Why Data Warehousing For Offco Information Technology Essay

Offco Ltd is a big corporation which manufactures and sells office letter paper. Offco is presently traveling through a crisis as far its grosss and client satisfaction evaluations are concerned and its extremely departmentalized corporate civilization and IT architecture are deemed to be root cause for it. A strategic determination has been made to alter Offco from a functionally focused company to a client focused company. This study begins by showing the value gained by following a client centric scheme and the function played by a information warehouse in recognizing those values. A short comparing of the assorted popular informations warehousing architecture is performed and the one most suited for Offco ‘s organisational context is recommended. The importance of alteration direction and using effectual informations warehouse administration is studied following and appropriate stairss are recommended for Offco to guarantee these and finally achieve undertaking success.

A Why Data Warehousing for OffCo?

Offco as a company has decided to transform themselves from a functional based organisation to a client focused organisation.

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As of today Offco ‘s client satisfaction evaluations are non excessively good. Most of the clients do n’t remain with us for long and so client keeping costs are excessively high. Most of the selling runs fail as they are built based on conjecture work and non accurate information and so Offco finds it hard to pull new clients excessively.

( Payne and Frow, 2005 ) nowadayss before us a model of client related strategic value which is shown in figure 1 below. Based on this model let us analyze the benefits Offco can derive by being client centric and how our proposed informations ware house is traveling to be a critical constituent towards recognizing them.

As it is clear from the frame work a cardinal measure in our client scheme involves reexamining our bing and possible set of clients and spliting them in to appropriate sections. As popular literature remarks we have decide whether to follow a one to one attack or a macro or micro cleavage ( Rubin, 1997 ) . We can split the client into groups based on their purchasing forms, profitableness etc, follow individualised selling runs for them instead than mass selling ( Peppers and Rogers, 1993 ) and sell to each section what they unambiguously need and how they need ( utilizing appropriate channels of communicating ( Kemper and Lee, 2003 ) , therefore cut downing client churn, bettering client trueness and increasing client life clip value for Offco. The degree of section coarseness will be critical to the success of the scheme.

This client scheme works in tandem with our concern scheme and consequences in value creative activity at three degrees. They are, the value Offco provides to its clients, the value the clients provide to Offco and ultimate addition in client life times due to this mutual interactions ( Payne and Frow, 2005 ) . In other words, as a company Offco now knows what specific merchandises the different client sections want, and Offco is now providing to their demands. New sections who are non satisfied by our current merchandises can be identified and new merchandises can be developed to fulfill their demands. The degree of client satisfaction improves greatly and the more they stay with Offco and the more money they make for the company. Therefore our client attractive force and keeping economic sciences improves significantly.

To recognize the above benefits efficient information direction is necessary. The cardinal purpose is to cognize the bing and possible clients better and that requires consolidation of client information from all client input channels. This requires three types of client informations – Customer behaviour informations ( largely clip stamped informations about the minutess he does with us ) , Changing client fortunes informations ( his reference, age, matrimonial position etc which do n’t alter every bit frequently as the minutess he does with us but still can be critical in cleavage ) and Derived client section informations ( the sections of clients identified based on the above two informations classs ) ( Todman,2001 ) .

The information depository is the most of import constituent of the information direction procedure. “ The informations depository provides a powerful corporate memory of clients, an incorporate endeavor broad information shop that is capable of relevant information analyses ” ( Payne and Frow, 2005 ) . And this is why we need a informations ware house, which will assist us place client sections with high degrees of coarseness based on their minutess with us. Data warehousing engineering helps us in analyzing client behaviour better by consolidating, correlating and transforming natural client informations including gross revenues, publicities and client service records into client intelligence ( Shepard et al, 1998 ) .Thus, the informations warehouse provides us a holistic and incorporate position of our client as opposed to the current province where the client information is spread redundantly across the sections in assorted application databases and helps us in analysing low degree dealing oriented information which is critical towards accomplishing client orientation ( Kemper and Lee,2003 ) . To sum up the benefits that informations ware lodging brings to us are accurate and quicker entree to information to arrange responses to client inquiries, increased informations quality, no information redundancy, boring down informations for profitableness analysis, client profiling, and eventually a dependable step of value of each client ( Chen and Popvich,2003 ) . These are the cardinal constituents of being client centric and will take to the co creative activity of value for OffCo and our clients as demonstrated earlier.

