The Personal Development Planning Management Essay

With the alterations of the psychological contract, factors relevant to personal development have become the most of import factor of enrollment. To obtain stable and good development, employees are paying progressively more attending to personal development planning, which has become a new technique of human resources direction. To retain the qualified employees, a strategic director should foreground the personal development of the employees and do effectual programs for the hereafter development of the employees. However, there figure of big organisations seeking to present the PDP plans does non increase quickly over old ages, as they largely think that PDP is merely good to the employees. In fact, if a strategic trough can efficaciously incorporate the personal development of the employees with that of the organisation, an organisation can so profit a batch from the satisfaction of the employees, manifested in higher productiveness, better quality of services, and lower rate of turnover.

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The chief purpose of this essay is to analyse how to go a strategic director in planing personal development planning. To make this purpose, the essay foremost analyzed the function of personal development planning in an organisation, and so the essay analyzed the functions and duties that the strategic director should play in item, including advocates for Personal Development Planning, builders of the PDP mechanism, professional teachers, planing and pull offing the preparation plans, and the coordinator. If a director can efficaciously implement these functions and duties, he or she is expected to go a strategic director.

1. The Personal Development Planning

The Personal Development Planning should be able to incorporate the personal development of the employees with the development of the organisation. A strategic director should analyse the societal, organisational, and personal factors that are closely related to personal development of the employees, so as to plan the strategic planning for the personal development of the organisational members. ( Clegg & A ; Bradley, 2006 )

Personal Development Planning is an effectual manner to develop the potency of the employees. It has a win-win mark, stresses the enterprise and enthusiasm of the employees, and strives to incorporate the personal values of the employees and those of the organisation. Through Personal Development Planning, an organisation can non merely run into the demands of human resources, but besides create an efficient working environment and harmonious ambiance of human resources. ( Bartel, 2004 )

To make the purpose of Personal Development Planning, a strategic director should take on the undermentioned functions and duties during the procedure of human resource direction.

2. Advocates for Personal Development Planning

Personal Development Planning is non new and sometimes big organisations find that PDP places the development ball in the employees ‘ tribunal. Therefore, organisations are non active in presenting the PDP plan. However, in the modern universe, the new psychological contract forces the organisation to pay more attending to the personal development of the employees. Therefore, a strategic director should recommend the PDP plans, so as to increase the satisfaction and trueness of the employees, so as to increase the productiveness. ( Clegg & A ; Bradley, 2006 )

Each employee has immense potency, and an organisation can excite the potency of the employees through good – designed personal development plans. As a strategic trough, one should recommend the PDP plans, and apportion the indispensable resources to back up the plans. Through the PDP plans, an organisation can do full usage of the potency of the employees, so as to do the best out of the employees. A strategic director should non believe that Personal Development Planning is merely for the benefits of the employees, but believe that effectual Personal Development Planning is able to take many benefits for the organisation. If the employees believe they can hold good personal development in the organisation, they will work hard and be loyalty to organisation, and so an organisation can profit from lower turnover rate and higher productiveness. Since Personal Development Planning needs some resources, a strategic trough should apportion resources to the PDP plans so as to advance the effectual execution. The strategic director should seek to develop the corporate civilization that highlights the personal development of the employees, and do the whole organisation believe that Personal Development Planning is conductive non merely to the employees but merely to the organisation. ( Clegg & A ; Bradley, 2006 )

3. Builders of the PDP mechanism

Besides advocates of the PDP plans, a strategic trough should besides function as the builders of the Personal Development Planning mechanism. Personal Development Planning is a existent proficient agencies and a systematic attack for human resource direction. The success of Personal Development Planning relies on the related systems. No uncertainty, a strategic trough should be the builders of these systems. A strategic trough should plan and develop a series of effectual execution systems for personal development harmonizing to the demands of the organisation. Specifically, a strategic trough should construct a multi-line publicity way for the employees, which enables employees at different places to hold the publicity way. Since the demands of the employees are extremely personalized and diversified presents, it is of important importance for an organisation to supply different publicity waies for different types of employees. ( Schein, 1996 )

Harmonizing to the construct of calling ground tackle, calling ground tackle refers to the critical values that one will ne’er give up in his or her calling development when doing a pick. Based on old ages of research, Schein ( 1996 ) classified calling ground tackles into five classs: proficient or functional, managerial, originative, independent, and security ground tackles. These five types of calling ground tackles section the employees harmonizing to occupational orientation. For illustration, employees with strong proficient or functional calling ground tackle are frequently loath to take the general direction calling. Alternatively, they tend to take those which can vouch that the turning employment in the constituted proficient or functional countries. The managerial type shows a strong motive to go directors. Creative people have such a demand that they want to construct or make something all by themselves – a merchandise or procedure, a company or a group of accomplishments and so on. The independent employees expect to work independently. Peoples with the calling ground tackle of security feel it most of import to keep a stable and unafraid employment in a familiar environment. The strategic trough can be after for the publicity calling harmonizing to the construct of calling ground tackle.

