Week Three Assignments Essay

This hebdomad we will analyze organisational and managerial issues in logistics. factors that play a function in organization’s logistics effectivity and efficiency. and the ways to heighten effectivity and efficiency. We will look at forming logistics within the house. concentrating on organisational construction.

Assignment 3. 1 – Reading assignments

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Read the followers:
Chapter 4: Organizational and Management Issues in Logistics

Assignment 3. 2 – Individual prep

Answer inquiries posted for chapter 4

Open assignment nexus in Assignments country. Graded Individual Homework booklet. This is a timed quiz and you have one hr to reply 10 multiple pick inquiries for each chapter. Save and subject your replies within one hr.

Assignment 3. 3 – Group Assignment

Case 4-1. “Red Topographic point Markets Company” . page 72. Answer all 8 inquiries. Please reexamine the instance exhaustively and make non divide the work among group members. Everybody should hold replies for all inquiries and portion them with the squad in group treatment country. and so seek to incorporate all replies into one study from the group. in a Word file. Name the file as “Group No. – Week No. ” for illustration: “Group 3-week 3”

This assignment is due at the terminal of hebdomad 3 ( Sunday. 11:59 autopsy )

Assignment 3. 4 ( station to the treatment forum )

Answer one of the undermentioned inquiries as an original poster. Introducing outside stuff is encouraged. This can be in signifier of a relevant. existent
life experience. or relevant online mentions that help you achieve a better apprehension of the week’s subjects and add value to your treatment. Merely happening the replies from the text will be a “minimal contribution” . You may inquire any inquiry about the week’s stuff or reply inquiries posted by other pupils. Make non reply a inquiry that is already answered by another pupil. Type the inquiry you are replying and follow with your reply. Please note that you are required to post two responses to other pupils.

Questions for this hebdomad:

1. Discuss several issues that influence the organisation of logistics activities within a house.

2. Compare and contrast the disconnected and incorporate logistical organisational constructions.

3. What are the differences between a centralized and a decentralized logistics section?

4. Describe the hierarchal and matrix organisational design.

5. From a logistics position. how is web organisational design manifested in footings of relevance. reactivity. and flexibleness?

6. Specify what is meant by productiveness. Discuss how productiveness can be improved.

7. In what ways can unionise work forces be a challenge to bettering productiveness?

8. Discourse how technological considerations can assist in pull offing truck drivers and their productiveness.

9. What are some possible challenges to bettering productiveness by acquiring
more end product from bing assets?

10. Discourse the grounds why logicians might be concerned with larceny.

11. How can logistics directors try to command pilferage?

12. Explain how buccaneering attacks on ships are a serious issue for today’s logistics director.

13. Describe some possible logistics societal duty dimensions.

14. How can warehouses command their energy use in footings of design. lighting. and roofing considerations?

15. Discourse the grounds why merchandises might be returned.

16. What inquiries should be asked after a returned point has been counted and recorded? Nowadays tonss of online shopping have the contrary logistics. There are some options for you to take why you want to return it. For illustration. I want to return a fabric. Customer service should inquire about

17. What are some ways in which the Transportation Security Administration is trying to better the security of the U. S. transit system?

18. In what ways is the statute law necessitating 100 per centum scanning of U. S. -bound containers likely to be riotous to international trade?

19. Discourse the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism ( C-TPAT ) .

20. What concerns have importers expressed with execution of the Importer Security Filing regulation?