The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Essay

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA ) is an bureau of the Government of the Philippines responsible for opening the benefits of the abroad employment plan of the Philippines. It is the chief authorities bureau assigned to supervise and oversee enlisting bureaus in the Philippines. The POEA’s office is located at EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue. Mandaluyong City. Philippines. The POEA has an organisational construction with the POEA Governing Board at the top.

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The Secretary of Labor and Employment heads the Governing Board. and the POEA Administrator as vice-chairman and representatives from the private. adult females. sea-based and land-based sectors as members. The Filipino Overseas Employment Administration was established in 1982 through Executive Order No. 797. The end of the agency’s constitution was to advance and supervise the abroad employment of Filipino workers. The POEA was reorganized in 1987 through Executive Order No. 47 in order to react to altering markets and economic conditions. and to beef up constituents that would protect Filipino workers and the regulative constituents of the abroad employment plan The Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act of 1995 instituted State policies of abroad employment and established criterions for protection and publicity of public assistance for migratory workers and their households. and for abroad Filipinos in hurt.

The act specifies. “Migrant worker refers to a individual who is to be engaged. is engaged or has been engaged in a compensated activity in a province of which he or she is non a legal occupant ; to be used interchangeably with abroad Filipino worker. Sing deployment of migratory workers. the act mandates. “The State shall deploy abroad Filipino workers merely in states where the rights of Filipino migratory workers are protected In 2010. Republic Act No. 10022 amended some of these commissariats. including those quoted above.

Among other alterations. the paragraph specifying the term Migrant worker was amended to read. “‘Overseas Filipino worker’ refers to a individual who is to be engaged. is engaged or has been engaged in a compensated activity in a province of which he or she is non a citizen or on board a vas voyaging the foreign seas other than a authorities ship used for military or non-commercial intents or on an installing located offshore or on the high seas ; to be used interchangeably with migratory worker. . and the introductory text sing deployment was amended to read. “The State shall let the deployment of abroad Filipino workers merely in states where the rights of Filipino migratory workers are protected. The POEA is an affiliated bureau of the Department of Labor & A ; Employment ( DOLE ) tasked to pull off the country’s labour migration plan. Their vision: Excellence in administration for world-class Filipino migratory workers.

While sing their mission: POEA connects to the universe. and. in partnership with all stakeholders. facilitates the coevals and saving of decent occupations for Filipino migratory workers. promotes their protection and advocates their smooth reintegration into Philippine society. Structure The POEA Administrator oversees the day-to-day operations of the bureau and is supported by three deputy decision makers.

The Deputy Administrator for Employment and Welfare oversees the Pre-Employment Services Office and the Welfare and Employment Office. Under the Deputy Administrator for Adjudication and Employment Regulation are the Licensing and Regulation Office and the Adjudication Office. The Deputy Administrator for Management handles the general administrative and support services of the disposal. The POEA has three ( 3 ) Regional Centers which are located in

La Union for Luzon. Cebu for the Visayas part and Davao for the Mindanao country. Regional Extension Unit of measurements are in Baguio-Cordillera Administrative Region. Iloilo. Cagayan de Oro and Zamboanga while satellite offices are located in Pampanga. Calamba. Laguna. Legaspi. Bacolod and Tacloban. Core Functions In footings of Industry Regulation. it issues license to prosecute in abroad enlisting and manning to private enlisting bureaus and ship manning companies.

Hears and arbitrates ailments and instances filed against enlisting and manning bureaus. foreign principals and employers. and abroad workers for reported misdemeanor of POEA regulations and ordinances. except for money claims. They besides implement a system of inducements and punishment for private sector participants and sets minimal labour criterions. Proctors overseas occupation advertizements on print. broadcast and telecasting and in conclusion supervises the government’s plan on anti-illegal enlisting. And in conclusion imposes disciplinary actions on mistaking employers and workers and mariners.

Sing their employment facilitation. they accredits/ registries foreign principals and employers engaging Filipino workers. approves manpower petitions of foreign principals and employers. evaluates and procedures employment contract. aids going workers at the ports of issue. develops and proctors markets and conducts market research. conducts selling missions. enters into memoranda of understanding on the hiring of Filipino workers with labor–receiving states facilitates the deployment of workers hired through government-to-government agreement and in conclusion they provides a system of worker’s register.