The Data Warehousing Architecture

An ideal client centric informations repositing architecture which Offco can implement is the 1 presented by ( Kemper and Lee, 2003 ) as shown below.

The operational informations shop ( ODS ) extract transactional informations from the assorted user interfaces. Due to the demand of client orientation clip stamping of this information is indispensable. The information in the ODS is sporadically pushed into the informations ware house, which houses detailed historical informations every bit good as derived values. Data warehouse provides information for the analytical applications to work with and take determinations towards client orientation. The informations warehouse can compose back summarized information to the ODS there by bettering its public presentation as a batch questions can be now run from the ODS ( Kemper and Lee, 2003 ) .

We can develop our informations warehouse following a top down or bottom up attack. Both have their ain advantages and disadvantages. In the undermentioned subdivision we will compare the two attacks in Offco ‘s position and arrive at a determination on the attack we have to follow. In the top-down attack, the informations warehouse undertaking squad creates an endeavor broad information warehouse that combines all the information from across the organisation and this information warehouse is accessed by terminal user application to turn to their concern intelligence demands ( Inmon,1992 ) . This has a distinguishable advantage of being scalable, with an easiness of future enlargement. However the initial development is really dearly-won, clip consuming and there is no warrant of success as apparent from the industrial illustrations which used this theoretical account. The possibilities of harvesting speedy wins are less which may take to frustration among interest holders. Two cardinal points to be noted here are

Offco ‘s civilization is really departmental in nature and making speedy wins for each section in really necessary to guarantee continued backing from them.

We do n’t see any enlargement in concern maps in the close hereafter for Offco, except the go oning migration to the already established ERP system. This being the instance the advantage of scalability offered by the top down attack will non be of much value for Offco.

In the bottom top attack, the informations ware house squad creates informations marketplaces which has a limited set of informations beginnings and meets specific user demands. These single informations mart conform to the criterions of informations constructions and procedures maintained across the organisation by agencies of a information coach ( Kimball,1996 ) . The marketplaces are built one by one on the footing of precedence for the intelligence it provides, eventually ensuing in endeavor broad integrating. Unlike the individual informations warehouse in the top down attack, the informations mart oriented attack has the advantages of comparatively low cost and hazard, faster undertaking completion times and therefore supplying speedy wins which are indispensible beginnings of energy in the way of all alteration undertakings. On the negative side this has the disadvantage of a complex design of the common information coach and the hazard of the single marketplaces non conforming to it. Besides scalability is an issue, doing future enlargement undertakings boring. However, as discussed earlier it does n’t truly use in Offco ‘s instance.

Whatever be the attack chosen it is necessary to guarantee high degrees of informations quality by using informations cleansing mechanism as informations quality is of a batch of strategic value to the organisation ( Watson et.al 2003 ) .

Taking into consideration the easiness on execution and the speedy wins that are typically associated with it, it is desirable that Offco adopts Kimball ‘s underside up manner of informations ware lodging. Besides the fact that a really departmental civilization which has crept into Offco will hold to be wholly eliminated to guarantee success for the top down attack goes against it. The underside up attack on the other manus, helps to accomplish informations integrating across the organisation with these sections still retaining a certain sum of individualism.

At a high degree, the following informations marketplaces have to be set up similar to the successful industrial illustration of Sherwin-Williams ( Watson et.al,2001 ) .

