe as the radiation ca n’t even perforate a apparent paper. So the Americium is really safe every bit long as it is non disturbed inside the lodging of the dismay system.

Smoke Detector Review

Both Photoelectric and Ionization method are proven for its effectivity during a fire jeopardy in alarming the residents. But it is said that the public presentations of Ionization types is ever the best compared to photoelectric type. This has lead to statements and due to this some trials and experiments has been done by the experts to unclutter the guesss.

The consequences has yield the truth that both may execute otherwise to types of fire occurs. There are two types of fire has been studied in this instance. The first 1 is the Fast traveling flaring fire and the other one is Smoldering fire. After the experiments the consequences were as below.

Fast Moving Flaming Fire

Smoldering Fire

From the charts we say that a fast moving flaring fire requires ionization fume sensor as it alerts the residents faster than the photoelectric sensor. This allows the victim to hold more clip leave the scene before clip runs out. But in the instance of a smouldering fire, it is best advised to hold a photoelectric sensor as it reacts faster to this type of fire.

But so to compare the both sensors of fume once more, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Photoelectric fume sensor is more expensive than the Ionization smoke sensor. This is because the Ionization type has more drawbacks, it is operated by battery and if the battery is dead, there will be no ionisation procedure takes topographic point and the system wont work. So it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. Other than that, it is really sensitive and even the cooking fume can trip on the dismay and users will turn off the dismay for this ground.

Magnetic Contacts

Even in a basic or most complicated place safety and security system, magnetic door contacts are a must. It is said that the magnetic door contacts is ever the first line of defence against burglary. Other characteristics are merely relied upon if this device fails to execute. So a security system without magnetic door contacts will merely be defence system without its general. A magnetic door contact is non a complicated device. Its merely a simple switch that we install at doors, skiding doors, Windowss and besides skiding Windowss. A survey on place burglary reveals that most interrupt in happens due to unbarred room accesss and Windowss. By holding a secured doors and windows about 80 per centum of interruption in can be avoided.

Magnetic door contacts are simple devices that consist of a magnet and a reed switch. The reed switch will be discussed farther subsequently on this chapter. The device is divided into two classs which are the solenoid spiral and the other one is the relay switch.

In the market we can happen two most common types of Magnetic Switch. One is known as the Recessed type which is installed into the door besides into the door frame. It is unseeable to people and looks more secured from being seen and barely damaged from difficult closing doors.

The other 1 is called the Surface type. The magnet is mounted on the door while the reed switch is mounted on the frame of the door. It is seeable and can be easy damaged. The magnet and the reed switch are placed in plastic casting and demand to be painted with the door and frame colour to avoid from being seen.

There is a 3rd type called Overhead Mounted switch and besides known as roller-ball contact magnet. But due to its unpopular involvement from clients, it is seldom employed.

However the working mechanisms of all the types are seem to be the same. The circuit or switch is said to be closed when the door is shut, or when the door meets the frame. While the circuit is broken when the door is opened which means the magnet moves off from the reed switch. If the circuit is broken while the system is armed, this will trip the dismay to warn the residents and neighbours.

Reed Switch

A reed switch is an electronic device that looks like a resistance that comes in a fancy glass tubing. But that is non what it is. It is really a switch that turns on and off in response to magnetic flux nearby. The reed-relay type reed switch is the 1 that operates utilizing electromagnetic spiral and used in industries.

A reed switch consists of two metal reed lead made from magnetic stuff that is build in a thin glass casting. Reed switch comes in two different types of theoretical account.

One is called the NO reed switch. NO average usually unfastened reed switch as the metal reeds is ever unfastened and there will be no contact prior to magnetic attraction.

Then there is another type that comes with three metal reeds. One metal reed is the common leg and the other two is for NC and NO legs.

Magnetic field is the key to run the reed switch. Without magnetic field or magnetic device the reed switch will non run. The mechanism is rather simple. When the reed metal are magnetically actuated with opposite charge, they attract each other and the contact becomes near or unfastened depending on the type of reed switch being used. And when the magnetic beginning is removed, the switch will free its magnetic charge and return to its original province instantly.

A reed switch is a convenient device to utilize. This is because its size. It is little and it easy to put in in larger equipment as it does non necessitate big infinite for the pickings. And the little size agencies it is easy to be carried around from one topographic point to another. And the beginning to exchange it unfastened and on is merely a magnet. Both of these devices are inexpensive and can be easy obtained anyplace. A reed switch does n’t necessitate big current of power to run and this is one of the advantages of reed switch. It is flexible and the reeds can be built by utilizing ferric or non-ferrous metal that need non standby power to run. It is a device that is rainproof, so it can besides be used in wet status.

But since it is a little and delicate device, it ca n’t manage big current and this may do the metal reed to run and the whole device to overheat. Even the physique of the switch is non strong as the glass may interrupt if big force being applied on it. So it needs to be handled carefully in order to keep its life line.

It is besides a concern where the metal reeds ca n’t manage much heat while soldering and they can be easy broken. A delicate touch is needed to piece them in a circuit. It is recommended that the temperature used while manus soldering is between 280 to 300 grades. Otherwise the glass or metal reed will be spoiled.

Daze and quiver may besides easy damage a reed switch. Its thin bed of glass ca n’t manage any violent quivers. If it is dropped from more than 30cm above or capable to daze of more than 30G, so the reed switch will be damaged.

Reed switch application is limitless. Equally long as we are originative, it can be used in all sorts of equipment, such as Magnetic door contacts that can alarm the user in the event of door interruption in, it can be used in lap tops, notebooks, manus phones, auto dismay systems and many more in the shutting and opening procedure of the devices.