In add-on to be aftering the publicity grapevine, a strategic trough should besides pay attending to the salary direction system and public presentation direction systems are really of import. Other back uping systems, such as staff publicities direction system, corporate teacher system, developing system, rotary motion system, mentoring and tutoring system all need paying attending to by the strategic director. ( Day, 1994 )

4. Professional teachers

A strategic trough should besides play the function of wise mans during the procedure of human resource direction, particularly in the procedure of personal development planning. The strategic director should carry on comprehensive and in-depth measuring of the persons ‘ ability, personality traits, outlooks for the places, and the demands of the specific place, so as to recognize the high grade of integrity among the four countries through in – deepness apprehension and accommodation. A strategic director should on the one manus steer the staff to do their ain calling planning ; on the other manus, a strategic trough should efficaciously advance the line directors to steer the subsidiaries to do their personal development programs. ( Spicer, 2004 ) In this sense, a strategic trough should play the function of professional teachers.

To efficaciously play the function of professional teacher, a strategic director should be professional in calling counsel. Specifically, a strategic director should hold the abilities of and knowledge in public presentation rating, character analysis, forces rating, psychological science, and other Fieldss. Besides, the strategic director should hold strong analytical accomplishments, communicating ability, and discretion. ( Spicer, 2004 )

During the procedure of personal development planning, the strategic director functioning as teachers have some specific work to make. First, the strategic director demands to hold an overall apprehension of the demands of different places, conduct comprehensive and elaborate occupation analysis, and so organize the elaborate occupation descriptions. Job descriptions will go the footing for personal development planning. During the procedure of personal development planning, the biggest job that a strategic director may meet is the rating of the persons. As have mentioned above, calling ground tackle is the nucleus during the procedure of taking and developing the calling program of the persons. When one can hold a clear apprehension of his or her ain personality, involvements, avocations, abilities, motives, attitudes, and values, one is able to recognize what the calling ground tackle is. However, it is non an easy undertaking to foretell the calling ground tackle, because a individual ‘s calling ground tackle is ever invariably altering, it is really a dynamic consequence based on ongoing geographic expedition. ( Spicer, 2004 )

To place the calling ground tackle of the employees, a strategic director should be more cautious and professional, so as to acquire comprehensive and accurate appraisal on the employees. Face – to – face communicating, public presentation interviews, professional endowment appraisal tools, employee satisfaction studies are all necessary agencies to acquire qualitative and quantitative information. If a strategic director can efficaciously play the function of professional teachers, he or she can so assist the employees to happen their most appropriate location and way of development in the shortest clip, which is non merely good to the calling development of the employees, but besides conductive to the effectual allotment of resources in the organisation. ( Spicer, 2004 )

5. Designing and pull offing the preparation plans

After diagnosing, a strategic director can hold a general apprehension of the employees ‘ personality, involvements, avocations, abilities, cognition construction, experience, and educational background. At the same clip, the strategic trough besides gets a full apprehension of the position of the organisation, such as corporate civilization and organisational construction, every bit good as a clear apprehension of the external environment. The following occupation is to reenforce the defects of the staffs in the personal development. Specifically, the strategic director should play the undermentioned functions. ( Lundy, 1994 )

First of wholly, the strategic director should set up the personal development programs. Personal development program should be established by the employees together with their direct supervisors harmonizing to their personal development demands. Establishing the mentoring or tutoring plans are an effectual manner for personal calling development. For illustration, for the general clerks, their wise mans can be the immediate supervisor. The new employees should be informed of their wise mans after get downing the work. Afterwards, the wise mans should carry on formal or informal interviews with the employees. At the terminal of the provisional period, the wise mans should pass on with the staffs, and utilize the professional human resources appraisal tools to look into the staffs ‘ expertness, accomplishments, and calling orientation if necessary, so as to assist new employees to clear up their calling development purposes harmonizing to their ain involvements, makings, accomplishments, and personal background, set up future calling ends, and pull up a elaborate development agenda. The personal development program rhythm is by and large one twelvemonth. Of class, the rhythm for some critical places can be 3 to 5 old ages. The nucleus of the personal development program is the aims of calling development, employee calling development obstructions, and the ways to get the better of the obstructions. ( Lundy, 1994 )

6. The coordinator

During the procedure of personal development planning and the execution of the PDP plans, a strategic director should play the function of the coordinator. A strategic director can put up a particular commission for personal development planning, which is responsible for set uping the employees ‘ calling development and direction intents, rules, processs and cardinal paperss. ( Lundy, 1994 ) It is clear that these coordination attempts need the aid of the HR section.

During the procedure of implementing the assorted PDP plans, many struggles may happen, and the strategic director should efficaciously organize the activities in different sections, and seek to make the integrity of the whole organisation.

7. Decision

Based on the above analysis, it can be seen that an organisation should implement the PDP strategies so as to increase the satisfaction and develop the trueness of the employees. During the procedure of personal development planning, nevertheless, a strategic director should be able to efficaciously incorporate the personal development of the employees with the demands of the organisation. Specially, a strategic director should play the function of advocates for Personal Development Planning, Builders of the PDP mechanism, Professional teachers, interior decorators of the preparation plans, and the coordinator.

