Ways of controlling crime



An act that is punishable by jurisprudence can be called as a offense. Many Acts of the Apostless like trafficking, smuggling, commandeering, snatch and terrorist act can be considered as illustrations of offense. [ R1 ] [ R2 ]

Nowadays rate of offense has been increasing tremendously. Modern technological development and enormous advancement in communicating have felicitated felons of every corner of the universe to perpetrate a offense utilizing kinky equipment in one topographic point and so escape/migrate to another topographic point. From this we can come to an apprehension that modern engineering has been a cardinal tool in many offenses. Unfortunately effects of these offenses are being identified both in developed and developing states every bit good. So, bar of such offenses has become one of the most ambitious undertakings for all states. If constabularies and research workers can do usage of modern engineering to halt or forestall offenses to be happened, so the world would hold peaceable life with ultimate felicity.

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Though the grounds for every offense are distinguishable, the ultimate victims will be common citizens. So, every authorities should take sufficient steps to extinguish offense from the society.

Understanding ways to command offense:

We all know that bar is better than remedy. It is proven to be productive. So, even when it comes to offense, forestalling offense can be most fruitful than assisting victims after a offense is being committed. Based on this cardinal expression, the states, which have been enduring from diversified and barbarous offenses, are giving extreme importance to the bar of offense by taking few steps and stairss. Two major ways have been implementing to forestall offense. They are

  • Traditional policing
  • Community patroling

Traditional Policing:

Traditional policing consists of officers/employees replying calls for service. Traditional methods of patroling rely to a great extent on seeable presence of the constabulary on patrol. Though it helps people to some extent, but due to the fact that offense is still being identified in every nook and corner of every state, this theory still needs to make something more or should alter its construction and concept if required. In this method people ‘s engagement is about nil. But to some extent traditional policing creates a spot assurance among common citizens, as they can acquire direct confidence from the bulls.

Community Policing

Community policing is a scheme in which people/communities function is critical and would assist prevent/identify offense. Cops tend to acquire important information about felons and their activities from common citizens in this scheme. Furthermore some tools besides have a function in community policing. They are

  • SURVEILLANCE ( Close observation of a individual or group )
  • Working IN COGNITO ( By affecting others )

Though several such tools like “ SURVEILLANCE ” and “ WORKING IN COGNITO ” are available, in a few instances these tools are unable to do their presence felt. Policemans do believe that root cause for any offense is ‘victim ‘s ain behaviour ‘ . Due to either irresponsibleness or deficiency of involvement or deficiency of clip, many people are non closely detecting sick behaviour of their neighbours. Therefore to maintain the province ‘s eyes and ears unfastened towards offense being committed within the community, UK took over the ‘Neighborhood Watch ‘ strategy in 1982.

By 1984 it was clear that growing of ‘Neighborhood Watch ‘ has been reasonably good. From so execution of surveillance started to increase enormously. Role of engineering besides started increasing since 1984. One of the most fruitful engineerings has been ‘CCTV ‘ engineering. Cops started take a breathing easy since CCTVs introduced as they help in happening perpetrators easy.

CCTV ( Closed Circuit Television ) has been playing a critical function in aid preventing offense at really early phases. So, mikes were besides added to those CCTVs for farther better consequences. [ R3 ] [ R4 ]


Function Creep can be best defined as unintended results of a merchandise, process or plan originally designed for a specific cause/purpose.

When a new engineering is introduced to make one thing ( one map ) , and is subsequently used for an wholly different thing, so it is besides called as map weirdo.

To acquire better apprehension of map weirdo let us see an illustration where CCTVs are being used. We do happen CCTVs in shopping promenades to assist forestall the larcenies. If those CCTVs are used to maintain path images of beautiful adult females, who visit those promenades so it will be considered as a map weirdo.

Many times function creeps are unplanned. The job comes merely when the confidential information goes to the custodies of felons. They might utilize such confidential informations to heighten their offense by blackjacking common citizens. So, the use of CCTVs has become privacy encroacher. [ R5 ]

It is further conclusive that map creeps must be eliminated to acquire ultimate consequences from any new engineering.

Unplanned and planned map weirdo:

In order to maintain path of all the vehicles come ining and go forthing a peculiar country, constabulary are given unrecorded entree to London ‘s congestion charge cameras. The ground behind this is to place presence of terrorists.

In this peculiar instance, in many ways function weirdo is traveling on. First and foremost of them can be police officers utilizing closed circuit cameras even for general surveillances. No 1 can digest the fact that he/she is being observed by hawk eyes of cameras every clip everyplace. It is nil but occupying privateness of common people. It will come under go againsting human rights. But, police officers have been giving their account as they are merely making this for the public assistance of the people. Unfortunately it ‘s non. In one manner or other, CCTVs aid in cut downing the responsibilities of constabulary. So, it can be described as unplanned Function Creep.

Few proprietors of shopping promenades have been utilizing CCTV cameras to place lazy workers, though the lone ground behind put ining CCTVs is to forestall larcenies. It is a beast illustration for planned map weirdo.

