Integrated Graphics Processor And Motorola Coldfire Family Information Technology Essay

Integrated Processor is a bit capable of making graphical maps that is inserted into the motherboard of the computing machine. The incorporate processor is manufactured and marketed by many companies such as Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. The latest tendency in the INTEL processors are the i3, the i5, and the i7 processors engineerings and the most recent release is the Intel ‘s Sandy Bridge engineering. In the twelvemonth 1994, the household of Coldfire microprocessor was included to 68K household tree of freescale. The ordinary and incorporate processors differences are discussed and the full Coldfire architecture with its different types is discussed and the utilizations and applications are besides given.


Cardinal treating unit:

Every computing machine should hold a Central Processing Unit ( CPU ) , motherboard, memory, storage, and artworks treating unit.

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It is the portion of a computing machine which performs logical and the arithmetical operations based on how the instructions are given and specified.

It is the chief constituent of the computing machine, which is composed of the control unit and the arithmetic logic unit.

The computing machine operations are integrated by the control unit. The instructions are taken in a sequence from chief memory and send to the direction decrypting unit.

Input informations which is taken from the chief memory and transported to the arithmetic and logic unit for treating certain logic operations.

The bigger computing machines may hold two and more CPUs ; in this instance they are merely called as processors due to the ground that each is no longer a cardinal unit or the lone unit.

Artworks are divided into two types

1. Integrated.

2. Discrete.

Integrated Graphics Processor:

IGP stands for Integrated Graphics Processor. An IGP is a in writing bit which is incorporated into the motherboard of the computing machine. The IGP processes the artworks in the computing machine.

Figure 1: Latest processor from Intel. ( )

IGPs take the artworks part of the processing from the chief CPU ‘s procedures. However the IGPs are incorporated onto the motherboard and their size and public presentation is non every bit good as picture cards, which are incorporated into computing machines PCI or AGP slots. Integrated artworks processors can non be removed and therefore they can non be upgraded. There are little sizes of IGPs that are a appropriately efficient for computing machines. The overall power ingestion and the chilling effects are really of import and that is why IGP applied scientists try to increase the public presentation and transistor count.

Intel, AMD and NVIDIA are the chief companies that presently capture the GPU market of which merely the last two produce the high terminal graphical processor.

Figure 2: The logo of Intel, AMD and NVIDIA. (,, )

In early yearss an IGP was formed for text, images and picture exposing in many declarations and with assortment of end products. One or two show end products can be featured by an IGP in the equipt motherboard.


From July 2009 onwards Intel, NVIDIA and AMD have bit that feature the ability to decrypt high definition content such as Blu-ray phonograph record, and a figure of other digital end products. The tabular array below lists the best IGPs from the three chief companies with their statistics.

Table 1: Statisticss of the Three Companies. ( )

The IGPs from these companies have loosely similar characteristics and run in Microsoft views aero interface, to pull a cleaner 3D power is used, so that the graphical interface islooking better. The chief difference between the three IGPs is based on how much power they lose for gambling intents.

No recent IGP is able to render really high declaration and all right frame rate for cutting border games and other such procedures.

Fabrication procedures are going more efficient and the public presentation is expected to increase much more but design and thermic jobs will non allow them to be equal to discrete card maps. The 900GFLOPs of public presentation is given by Radeon HD 4730, which are about many times the good IGPs can work.

The market:

Intel presently is non bring forthing distinct artworks cards, it believes on unifying IGPs with many assortments of chipsets for both use of desktop and notebook computing machines and therefore it has a large portion of mean GPU cargos.

Intel has approximately 70 % of the selling portions and this will go on because Intel is the largest manufacturer of consumer electronics.

The hereafter:

IGPs which are attached to a motherboard are capturing the whole market now and will be discontinued by 2012 this does non intend that IGPs will vanish but both the companies Intel and AMD will unify and integrate IGPs straight into the Central Processing Unit.


Figure 3: Intel Extreme Edition Core i7. ( )

Intel introduced the Intel Core processors to the Saudi market by presenting unprecedented integrating and besides includes engineering like Intel Turbo Boost Technology which is embedded into computing machines.