On proviso of on-site redresss to OFWs to register ailments against employer or bureau. OFWs may register ailments for misdemeanors of POEA regulations against principal. employer. and/or Philippine enlisting bureau at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office s ( POLOs ) . Worker’s Protection The company ( POEA ) . intensifies public instruction and information run. conducts pre-employment orientation and anti-illegal enlisting seminars countrywide. conducts Pre-Deployment Orientation Seminars ( PDOS ) to workers hired through the government-to-government agreement and name hires. provides proficient aid in the drafting of bilateral and many-sided greement. provides legal aid to victims of illegal enlisting. prepares OFW planetary function and profiling. implements gender-sensitive plans. webs with non-government organisations. workers’ organisations. etc. And they provides repatriation aid Philippine Overseas Employment Administration. composed besides the General Administration and Support Services which includes Human Resources Development. Property and Supplies Management. Financial Management. Information and Communication Technology. Plans and Policy Development and Quality Management System

Summary of Activities The trainee completed a sum of Two Hundred Forty Hours ( 240 ) of internship in Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA ) . The first twenty-four hours of on-the-job preparation ( OJT ) of the trainee started on the fifteenth twenty-four hours of April. On the first twenty-four hours. she’s rather aroused and nervous of what she’ll do on the company and on what section or division we’ll she assigned. On the following twenty-four hours. the trainee deployed on her several section & A ; together with her two co-trainees. she was assigned at the “Cash Division” .

This department’s occupation is divided into two: foremost. the section collects payment of OFW’s. bureaus & A ; other contractor connected to POEA. secondly the section besides assigned in releasing of cheques. It’s superior because the trainee was assigned based on her way. During her preparation yearss. the trainee pattern herself to wake up early in the forenoon merely to be on clip and until now her so proud to herself because she maintains it. The first undertaking assigned was to segregate of used functionary grosss and registering verifiers by its nature.

Before the trainee does the full occupation. her individual in charge. intelligent first before they allowed executing what operation she’ll have to make. On the first hebdomad. she was besides assigned to equilibrate and enter to the diary the aggregation study per roll uping officer. They do this occupation hebdomadally. After equilibrating and entering. the trainee encode the aggregation study in the class of which it includes ; HDMF. BMAD. OWWA. PHILHEALTH. But on a regular basis. the trainee performed releasing of cheques. replying phone calls. having verifiers and entering those cheques by its nature from the office n charge ( OIC ) unto General fund ( wages of employees ) . MDS Trust ( claimants ) . LBP trust ( payments for the service rendered by POEA ) . She was besides delegating to run off some paperss. registering the verifiers of the clients and designate to subscribe the clients on the verifier for the cogent evidence that the cheques have been received. Sing the engagement. the trainee participate as a teller 1 on the section when the clip comes that some employees are non present. She acts as a teller because there are a batch of OFW’s who made their payments on their section.

During the preparation at POEA. the trainee learned to interact with other people particularly to her co-trainees came from different States. Universities & A ; Colleges. We know that people have different features and attitudes ; nevertheless doing friends with the trainee’s colleagues doesn’t make hard. From the interaction the trainee made with them. the subsequently learned to work with forbearance. She besides learned from her co-worker’s experiences and errors and applies them whenever she needed it.

The scene besides on the section acquire pleasance from her employer’s because the full individual above her was so suiting. supportive and concerned to her. They besides encourage the trainee to travel on with her surveies until she become a professional. It was a good experienced for her to develop her ability on the POEA. The trainee besides well-read how to be converted into a hardworking individual and be on clip. prosecute the policy and information that are specified to them. All of what she learned in the company will convey her Oklahoman or subsequently. particularly when she’s on a veracity of employment.

And she’s so thankful that at least in some manner. for a short period of clip. she became a portion of the company ( POEA ) . Recommendation to the Company The company created a good service to their clients and gave the best preparation for the pupils. The trainee extremely recommends to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration to increase their employees/ work force in every division. We all know that about 1000s of people. particularly OFW’s studies and travel to the company.

The trainee easy observed that the company must concentrate in footings of their work force so that they must achieve their general aims which assigned every bit rapidly as they can supervise and oversee enlisting bureaus in the Philippines. Recommendation to the School Based on what she have experienced. it’s difficult to hold an on the occupation preparation in far topographic points because it’s excessively draining and dearly-won. for the ground that most of the companies doesn’t offer salary or allowance for their pupil trainees.

That’s why they have to shoulder all the disbursals from nutrients. house up to the other indispensable that they need. What can she urge is that. they should let pupils to hold their on the occupation preparation within Cavite because she believe that it is more progressive than earlier. There are tonss of large companies and Bankss now that can besides assist pupils to develop their ability and comprehension and be more competitory someday.