Therefore it is conclusive that when CCTV entirely is so undefendable for Function Creep, CCTV with mike ‘s vulnerable to work weirdo is immense. [ R6 ]

CCTV Technologies

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. CCTVs consist of picture cameras to capture images/video of people ‘s moves and actions. They are largely utile in surveillance.

With the addition in corporate competition and development, many companies are recognizing the necessity to non merely protect their data/information, but their human resources every bit good.

Traditional CCTV systems require a separate functionality that uses coaxal overseas telegram. This overseas telegram is to heighten point-to-point transmittal of picture from a camera to a recording equipment. The development of digital picture allowed the promotion to fiber ocular and distorted brace overseas telegrams. These image watercourses are stored in a digital format on other computing machine or waiters. So, the terminal users can see full zone or a peculiar topographic point by sitting at one system. Advanced CCTVs consists of mike to enter the sound along with picture to give added advantage to the terminal users.

As a portion of bettering security system, UK authorities introduced the use of CCTVs for surveillance of public. It is a fact that “ there are around 4.5 million CCTV cameras in Britain, one for approximately every 14 people, which capture the mean individual around 300 times a twenty-four hours ” .

Polices are the major users of these systems where as we can besides happen them in shopping promenades, Bankss, eating houses and even in film theatres. Cases have shown that felons besides use such concealed cameras in ATM centres to maintain path of watchwords of the user accounts to steal money. It shows that CCTVs are vulnerable to such menaces. But still they are widely used.

CCTV oppositions indicate out that CCTV does non cut down offense but displaces it. Many argue that CCTVs must non be placed in private topographic points as it is nil but occupying privateness of respectable citizens. But they do appreciate the use of those cameras merely in public topographic points to cut down evil activities.

“ The ‘Data Protection Act ‘ 1998 in the United Kingdom has imposed legal limitations on the use of CCTV recordings, and besides mandated their enrollment with the Data Protection Agency ” ( Jan Harris,2009 ) . In 2004, the replacement to the Data Protection Agency, the Information Commissioner ‘s Office ( ICO ) has besides emphasized the demand for enrollment of all CCTV systems with the Commissioner, and prompt omission of archived recordings. [ R7 ] [ R8 ] [ R9 ]

ICO ( Information commissioner ‘s office ) :

“ The Information Commissioner ‘s Office is the UK ‘s independent authorization set up to uphold information rights in the public involvement, advancing openness by public organic structures and informations privateness for persons.

It does assist people in four different facets. They are

  1. Finding out what personal information is held about the individual who visits it.
  2. Access information from a public organic structure
  3. Prevent unwanted gross revenues calls and Spam electronic mails.
  4. Finding out the information about the environment ” [ R10 ]

They besides take several safety steps to maintain informations of citizens more confidential.

ICO ‘s function on CCTV voice entering engineering

The information commissioner Richard Thomas launched a new codification of pattern to censor concealed mikes installed in CCTV cameras. He believes that “ the mikes in CCTV cameras can listen in to private conversations are a serious breach of civil autonomies ” . So, he strongly emphasized on censoring the use of mikes in shopping promenades and all public topographic points. He farther stated that anyone who violates this codification will be punishable by the jurisprudence. But he has given an exclusion to the bulls in highly terrible fortunes to utilize such mikes. This determination was widely appreciated by the authorities curates, general populace and civil autonomies candidates every bit good.

So, it is conclusive that ICO stands against to the use of mikes in CCTV engineerings. At the same clip they encourage the use of CCTVs in cut downing offense with several limitations. [ R11 ] [ R12 ]



“ A system of moralss based on the premiss that something ‘s value may be measured by its utility ; the theory that action should be directed toward accomplishing the “ greatest felicity for the greatest figure of people ” ; hedonic universalism ” [ R13 ]

The people who support/follow Utilitarianism believe a quotation mark that “ it is better to be a human dissatisfied than a hog satisfied ; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a sap satisfied ” . From this we can understand the subject of Utilitarianism that it suggests us to concentrate more on people ‘s public assistance instead than people ‘s involvements.

Two types of Utilitarianisms are widely known to public. They are ‘act utilitarianism ‘ and ‘rule utilitarianism ‘ .

“ Act utilitarianism provinces that, when faced with a pick, we must foremost see the likely effects of possible actions and, from that, take to make what we believe will bring forth most pleasance ” . [ R14 ]

“ The regulation useful, on the other manus, Begins by looking at possible regulations of action. To find whether a regulation should be followed, he looks at what would go on if it were invariably followed. If attachment to the regulation produces more felicity than otherwise, it is a regulation that morally must be followed at all times ” . [ R13 ]

Utilitarian believes that one must give extreme importance to ‘happiness ‘ than ‘pleasure ‘ . So, they ever support things that help forestall evil activities than privateness factor of worlds. [ R13 ]

How Does Utilitarianism position CCTV voice entering Technology?