The Intel revealed about 25 processors which include the new Intel Core i3, i5 and i7.Many laptops and desktop computing machine designs are expected from the world-wide computing machine shapers based on these processors. Many computing machines from makers are already in mercantile establishments in assorted states and the outlooks with this scope will go on to turn in springs and bounds in the coming few old ages due to many consumer penchants.

New nucleus processors from Intel manufactured in 2010 uses a technique which brings much advancement addition and helps in velocity of the computing machine while energy ingestion is decreased.

The greatest processor household showcased for the first clip that there is a new Intel processor household with the industry ‘s engineering and really advanced characteristics that are instantly available at merely a simple Personal computer cost.

Smart processors are ever adapted to all person needs which provide automatically a encouragement like public presentation for the applications used every twenty-four hours. For the closing down processor nucleuss they are energy efficient by diminishing power ingestion to increase public presentation degree when single wants and supply efficient energy when they do n’t desire it.

The new Intel nucleus i5 andcore i7 processors have Intel turbo encouragement engineering for public presentation adaptative smart computing machines. The engineering is that it automatically accelerates the public presentation adjusting to the work assigned to user and an immediate public presentation encouragement when it is needed or prompted by the user. Intel hyper weaving engineering available in the Intel nucleus i3, nucleus i5 and the nucleus i7 processors gives multitasking in a better manner. This is done by enabling each processor nucleus to run multiple togss and besides by giving antiphonal public presentation with industry taking energy efficiency processor which performs several undertakings on same clip.

Turbo Boost:

Figure 4: The Intel ‘s Turbo Boost engineering. ( )

One of Intel ‘s major merchandising advantages for the nucleus i5 and nucleus i7 processors concern is called the Turbo Boost Technology. It is a characteristic of seting the processor velocity that will dynamically work when user requires more public presentation and so saves energy when they do non necessitate it to work any procedures for them.

Turbo Boost makes the Personal computer to travel batch faster when it is needed.

Turbo Boost gives you extra rush when you need it. It ‘s on the i5 and i7, but the i7 is so powerful.

It is utile when playing games that require a batch of processor velocity and efficiency.

Figure 5: The efficient dynamic and intelligent engineering. ( )

Main processors are offered with Intel Turbo Boost Technology which automatically adapts to an person ‘s public presentation demands and performs based on that.

Intel made a immense $ 7 billion investing when all the other companies were hit by the economic recession.

Intel Core i5 processors are twice as fast when compared to bing computing machines for visibly faster picture, exposure and music downloading experience.

A of import engineering formed was that selected processors incorporate artworks straight on the processors which includes the Intel ‘s 2nd coevals high-k metal gate transistors.

Processors target non merely laptops and Personal computers but besides ATMs, travel booths, digital shows and assorted other appliances in the market.

More than 10 new chipsets WiFi and WiMAX merchandises are now incorporated with the new Intel My WiFi features for extended WiFi abilities of the french friess.

Sandy Bridge Intel ‘s New Cool Processor:

Figure 6: Sandy Bridge processors. ( )

Sandy Bridge is the latest processor developed by Intel. Processors of this sort are marketed as 2nd coevals nucleus processors and were announced on 3rdJanuary, 2011.The Sandy Bridge processors are available from 9th January, 2011.

Intel so recalled all CPUs incorporating the new Sandy Bridge processor because there was a defect in the Cougar point 6 chipset based on the intelligence studies on January 31, 2011.

The greatest advantage of the Sandy Bridge engineering is it can disenable a Personal computer remotely via 3G or other internet connexions therefore enabling the utility in the instance of a doomed or stolen Personal computer with of import information.

About Motorola:

Figure 7: The Motorola Headquartersin Schaumburg, IL ( )

Motorola is the universe ‘s No.1 manufacturer of the embedded processors. Motorola, Inc. is a planetary leader supplying the incorporate communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions. Motorola has a great engineering called as the DigitalDNA engineering which helps its clients to organize utile and effectual merchandises.

Figure 8: Award winning Coldfire MCF5307 ( )

Motorola CF5407 processor gives current users of MCF5307 a simple ascent with twice the public presentation degree. Additional to it, current MotorolaC68EC040 and MC68EC060 designs switching will increase public presentation up to 10 times which increases the incorporation into the Motorola CF5407.

