Welfare in todays society Essay

Welfare. money given to households in demand. is non free money. It benefits many people who have a low income or no agencies of income at all. The benefits available are based on the degree of money earned for different sized households and in different provinces. Welfare is besides non to be provided in a colored mode to anyone who applies for it. A batch of people in today’s society depend on public assistance. Welfare in the United States Governments serve the financially challenged through approximately 60 public aid plans. Most look to have aid from one of the three major plans. These plans include the health care plans Medicaid and Medicare. Aid to Families with Dependant Children ( AFDC ) . or the nutrient stamps plan.

These are all the advantages to public aid. Even though the public assistance system provides money. medical attention. nutrient. lodging. or other things for most people in demand. it puts a dent in the United State’s economic system. There are excessively unemployed. individual parents. elderly. disabled. and others who are in need the public aid who either ne’er get it or are dependent on it. Yet. there are still many jobs in providing all this to the needy. which is a concern many have.

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The U. S. Department of Health and Human Service oversees medical attention given to the needy and the aged through Medicare insurance or the basic services provided by Medicaid. Fundss vary from province to province. Medicare insures anyone over the age of 65 and those that suffer from certain disenabling conditions. Medicaid takes attention of the remainder and is aimed more toward the needy. In some state of affairss. people who may be able to pay for day-to-day demands. but can’t afford big medical measures may besides be eligible to have Medicaid. Some services paid for by Medicaid and Medicare are measures such as doctor’s visits. nursing place attention and helping the disabled. Most Medicaid support comes from the federal authorities. while the remainder is supplied by the province. Each province runs its ain medical attention plans.

Together all Medicare and Medicaid disbursals added up to about 334 billion dollars of coverage for 51 million people per twelvemonth who are qualified for the payments in the 1990’s ( World Almanac ) . That wouldn’t be so bad if one could happen out precisely where all that money really went sing the Medicaid program entirely about doubled from the 1980’s to the 1990’s. It besides says nil about even distribution of the money. The almanac provinces that the money spent has leveled off toward the terminal of the 90’s. partially because province policies curtailing the figure of receivers having benefits and the overall economic system was bettering.

Another plan is the Aid to Families with Dependent Children ( AFDC ) . It provides hard currency benefits to dependent kids and the parents or the defenders taking attention of them. Most households that qualify for AFDC have merely one parent in the place. About 80 per centum of these individual parent households are headed adult females ( farmer’s calendar ) . AFDC besides pays benefits to two-parent households if both parents are unemployed. Most AFDC support comes from the federal authorities. The provinces provide the remainder of the money and administer the plan.

The sizes of a families’ payment vary from province to province. The lone expostulation to giving AFDC is how many households lied to measure up for the benefits. Some criterions need to be set to travel farther so merely a simple fill in the clean rating sheet. There are female parents and defenders who have had kids who have received assistance to back up the kid and non even used the assistance for the purpose it was given. The parents should be informed before they even have a kid so they do non do these errors that the taxpayer has to pay for.

Finally. the Food Stamp Program helps low-income families purchase more and better nutrient than they could otherwise afford. Each take parting family receives a certain figure of vouchers called nutrient casts or an Electronic Benefits Transfer card which acts like a debit card and helps the Department of Agriculture maintain path of what the money is being spent on. The Department of Agriculture distributes about 17. 2 million families a month receive about 24. 6 billion dollars per twelvemonth on nutrient casts. The figure of casts a family receives varies with the family’s size. income. and disbursals. The existent sum is about 30 per centum of what the family’s income is. Collaborating food market shops accept the casts like money for nutrient purchases merely and if they are caught making other wise they face brawny punishments such as gaol clip or being kicked out of the plan.

Another issue the Department of Agriculture faces that it is difficult to state if the people who own the nutrient casts are non selling them to other people. Families who are on nutrient casts are permitted from buying alcoholic drinks and baccy merchandises. points that can be eaten in the shop at tiffin counters. vitamins and medical specialties. favored nutrients. and any non-food points except seeds and what non. There are jobs with the nutrient casts such as most receivers barely seem to acquire adequate to populate on. On norm a household will have about 73 dollars a month. If a individual does non hold a occupation they are eligible for the maximal sum of three hundred dollars per month.

The unfavorable judgments welfare gets range over a figure of societal and economic issues. Some people criticize public assistance plans for non supplying high plenty benefits to extinguish poorness. Spending on public assistance would hold to increase greatly to extinguish poorness. and many people believe the cost is already excessively high. Many critics of the public assistance system charge that supplying a steady income to destitute people encourages idling. Actually. most welfare benefits go to elderly. blind. and handicapped people and female parents with immature kids. But public assistance does deter some receivers from working harder by cut downing benefits if their income additions. Many people besides criticize the public assistance system for being excessively complex and dearly-won to administrate. Each plan has its ain eligibility demands and ways of ciphering benefits. and these regulations vary from province to province.

Public functionaries collect elaborate information about appliers to find their eligibility for benefits. This procedure is time-consuming and dearly-won. Some people cheat the system by non describing all the income they earn. But providers of services to welfare receivers account for most of the fraud in public assistance. Some doctors. druggists. and others have been overpaid because they have made up false measures. Over all the public assistance plan is great thought but. defects need to be assed and actions need to be taken so the money given out is non wasted or unjustly used. Most significantly we have to make a better occupation at happening more efficient manner to better the procedure of assisting people in demand.