Light Dependent Resistor

LDR or Light Dependent Resistor is a semiconducting material that is being used in electronics system to observe visible radiation. This device varies its opposition harmonizing to the sum of visible radiation is reflecting on its surface. It is used in circuits or system that need to turn on or off harmonizing to the degree of light ambient degree in its milieus. It addition and lessening with increasing incident visible radiation strength and is ever cognizant of this component.

A LDR is besides known as Photo-detector, Photo-resistor or as Cadmium Sulfide ( CdS ) . LDR is made of high opposition semiconducting material stuff. The visible radiation that shines onto the surface of LDR need to hold high frequence to let the negatrons in the semiconducting material to absorb its energy and leap into conductivity set. This consequences in free negatrons conduction and reduces the opposition degree in the semiconducting material.

LDR can be Intrinsic or else Extrinsic. The Intrinsic LDR has its ain alteration bearer, such as Silika. But it is non a good semiconducting material as the negatrons are available merely in the valency set and they need big energy sum to leap the big set spread to conductive set. But the Extrinsic type has drosss in it, this allows the negatrons to remain at a lower degree that is really much near to the conductive set. And it takes a little sum of energy from the photons to excite the negatrons to leap into conductive set.

This chart shows that a photoconductor changes its opposition when it is exposed to more light. When light light degree is low the LDR will hold high opposition that is up to 10M? . As light degree addition, the oppositions degree goes down.

Recommendation and future developments

Power salvaging in sleep manner

The usage of Liquid Crystal Display in the system leads to high power ingestion. This may ensue in high electrical measure for user and to see the waste of power while the system is runing is even worse. While system is alarmed and the residents are at slumber or are off from place, the LCD will still be on and heat is besides produced in the procedure. So to avoid high power ingestion, heat production and to cut down electrical waste, it is best to plan the system to cut down the power ingestion while in idle manner by turning off the LCD show characteristic.

In the plan, it is best to utilize counter to observe the continuance between times of each cardinal imperativeness. And if in the period of some clip there is no cardinal imperativeness, it is best for the LCD to into sleep manner. During the sleep manner, the system will go on the security and safety procedure without any break from LCD. In this manner the power ingestion will be less as it does non necessitate to provide electrical power to back up the LCD.

Other than that to salvage more power, the LCD backlights can be turned off via programming method. If most of the clip the system is used during daytime, so there is no demand for LCD backlight to be turned on. This will non merely salvage electrical power ingestion, but will besides increase the life line of the LCD to execute longer. A switch or button can be deployed to really turn on and off the LCD backlight in instance if the maestro system unit is placed at a dark topographic point.

So all this is done in package attack as the hardware ‘s are non capable to make so without direction given by the accountant unit. But so, the switch or button to really exchange on or off the LCD backlight can be implemented with a particular driver bit installed following to the LCD which still requires package attack, but it wo n’t interfere with the systems chief accountant giving the accountant unit less work to make and this allows it to execute better for the system.

Panic manner button

Panic manner button is a simple hardware attack where a button is installed at the chief accountant unit for the usage in instance of exigency. The usage of this manner is that when the user had identified any malicious event or surmising that there is something unsafe is about to go on they can ever trust on this button to turn on the dismay to alarm everyone in the house and the neighbours.

The button will non be installed together with all the security features ; alternatively it will be a base entirely characteristic that is merely connected to the Siren. The button will merely turn on the Siren without interrupting the monitoring system. The system will still be looking for menace will the Siren is on. This is because merely the individual who had pressed the Panic manner button knows what is go oning while others are incognizant of what is go oning. So the system needs to be on guard even with the Siren on turned on for security and safety intent.

Other than that, if the Siren is turned on, and if there is human menace that has gone unnoticed by the system, the Siren will stupefy the peculiar menace and may drive him off from the belongings. This characteristic is non merely simple but it saves the state of affairs from acquiring worse. It is recommended to maintain the Panic manner button hidden merely for the user to cognize because it is indispensable that it does n’t sound a false dismay that will merely cut down the systems dependability.

A system demand to be implemented utilizing package attack that will motivate user for security PIN activation if the button is pressed. This is merely needed if the button demand to be placed in a seeable country where everyone in the house or in the mark country capable of pressing it. This will avoid false dismay from being triggered.

Double Power Beginning: External beginning and Battery backup Pack

This undertaking can be farther enhanced by holding double power beginning manner. It can utilize either external AC power beginning or else battery back up powered. Battery powered system can merely run at certain period. For case, individual 9V batteries build with alkaline or Li with capacity of milli-Ampere-hour is about 100 to 200 mAh. While the battery type of AAA or AA has higher mAh capacity compared to alkaline or Li. It has 600 mAh to 900 mAh.

But the job is that a individual battery merely supports 1.5V to 9V in scope. This job can be overcome by utilizing a few tonss of battery battalions together. Well it wo n’t look so futuristic if there is a bulky power supply to back up devices that are bantam. That is why external AC power will ever be the proffered power supply for the system. Battery battalions can be the ideal back up power system in the event of power failure.

We can either implement the nomadic phone type of battery back up that are rechargeable when there is power supply to prolong the systems power demand. Rechargeable batteries are little and they can back up up to 24 hour of power back up. But the job with rechargeable batteries is that their life line tends to diminish if they are ever connected to the courser. So it is advisable to maintain it unplugged to charger.

It is besides possible to utilize package attack to command the battery from over bear downing itself. The system must be able to place the sum of charge in the battery and to halt bear downing if it is adequate. Just like in the nomadic phones and notebooks. This will guarantee that the backup battery will hold longer life line to back up the system and cut down clip and money for care. With this characteristic we can vouch that the safety and security system will be able give unit of ammunition the clock protection whether when there is power supply or non. A dependable system will ever give peace of head.