The route map developed by the Motorola Coldfire household is founded on difficult rudimentss of reusability, adding flexibleness to interior decorators to do electronics with new category. The complete synthesizable Coldfire household is besides great in value for emerging high volume, cost effectual embedded markets where universe category package tools developed and the acquaintance of the coder is possible.

Motorola ‘s Latest Coldfire ( R ) Processor:

Figure 9: Freescale semiconducting material. ( )

Freescale bequest 68K household tree extended its subdivisions to organize the coldfire microprocessor was in the twelvemonth 1994. This variable length of RISC 68K household architecture gives the competitory embedded market with the cost effectiveprice and public presentation. In order to run into the demands of the market the company evaluated high degree beginning codification and created a powerful environment for the operation of the processor. Instructions work in a individual rhythm for most of the RISC processors and the coldfire processor.

The flexibleness of take downing memory and the subsequent system costs are given by the variable length RISC Coldfire architecture to the clients. Because the instructions can be like 16, 32 or 48 spots in length and the codification is compressed in memory in which therefore consequences better codification denseness than any traditional RISC machines of 32 and 64 spot. The bandwidth of coach is expeditiously reduced because of the usage of on bit memory thereby the cost of the system is lowered.

The coldfire nucleus lowers the cost of system due to its ability to be synthesized once more and once more and another ground is the ability to easy can unite with peripherals and memory system faculties. Portable in nature is besides an added advantage doing the coldfire nucleus household to be targeted to all different procedure engineerings and attractive merchandise for the 3rd party.

With relation to its architecture to the 68 K household for those utilizing 68K merchandises criterion of coldfire merchandise is taken as the reply for upgrading. The coldfire direction set processor is a subset of 68K household set direction.

The coldfire tools development offer are unmatched and merely by the imaginativeness the integrating possibilities are limited and no other rival can offer something like 68K bequest. The characteristics which work with coldfire architecture hold the leading place in the embedded infinite of 32 spot.

The development of merchandise scheme:

The development scheme for the coldfire architecture is of two types.

1. Customer specific merchandises for big clients.

2. Standard merchandises for the general embedded market for makers in the markets such as inket and optical maser pressmans, networking, consumer sound electronics and put top boxes to prefer the coldfire architecture. These merchandises are really stylish because it provides speedy and cost efficient solutions for an astonishing array of systems.

Integrated Development Tools Support Strategy:

Coldfire is presently a dominant microprocessor in tendency, the wide graduated table of development which was provided by freescale. Integrated development tools were created by assorted developers which helped in back uping the devices to increase the freescale development portfolio tools. The chief thought is to give consumers many options for choosing tools in development.

Direction set:

The Coldfire direction set is compatibleto assembly sourceand it is non wholly object codification compatible with the 68000.

Five coevalss of the Coldfire freescale:

Figure 10: The Coldfire types. ( )

Freescale launched coldfire microprocessor nucleuss is available for licence as semiconducting material Intellectual Property in November 2006.

The Coldfire v1 nucleus is now available with free licence.

Freescale announced 32 spot flexis microcontroller household with a Coldfire CPU nucleus in September 2007 and so Freescale announced the coldfire line in 2010 June.

V1 Coldfire nucleus:

Figure 11: V1 Coldfire Architecture. ( )

Designed for the entry degree 32 spot of applications, the V1 Coldfire nucleus is the simplified version of the V2 coldfire nucleus having the same reference manners and direction definitions. It is a memory-configurable hierarchal architecture which was designed for recycling and more proper integrating into usage designs. ( )

The 32 spot nucleus supports 150MHz of public presentation utilizing a standard cell-based design methodological analysis in a generic 130nm procedure engineering. The consequence is code packed in memory expeditiously, cut downing demands of the memory and take downing the cost of the system overall.

The V1 nucleus is an ideal entry point to 32-bit public presentation. All Coldfire nucleus household ( V1, V2, V3 and the V4 ) portion the same direction set and the same architecture which helps upward compatibility to other coldfire to acquire higher public presentation easy designed.