Part B

Explain the wellness and safety procedure direction in your organisation. How has these processs affected your organisation?

As a taking corporation in the IT industry which provides personal computing machines and nomadic phones, Lenovo has established sound mechanisms for wellness and safety procedure direction, which has brought many positive effects on the operational procedure of Lenovo Group.

The wellness direction mechanism in Lenovo

The wellness direction mechanism in Lenovo is comprised of three parts. First, Lenovo has established personal wellness records based on physical scrutiny. All the diseases have certain grounds and jurisprudence, including both familial factors and acquired behaviours such as the manner of life. With a wellness direction system, Lenovo is able to roll up and pull off personal wellness records of the employees ; the information will be used for wellness and disease hazard appraisal, trailing, and counsel of personal wellness behaviours. The wellness direction system in Lenovo is able to supply unafraid network-based information direction of the wellness information, including the standard format of information direction, the friendly and synergistic client direction interface, the lasting electronic medical records, and personal wellness direction history. ( Xie & A ; White, 2004 )

Second, Lenovo assesses the wellness and chronic disease hazard sporadically based on the information in the wellness direction system. Upon the completion of personal wellness information aggregation, Lenovo was able to accurately and efficaciously measure the wellness position of the employees and the hazards of chronic disease in the following five old ages based on the above information and regulations established for disease hazard appraisal. ( Xie & A ; White, 2004 ) The appraisal can besides demo the development tendencies and related hazard factors of the persons, so that employees can accurately understand their ain wellness position and the possible hazards, actively take part in their ain wellness direction, and to take action to better wellness. In peculiar, the happening and development of some chronic disease are slow and non obvious, so in the early diagnosing there are no obvious symptoms, and persons frequently do non take the enterprise to take preventative steps, frequently taking to the accelerating of the disease. Therefore, the most of import measure to keep wellness is the bar of the diseases instead than handling disease.

At last, Lenovo has besides established the personal wellness program for the employees. Once it is clear of personal hazard of chronic disease and the distribution of hazard factors, for the healthy persons, the wellness direction services will supply relevant recommendations for farther keeping a healthy life style ; for sub-health, high hazard, and the ill, wellness direction services will supply individualized wellness usher harmonizing to different hazard factors through single wellness action programs. Since each individual has a different combination of hazard factors, single wellness programs for persons will choose personal wellness direction prescription based on the hazard factors of each person, so that everyone can be more effectual in taking appropriate steps to better the unhealthy life manners and cut down the hazard factors, so as to efficaciously command the disease and better the wellness.

Health direction in Lenovo is a important portion in human resource direction, and the effectual execution of the wellness direction system has brought approximately many positive effects to Lenovo. Health Management is the procedure of carry oning overall direction of the hazard factors for persons and the whole group ; with the wellness direction, employees in Lenovo are able to accomplish better wellness, prevent chronic diseases and the development, better the quality of life, and cut down the medical costs. In the terminal, the medical costs of the whole organisation are besides reduced well with the effectual wellness direction. ( Xie & A ; White, 2004 )

In add-on, the wellness direction in Lenovo besides enhances the satisfaction of the employees, so as to accomplish higher efficiency and productiveness. Since the twentieth century, with the rapid development of scientific discipline and engineering, the important betterment in the quality of life, and the alliance of medical and public wellness, people are paying progressively attending to their wellness than of all time. At the same clip, due to the deteriorated working environment and psychological force per unit area, an increasing figure of people are under the sub-health state of affairs. Since Lenovo can foreground the wellness of the employees, employees are more satisfied with the organisation and develop the trueness to the organisation, which is conductive to the long – term development of Lenovo. ( Xie & A ; White, 2004 )

Safety procedure direction

Except the wellness direction, Lenovo is besides committed to increase the safety in the working environment through good – designed safety direction system. In Lenovo, there is an independent section responsible for the safety in the working environment, and each operational procedure is under tight control so as to avoid any possible hazards. The safety section will besides supply suggestions to the operational procedure for avoiding the possible hazards. To heighten the safety direction in each section, Lenovo has integrated the safety aim into the overall aims of the organisation. The safety criterions of each section are straight linked to the overall rating of this section. In add-on, Lenovo has besides established a ague and accurate information feedback system, which is the key to safety direction and the footing for safety direction planning and determination – devising. Through safety information feedbacks, Lenovo is able to compare the production programs, aims, and the steps during the production procedure, so as to happen the mistakes and do timely accommodations. With this attack, each operational procedure in Lenovo is under tight control and about all the possible hazards to safety can be found in clip. ( Cunningham & A ; Machek, 2008 )

With the safety procedure direction, the operational procedure can travel on swimmingly in Lenovo. Over old ages, the safety jobs in Lenovo are rare, and the employees are confident to their safety during the on the job procedure. Since safety is the basic demands of human existences, the effectual safety procedure direction in Lenovo enables the employees to work at easiness.