Critique & Vanities Essay

Written by an American. Jack Heifner “Vanities” is a narrative associating to three immature misss from a small town called Texas. The lives of these three misss take a crisp bend in perplexing ways after a deeply intense period at school where they would pass good clip flinging themselves into the air and doing noises. The misss enjoyed their happy times and shared together but after traveling off from one another. they forgot everything and individually started their ain agencies of endurance. Harmonizing to the dramatist it seems that cheerleaders who are worshipped and envied in high school do non turn up and unrecorded charmed lives in their ulterior old ages.

The dramatist begins by adverting his three characters viz. Lauren Kennedy. Sarah Stiles and Anneliese van der Pol who acted as cheerleaders sometimes back when they were in high school and college. All the three beautiful misss shown in this pleasant but forgettable drama must endure the storm and problem after seting off their slipovers and saddle places. The drama begins in a conventional and inconsequential mode ; nevertheless. it comes in a series of unwritten dramas that are arranged in a consecutive order.

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In the beginning of the drama. the three characters are revealed as holding a happy life in high school. socialising with one another and even sharing their happy times together. Kathy. who is populating in the flat. programs and organizes a get-together party for the three and though the dramatist does non advert the ground behind the retention of the get-together party ; it is true that the party was meant to mark the happy times and sorrowful times that they had been sharing together. Joanne. to whom life seemed to be still an active convention. is now acquiring out of form with clip.

She is a pretty miss and one who does non care much about the hereafter. Kate Guyton besides displays the same characters. Kate Guyton is subsequently engaged in a matrimony relationship with Ted who is revealed as the play’s most lively and perplexing characters but does non demo herself. Mary as acted by Regan Thompson alterations from a sex lunatic immature miss to a professional seller of the same trade. She has an art gallery that trades with titillating art despite being married and one of her best clients is none other than the roving Ted with whom she has an matter.

The misss do non look to larn anything in school. Mary wants to be a nurse or a psychologist. Kathy does non desire to be anything whereas Joanne goes on being a virgin. Ted is arguably the most active and unusual character in this drama. though he does non take an active function. When Anneliese new wave der Pol. who is a cheerleader tried to pull her friends attending to bow to the get-together party every thing does non travel swimmingly since the male childs and other societal issues maintain acquiring in the manner and as consequence. Anneliese new wave der Pol’s assurance on the success of the get-together party is rendered hopeless.

However. she tries with all her attempt to acquire back to her friends Joanne and Mary. Due to this state of affairs. the playwright utilizations Kirshenbaum’s music to reflect the sort of quandary she was undergoing. The immature adult females appear to be in baffled provinces of head than there before and do non even show the character of leading despite holding been cheerleaders before. Joanne plans a nuptials with her former high school sweetie but at the same clip. Mary besides plans to go to Europe in summer.

Kathy still doubts the fact that her former friend and classmate have married a adult female who is already. As a consequence of this she gets defeated with work forces. Mary so comes in to comfort her friend from her letdown. This clearly displays the obvious strained relationship of the three misss in this reunion party. The character of cheerleading learned at high school seems to hold ended at that place. It did non travel beyond the school gate. At the clip the drama goes to New York City. the three actresses had been wholly changed in their characters from which they had when they were together.

Mary who is a prostitute gets angry of her friend Joanne because of her determination to go a homemaker and a female parent. This job disturbs Joanne but subsequently reveals it when she gets drunk. The trio-actresses have strong and appealing voices. However. Ms Kennedy looks worried because she has to smoke every clip. Or could she be sing a trouble in associating with the others? Probably as they besides do non acquire out of the sphere during the short interruption and they sit at the tabular array of amour propre to hold clip to set their make-up.

After watching the drama I was amazed by the playwrights’ subject of ill-conceived values as shown by the transmutation of the characters of the three misss. They experienced overexcitement in high school. life of uncertainness in college and unhappiness in their concluding reunion. But is life that vain as the author tries to demo? I don’t think so but it might reflect these tendencies if the values that one calculates are against the norms or misplaced as the characters reveal.

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