Used in Consumer electronics such as Mobiles, laptops, desktops etc.

Handheld and remote terminuss besides use the above processor.

It is late used in the Healthcare industry as equipment for supervising assortment of procedures.

For automatic machines used in assorted mills.

Building proctor systems and control systems.

Security control and assorted other entree systems besides incorporate this processor.

Automation systems for office and place security intents.

V2 Coldfire nucleus:

The V2 coldfire nucleus is based on an architecture that can be synthesized once more and once more. The nucleus support to the upper limit of 166 MHz of public presentation on a 0.13 µm procedure with criterion cell based design with 32 spot addressing and informations coachs and an integrated debug faculty. The nucleus uses the RISC variable length architecture that will let 16, 32 or 48 spots in length instructions. The end product packed codification expeditiously in the memory, cut downing demand of the memory and take downing system more cost effectual.

Figure 12: V2 Coldfire architecture. ( )

V3 Coldfire nucleus:

The V3coldfire nucleus is a processor in whicha refined direction grapevine that iscapable subdivision anticipation and with a high frequence in operation. Many betterments allow thecoldfire nucleus to supply up to 300 per centums public presentation highand besides by take downing the frequence of the operating system by less than 50 per centums in which it makes is really good solution for new designs and bing systems to upgrade bit by bit.

V4 Coldfire nucleus -Limited Superscalar:

The following coevals coldfire microarchitecture provides a 2.8 times high public presentation betterment in compared with the V3coldfirecore over broad scope of applications.

Microarchitecture improved for higher public presentation:

Small set of any new instructions for the better codification denseness and the public presentation

Enhanced MAC functionality.

Good debugging functionality.

Limited superscalar executing by utilizing its direction folding.

Harvard memory architecture.

Most instructions execute in merely 1 rhythm.

V4e Coldfire nucleus:

The V4e isdesigned to supply the hardware support for on bit parallel processing. On bit parallel processing will be required by the system which has to make more sum of numeral treating more than that given or done by a individual processor.

The V4e is an IP Core is added into a figure of the usage and besides figure of standard merchandises from freescale. As of now there are no programs for a standalone CPU version of the V4e Coldfire nucleus.

High public presentation IP Core for 68K coldfire household.

Partially superscalar executing is done.

Harvard memory architecture.

Enhanced bandwidth.

Procedure breakdown is besides done.

Expanded debuggingabilities.

Floating point unit ( FPU ) handiness.

Enhanced multiply accumulate unit ( MAC ) is available.

Single-cycle issue which is optimized for 32×32 MACs is incorporated.

Expanded scheduling theoretical account is presented in this.

Hardware support for on bit parallel processing is besides available.

Advantages of Coldfire:

Scalability, Connectivity, Energy, Industrial and Medical utilizations are found.

Ordinary processor and Integrated Processor:

Ordinary processor definition:

CPU processes the plans executed by the computing machine.

Integrated processor:

A microprocessor is a particular bit map of a computer’s cardinal processing unit ( CPU ) on a individual integrated circuit ( IC or micro chip ) .


Based on the architecture, in a personal computing machine ( Personal computer ) the CPU and microprocessor are one and the same.

In a larger computing machine, the CPU is a separate unit with tonss of microprocessors and other french friess.

So fundamentally an ordinary processor takes much infinite and clip whereas an integrated processor requires really less infinite and can incorporate many CPUs

Comparing Integrated Processor OS and traditional processor Os:

The integrated processor runing system will hold micro kernel architecture.

Much faster than traditional.

Runs in smaller device with minimum undertakings.

Particularly designed for French telephones and nomadic phones so it ca n’t back up much of the characteristics in traditional OS but in recent times most French telephones supports more undertakings.

Multitasking is faster.

Memory size is fixed.

Designed for internetworking.

Decision and Discussion:

The integrated processor engineering is increasing with the latest tendencies in research and besides based on the consumer feedback.As the demands of the clients change so does the processors ascents and newer engineering additions to run into the demands and velocity of today ‘s changing universe. In the hereafter, every engineering will assist in greater economic wellbeing of the universe and that should be the major concern of new engineerings non merely in medical field but besides in the information engineering and computing machine Fieldss.