The Knowledge Worker And Learning Organization Management Essay

This paper will integrate some of the constructs of a learning organisation and the productiveness of cognition worker as they apply to some of the important challenges in the modern organisation operations. This apprehension will bring forth penetration into the relationship so leaders tins effectual utilised and run on their company resources. The cognition worker is a construct a usage to separate vitamin E between manual workers established back in the early twentieth century ( Loermans, 2002 ) . Furthermore, Peter Senge developed a learning organisation construct, when he created the five adherents for an organisation to be considered larning institute. Senge stated an organisation must hold systems believing, mental theoretical accounts, personal command, and squad edifice ( Loermans, 2002 ) . In add-on, the paper discusses how a learning organisation tied into cognition direction to work together to developed a cognition worker into more productiveness resources for the full organisation ( Loermans, 2002 ) . A philosopher named Michael Polanyi developed the construct on cognition direction ( Loermans, 2002 ) . Polanyi made a clear differentiation of the difference between explicit and tacit cognition ( Loermans, 2002 ) .

The Knowledge Worker

In an organisation, the cognition worker is considered to beee a non-manual worker and is employed by companies to transport out really originative activities. The cognition worker is considered a member of the organisation that uses cognition to be a more effectual worker. These workers utilize all fluctuations of cognition in the public presentation of their normal concern activities. Everyone who utilizes any signifier of recorded cognition could be considered a cognition worker. The cognition worker has certain abilities and accomplishments that separate them from the other employees in the company. They typical have the undermentioned three basic features about them ; good communicating accomplishments, high Motivation and Intelligence.

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Communication Skills. What some of the traits that a successful cognition worker has the ability to pass on clearly by talking and written words. Furthermore, these employees know how to listen and acquire an apprehension if they are familiar with something. Knowledge workers need to be able to show themselves good with the communicating accomplishments of reading authorship and hearing. A Knowledge workers should be able to possess the communications skills that will enable them to work together in order to put ends and doing positive determinations.

Motivation. Conversely, cognition public presentation demands changeless development to get the hang information and accomplishment development by the cognition worker. In add-on, cognition workers should go interested in happening information, understanding that information, and using it to their undertakings. This is due to new technological developments that require cognition workers to alter invariably in the manner they deliver their work keeping desire to integrating advanced stuff and different engineerings to their occupations.

Intelligence. Knowledge workers should hold specific get the abilities discussed supra. Such intelligence includes comprehension, callback, processing and application of Persons that undertake cognition work demand to possess the abilities expected to obtain the appropriate communicating accomplishments needed to larn how to calculate out information.

Information Technology. Furthermore, Expertise Technology is besides of import efficiency of the cognition workers. Information engineering gives the cognition workers the accomplishments needed for companies to use dearly-won engineering to enable entree for the direction of information. Information engineerings intended to diminish the sum of clip workers devote on information plans, when managed decently an organisation will see an addition in the truth of these procedures.

Learning Organization

Furthermore, Harmonizing to Baines ( 1997 ) there are five constructs associated to a learning organisation: Personal Mastery, this construct focuses on the person as the foundation to constructing the acquisition organisation ( Baines, 1997 ) . Mental Models these constructs is the manner we view the universe around us and how we act and think about things ( Baines, 1997 ) . The 3rd constructs are team acquisition. This construct looks at how clear and echt squads shared ends and have assurance in each memberaa‚¬a„?s competencies ( Baines, 1997 ) . The following construct is holding a shared vision ( Baines, 1997 ) . This is based on the vision of each member. This shared vision is non created by the leader of the organisation and the eventually the last construct is systems believing ( Baines, 1997 ) . This construct is based on the logic that reason by taking attacks to believing to work out jobs does non work ( Baines, 1997 ) . System believing constitutes an effectual generated adaptative acquisition environment ( Baines, 1997 ) .

Knowledge Management.Knowledge Management is define as the procedure through which their rational and knowledge-based assets. It is the pattern of tackling and working rational capital to derive competitory advantage and client committedness through efficiency, invention and faster and more effectual decision-making. Most frequently, bring forthing valve from such assets involves sharing them amongst workers, even with other concerns to steer best patterns. The primary ground for cognition direction is to set up cognition internally and externally at all times to cover with alterations within and outside an organisation ( Hong & A ; Kuo, 1999 ) . Furthermore, in order for this to go on an organisation must supply a acquisition environment that will maximise the human resource elements that are in topographic point. There should be a system in topographic point to give maximization out of an organisational human resources section: ( 1 ) . Job expansion ; this is done by larning by direction. ( 2 ) .Job rotary motion ; This is done by larning by sharing. ( 3 ) Job enrichment ; this is done by self-learning ( Hong & A ; Kuo, 1999 ) . Making a cognition worker more productive requires alteration in attitude. Furthermore, bring forthing cognition workers more productive requires alterations in attitude non merely for single, but the full organisation. Drucker describes six facets which determine cognition they are: 1. Definition of the undertaking, Required liberty of cognition workers 2.Continuing invention, 3. Continuing acquisition and Quality of end product as signature demand ; 6. Measure is irrelevant until a choice criterion exists and Knowledge worker as an plus ( RamAA­rez & A ; Nembhard, 2004 ) .

Leadership. The indispensable map of leading is to supply way, construct an organisations civilization and form its development. Leadership must determine the design of the organisation ‘s construction and policies to outdo satisfy its corporate aim. A leader must pattern coveted behaviour such as the organisations scheme and vision.


When a leader understanding the procedures of cognition direction will increase and better the productiveness Workers. Knowledge worker ‘s public presentation and productiveness most likely will be improved by holding a manner to obtain relevant information that will advance information for educational chances. Furthermore, knowledge worker most probably will utilize Information Technology to recover, procedure, shop, and distribute information. Information Technology must be created to cut down the sum of clip cognition workers spend information entree, direction to increase the truth of these processes the term organisational acquisition may mention to existent cognition inside an full organisation. However, most organisational acquisition refers to team or organisational degree larning. Of class, single acquisition, or acquisition of the full an organisation demand to possess the expected cognition to be effectual. Furthermore, all degrees of cognition direction are of import and should be nurtured and created as natural portion productiveness.