Marketing Department Data Mart: This information marketplace will supply purchase history of each client that is what they bought and where they bought it from. Besides it will supply information on gross revenues tendencies every bit good as gross versus budget public presentation. Based on this information, we will be able to group clients with similar purchasing forms into sections and design merchandises and selling runs unique for each section based on the assorted demographics such as age, location, profession etc. This besides will assist us distinguish clients into profitable and non profitable every bit good as loyal and disloyal and handle them otherwise with particular offers and other selling techniques.

This information marketplace will besides supply information about the public presentation of each merchandise in each part. This information may be used by selling and merchandise development squads in planing new merchandises every bit good as with pulling merchandises from non executing countries so as to salvage a batch of shelf cost.

The selling section informations marketplace is most critical in accomplishing Offco ‘s purpose of client orientation and has to be set up in the really get downing. This attack in will ensue in creative activity of immediate return of investing and such speedy wins will assist in keeping sustained involvement among employees in the information repositing undertaking.

Customer Service Mart: This will supply information about interactions OffCo had with its clients for affairs other than gross revenues. This will incorporate a comprehensive list of all the ailments a client has registered with Offco. This information can be used in mensurating client satisfaction degrees as good in placing countries of betterments in OffCos operations. Besides this will enter the cases when OffCo approached each client with a selling enterprise and their response to the run. This information can be used to plan more accurate selling runs in the hereafter.

Logisticss Data Mart: As a future sweetening this informations marketplace can be added, supplying an analysis of the function played by each natural stuff towards doing net income for Offco, utilizing which determinations can be made to make immense benefits in this facet for Offco.

Change direction and Data warehouse administration

As with any IT undertaking alteration direction is critical here excessively. The assorted stairss to be adopted to guarantee a smooth organisational passage can be modeled based on Kotter ‘s Eight-Stage Procedure

for successful organisational transmutation ( Kotter,1996 ) . This involves

Establishing a sense of urgency: This can be done by educating employees about Offco ‘s late dunking gross revenues and client satisfaction degrees and showing informations warehousing as an effectual solution with the aid of successful industrial illustrations.

Making a guiding alliance: Forming the alteration squad, discussed under administration subsequently in this essay.

Developing a vision and scheme: Making a vision of the ‘new ‘ Offco integrated enterprise broad by the informations warehouse, with employees working for a individual end of client satisfaction.

Communicating the alteration vision: Sending this vision across to the employees by agencies of town halls, squad meetings and presentations.

Empowering broad-based action: Elaborated under administration subdivision in this essay.

Generating short-run wins: As discussed before by following the underside up informations warehousing theoretical account.

Consolidating additions and bring forthing more alteration: Introducing new informations marketplaces so as to maximise gross.

Anchoring new attacks in the civilization: A alteration in Offco ‘s current corporate civilization to one where employees actively take part towards the company ‘s success by suggestion new avenues of betterment by utilizing the bing informations.

Kotter ‘s theoretical account holds true for any alteration direction undertaking. However there are some specific challenges that a information repositing undertaking throws at an organisation and they decidedly need to be addressed to guarantee success.

Any informations ware lodging undertaking comes with a batch of built-in hazards ( Watson and Wixom, 2001 ) . A The most common grounds for failure include hapless direction sponsorship, deficient financess, hapless user engagement, and organisational political relations ( Watson et al. 1999 ) . Therefore, execution success means that the undertaking squad has persuaded the organisation to accept informations repositing, completed the warehouse harmonizing to program, and overcome proficient obstructions that arose ( Watson and Wixom, 2001 ) . Three aspects of warehousing execution success were identified by this survey are success with organisational issues, success with undertaking issues, and success with proficient issues as straight impact informations quality and system quality and in bend play a important function in recognizing the predicted benefits as shown graphically in the below frame work ( Watson and Wixom, 2001 ) .