As use of CCTV voice recording equipments help in placing felons Utilitarianism position it as an indispensable act to follow. Though it for good affects the privateness of citizens, this fact is negligible in footings of Utilitarianism.

So the Utilitarianism views the use of CCTV cameras with voice recording equipments as an indispensable act to follow. Whether this ethical theory bases correct or non – Both sides of the statement

We have already come to a decision that Utilitarianism supports the use of CCTV cameras. Let ‘s see both positive every bit good as negative impacts of CCTV cameras on the populace.

Statements in favour of Utilitarianism base:

  • Use of CCTV cameras with mikes can damage all the sick activities of felons and it besides helps in cut downing the offense rate of a state in longer clip period.
  • When anyone raises a fact that it causes privacy breach of other persons, people who follows Utilitarianism strongly denies the statement by stating that peaceable life is ever productive when compared with private life.
  • It strongly recommends the use of CCTV cameras as they are merely intended to enter information of people when they are in public instead than in private topographic points.

Statements against the Utilitarianism base:

  • It is conclusive that this theory would concentrate merely on terminal consequence and is deaf to the interior voices of the populace. Due to this people tend to oppose this theory.
  • It does n’t truly trouble oneself about the privateness of the public though it is a basic human right.

Though people oppose this theory, it merely believes that anything can be purely imposed on public if it truly helps for their public assistance.

Ethical theoretical account 2 – Relativism

Relativism can be best described as “ the inclination to do right/wrong picks merely on the footing of what looks right or sensible harmonizing to one ‘s ain belief or value system ” . [ R15 ]

Furthermore relativism is the thought that some elements or facets of experience or civilization are dependent on, other elements or facets.

The undermentioned statements would give a better thought of what Relativism is all about.

  • “ That ‘s true for you but non for me. ”
  • “ You ca n’t judge other civilizations by the criterions of your ain. ”

Many relativists argue that worlds can understand and measure beliefs and behaviours merely in footings of their cultural or historical beliefs.

Ethical relativism stands against the statement “ that there is a individual moral criterion, which applies to all people, all times, and all topographic points ” .

From the above it is conclusive that relativism is against mensurating and measuring every individualist ‘s title on the footing of individual truth. [ R15 ] [ R16 ]

How Does Relativism position CCTV voice entering Technology?

Relativism does see the use of CCTV voice entering engineering as a misbehavior, as they by and large keep path of minutes and address of each and every person with a leery oculus.

It strongly opposes the manner constabulary usage CCTV voice entering engineering in calculating out a felon in 1000000s of people by surmising each one ‘s behaviour.

Whether this ethical theory bases correct or non – Both sides of the statement:

Most of the times relativism can be considered as a right ethical theory to see any stage of life.

Statements in favour of the relativism base

  1. It recognizes the difference in the position of felons and common citizens and respects the private infinite of the latter.
  2. It is a fact that if CCTV cameras are non banned so the society will be losing privateness due to the mass surveillance and is nil but misdemeanor of human rights.
  3. Extensive use of CCTV engineering people do acquire a psychological fright that they are being observed. It will somehow or the other affects the peaceable life.
  4. If mikes are besides enhanced in CCTV cameras the consequences could be even worse when common people stop holding even a minimum conversation in public topographic points with a fright of being observed recorded.
  5. If some of import and confidential conversations are recorded so there will be a menace of losing confidentiality.

Statements against the relativism base

  1. No 1 can deny the fact that censoring CCTV with mikes would ensue in tremendous growing in rate of offense.
  2. It is crystal clear that censoring such a great innovation like CCTV will cut down the versatility and invention in engineering.
  3. We must fault the authorities in mislaying cameras even in private topographic points instead than blindly faulting CCTV cameras.
  4. The censoring CCTV cameras would ensue in using immense figure of bulls for policing in public topographic points and it will be a load on authorities.

Though it is a barrier in placing the felons, it strongly opposes the execution of any act on public if it straight or indirectly affects privateness of common citizens.


By comparing the two ethical theories Utilitarianism and Relativism in footings of use of CCTV cameras with mikes, we can non come to a stopping point ended decision, because both these theoretical accounts emphasize pros and cons in censoring CCTV cameras with mikes.

If at all we are supposed to take merely one of these two theoretical accounts Relativism is a spot overweighed when compared with Utilitarianism. To acquire even better understanding Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s see what precisely they tend to prophesy.

Utilitarianism states that “ the effect of censoring CCTV voice recording equipments would be losing the yarn in placing felons ” .

Relativism preaches that “ If the CCTV cameras are non banned so the society will step into the manner of mass surveillance ” . It would farther consequences in go againsting human rights of the citizens.

In my point of position if authorities can take a few security measures other than use of CCTV cameras to cut down the rate of offense, censoring CCTV cameras with mikes will be a good determination.

If authorities of UK can non take other security steps, I would propose them to merely put in CCTV cameras merely in public topographic points instead than private topographic points to do people experience better.


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