What Is Religion Essay

Religion is a difficult construct to grok. It is demoing us a different side to look at our life. Alternatively of holding difficult facts that can be physically proven. faith shows us to take a spring of religion and believe the impossible. In The Nature of Existence Charles Messer says: “Religion is merely a system of actions meant to give you entree to God and Heaven. ( ageless Life ) ” . In my religion I am taught that we are created by a higher being ; God. That He is almighty and he loves all human existences. even if we do non believe in him and follow him.

That he sent his lone boy. to decease on the cross for all of us. Other faiths may state the antonym: that there is more than one God and that Jesus was non the christ. Edward and people with similar beliefs say. “Religions are semisynthetic world-views that help those in charge to command the multitudes. They are wholly and utterly useless. ” . but the lone job with this statement is that adult male besides created scientific discipline. Man has a lecherousness for power and because spiritual leaders have so much power over so many people. others assume that faith is being used to derive power. ( Your Thesis is non clearly seeable. you are believing with emotion alternatively of saying clear facts with passion )

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In today’s universe there are excessively many faiths to number. “There are as many ‘religions’ as there are trusters since each individual has a different apprehension of what their faith is. ” : as Nancy M has put it. Nancy brings up a great point by stating this. People might believe they have the same positions on faith but no one truly does. That is one of the points of this docudrama: to demo different positions on what they believe in. Free will gives us the power to take our ain waies. whether it is in address or in faith. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy says. “Free will is to state that the agent has the capacity to take his or her class of action. ” We have the pick to believe in God or non to believe in God. That is the beauty of free will. that our determinations are our ain.

The biggest confrontation in faith is: which faith is right? Peoples who have a strong religion in what they believe in. and will state that their faith is the true faith. I am one who believes that my faith is the correct. But like Nancy says ; I have created my ain faith. I discovered my ain belief system. by disputing other faiths and calculating out what others have to state about their ain beliefs.

Brother Jed Smock is one who challenges our religion. by traveling to college campuses and distributing his beliefs onto others. What he talks approximately at the colleges. causes the pupils to inquiry and challenge Brother Jed’s beliefs. While inquiring these inquiries. the pupils have to besides look at their ain beliefs and may oppugn them every bit good. To truly grasp our faith we need to inquire inquiries and happen replies. One of the best ways to make this is to dispute others and to interrupt down the reply they have provided. It strengthens us and takes our beliefs to a whole new degree.

Believing in something is a manner of life. Everyone has some sort of belief system. We can believe that there is a God or believe that there is no God. This is the same as an sentiment: we all have sentiments on everything no affair what. If no 1 had an sentiment so at that place would non be treatments or statements. ( Without this advancement could non be made ) Whether or non we belive in a faith or scientific discipline or even both. there is a ground why we do. It is a manner to explicate things we can non explicate ( it is a manner to ease our heads from fright of the unknown and to explicate away the unaccountable ) . For illustration. where we go after we die or if something marvelous ( Or tragic ) happens in our life. We can non explicate these events. and therefore we look for replies ( in a higher power. whether that power is faith or scientific discipline ) because as worlds we do non like Uncertainty.

( many people of faith bend to determinism. when something unaccountable happens. whether that something. is good or bad. Harmonizing to Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. “Causal determinism is. approximately talking. the thought that every event is necessitated by antecedent events and conditions together with the Torahs of nature. ” Simply stating that everything happens for a ground.

It is a manner to avoid the confrontation. of oppugning a belief system by seting life entirely in the custodies of a higher power. It is chiefly used as a manner to explicate off calamity and an effort to comfort us in a clip of heartache. When something unaccountable happens. people ( make non ) like to oppugn why. they would instead travel on with their life and accept what they believe to be inevitable. In my sentiment I believe that I will do my ain hereafter and it is ever altering and nil is set until it happens. Nothing can find our hereafter except ourselves.