Management support, which is the broad spread sponsorship for the undertaking across the organisation, motivates the employees to back up the enterprise and the indispensable organisational alterations that accompany the undertaking ( Curtis and Joshi,1998 ) and helps to get the better of the political opposition and encourages user engagement ( Markus 1983 ) . We need to guarantee direction support for the undertaking by showing the benefits clearly at an early phase and prolong the support by making short term wins as discussed earlier. Presence of title-holders who actively support in the undertaking in footings of resources, information and political relations are indispensable for informations warehousing undertakings ( Barquin and Edelstein 1997 ) as they possess the ability to get the better of the oppositions that necessarily occur during the class of the undertaking ( Howell and Higgins 1990 ) . Due to traverse functional nature of our undertaking it is critical that we identify title-holders from all the Offco sections. Champions help organisational and project degree success as depicted in the above theoretical account.

Another cardinal challenge is in guaranting user engagement from all sections as it helps in pull offing the users outlooks, satisfy their outlooks and do them follow the warehouse when completed ( Barquin and Edelstein 1997 ) . Users need to involved from the demands garnering stage itself and their personal inducements from the undertaking should be made clear.

The accomplishments of the informations repositing development squad, proficient and interpersonal accomplishments, is a major success factor in informations warehousing undertakings ( Barquin and Edelstein 1997 ) . Proper attention demand to be put into squad choice so that the squad consists of competent single capable of planing a complex information ware house by interacting with the assorted sections.

Proper informations warehouse administration by multiple commissions of appropriate composing, features and construction is indispensable to counter proficient and organisational challenges ( Watson et.al, 2003 ) with one of most critical one being guaranting informations quality. Some commissions should turn to proficient issues while the others are more concern focused. Another facet to administration is to make up one’s mind on the administration of IT related activities which can be done centrally, at concern unit degree or in a intercrossed mode ( Sujitparapitaya et.al,2003 ) . In Offco ‘s instance since we are using the single informations mart pattern it is appropriate that IT is governed at a concern unit degree. We can pattern our squad and administration construction based on the successful industrial illustration of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina studied by ( Watson et.al, 2004 ) .

There should be a nucleus information repositing squad, which should be transverse functional in nature, composed of members of IT and concern representatives from the assorted Offco concern units. Governance groups should be set up at multiple degrees so and the nucleus squad should ease the activities of each group. The undermentioned administration groups need to be formed.

Data Oversight Team: This squad should dwell of concern leaders from each of the Offco section and should run into often so as to give a high degree way for the undertaking and therefore guaranting alliance of the day of the month warehouse with the corporate scheme.

Data Development Oversight squad: A director degree cross functional squad which performs undertaking prioritization undertakings such as resource allotment, development phasing, sweetenings etc.

Business Requirements Group: A squad composition of cardinal members from the nucleus repositing squad every bit good as representatives who were involved in the initial chance analysis. The chief docket of this group is to pass on the ware house development and care issues to the nucleus squad, such as informations quality jobs, informations stewardship jobs, production holes and other twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours project direction issues. This group should run into at least bi hebdomadal and therefore ease good communicating within the undertaking.

Adequate accent must be topographic point on the preparation plans besides. In add-on to package developing such as SQL and concern objects, the users must be trained exhaustively on informations warehousing constructs besides ( Watson et.al, 2003 ) . This mitigates the hazard of the undertaking neglecting due to miss of user runing accomplishments.


This essay briefly touched upon Offco ‘s current issues presented client orientation as an effectual scheme to counter them utilizing Paynes theoretical account of client related value. The cardinal function played by informations warehousing in recognizing the possible benefits of client orientation was studied. A comparing of the top down and bottom up theoretical accounts of informations warehousing was done following and after analyzing them in visible radiation of Offco ‘s context it was decided to urge a underside up attack based on single informations marketplaces. Stairss for guaranting effectual alteration direction were discussed following along with the administration theoretical account to be implemented in Offco so that the sensed benefits of informations warehousing are achieved.