Website Development Essay

1. 1 Introduction

In this modern stage of society. computing machines become the agencies of communicating. Computer is everyplace from your societal life to your concern. In concern. it is necessary for companies to be more competitory and popular. Website is one of the most popular ways for clients to reach the company they want to cover with. Different characteristics of web sites can do a company unique to its challenger. Nowadays. you can even purchase online and do an enquiries. In instruction. enrollment procedure through the website become possible. This field is what the research workers would wish to concentrate on. Baliuag School of Music is one of the school of music in Baliwag. Bulacan.

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In order for them to advance their school. they decided to hold their first of all time website where pupils can register easy. see the list of activities in the whole school twelvemonth and pupils can even chew the fat with one of the admin if person is available. The web site that the research workers aim to develop includes on-line enrollment of the pupils through making an history. Having the web site. there is an easiness of entree and on-line communicating can be possible. The site features on-line chatting ; interactions between the pupils and the school through sending of enquiries ; calendar of events that serves as a reminder for the pupils and a bulletin for the proclamations of the school.

The research workers chose this school because of its deficiency of exposure. The research workers think that if the school will hold an on-line enrollment web site. perspective pupils will increase and it can besides be known non merely in the town of Baliuag. but besides to other parts through the power of hunt engine optimisation. Aside from that. cognizing more about the school anytime and anyplace can be possible with merely a chink to the computing machine. The proposed undertaking is truly an advantage non merely to the school. but besides to pupils and music industry.

1. 2 Undertaking Context

For pupils. a school is the topographic point where they will concentrate more on topics that requires memorising. script and treatments. Different classs about scientific discipline. doctrine and others are besides involved. One field of survey that has less attending is “music” . It is an sarcasm that a batch of people are really fond of listening to music and playing different instruments but the figure of pupils who take such field of survey is inferior. Some universities have music classs but a big per centum of schools do non hold this. In Baliwag. one of the independent school that focuses on music is the “Baliuag School of Music” located at 4th floor Juzmag Bldg. Plaza Naning Poblacion. 3006 Baliuag. Philippines. Bing in the 4th floor of Juzmag Bldg. . catching the attending of the people is difficult to make so the research workers aim to bring forth a web site for the school.

In this manner. the school will be able to better its advertisement issues every bit good as develop more gifted pupils. The instructors of the school earn a batch of awards in music such as “Dangal nanogram Baliwag SA Larangan ng Musika” and “European Grand Prix Champion” . Their end of being the taking music establishment which will be the Centre of musical and artistic excellence in the part can be achieved by holding a web site to catch more attending of the pupils. hence holding the opportunity to develop their accomplishments and endowments. Its manual process is asking personally to the school. Upon registration. a pupil is given a Schedule Slip. which indicates his/her agenda of categories at BSM. If for some ground the pupil is requested a alteration in agenda. he/she may inform the secretary one hebdomad before the execution of the new agenda. BSM shall direct a text message to the pupil one twenty-four hours before his/her scheduled lesson to remind him/her of the said agenda.

1. 3 Aims of the Undertaking

1. To inform the perspective pupils of the school that there is a high quality school of music in Baliwag that can heighten their endowments and accomplishments. 2. To be known non merely in Baliwag. but besides in other parts. 3. To assist the pupils in cognizing the replies in their enquiries such as a question about their agendas. registration processs. payment methods. etc. This can be achieved through online confab. 4. To hold an organized and hassle free enrollment procedure through the usage of computing machine.

1. 4 Scope and Restrictions of the Study

The developer makes it more utile and adds more characteristics. The Development and Acceptability of Website for Baliuag School of Music is first-class in informing pupils about the school. employees. contact Numberss. policies and footings. classs offered. history. mission and vision. accomplishments of the pupils and instructors. For the interested pupils the research workers made a enrollment and registration signifiers it besides includes payment procedure through the usage of Paypal. The web site besides contains sitemap for pupils with distant topographic points. Availability of slots and managing agendas are a must to get by to hold a organize manner of instruction.

For the bona fide pupils. calendar of activities are present to maintain updated on the of import events. Another characteristic is holding a chatbox. this is a conversation between the decision maker and the pupil on line. merely when one of the decision makers is logged in. Student to student chew the fating and unfastened forum is non permitted. The complete list of the pupils are placed on the website’s backend this is to guarantee that merely the decision maker can entree confidential information. Search engine is provided for easy geographic expedition. Search engine at the front terminal is non likely to utilize and non required for the pupils.

1. 5 Definitions and Acronyms

Web application development is the procedure and pattern of developing web applications. ( wikipedia. org ) Web-Based system refers to those applications or services that are resident on a waiter that is accessible utilizing a Web browser and is hence accessible from anyplace. ( wiki. replies. com ) Online chat The procedure whereby users of the Internet engage in existent clip conversations utilizing their computing machines. Online confab consists of these users interchanging text messages. In order to prosecute in online confab. A chat client must in to a confab channel and reach a confab waiter. ( encyclopedia. com ) Site map is a list of pages of a web site accessible to sycophants or users.

It can be either a papers in any signifier used as a planning tool for web design. or a web page that lists the pages on a web site. typically organized in hierarchal manner. ( wikipedia. org ) Search engine optimisation is the procedure of bettering the visibleness of a web site or a web page in a hunt engine’s “natural. ” or un-paid ( “organic” or “algorithmic” ) ( wikipedia. org ) Front terminal means the ocular interface which you create. Front terminal is that portion which is accessible by everyone. Front terminal is fundamentally the design position the user interacts and it is the user-friendly portion. Back terminal is the portion which you don’t see but is really present.

Like when you browse a web site you really see the front terminal. but for illustration when you login to your electronic mail history you enter your username and watchword. which is verified with the informations base of the web waiter this is the back terminal. ( replies. yokel. com ) A web site is besides written as Web site. web site. or merely site. is a set of related web pages incorporating content such as text. images. picture. sound. etc. ( wikipedia. org ) PayPal is an e-commerce concern leting payments and money transportations to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic option to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. PayPal performs payment processing for on-line sellers. auction sites. and others. . ( replies. yokel. com )

Chapter II

To farther explain and back up the construct of the proposed web site for Baliuag School of Music. the advocates carry on a local and foreign surveies sing to the survey being conducted. It has a great part for better apprehension of the readers. Harmonizing to Stefan Mishook ( 2012 ) . it is really common for little concern proprietors to hold jobs with their web sites. These jobs typically arise because of issues of communicating with the web interior decorators and coders that they hire. A large ground for this deficiency of clear communicating. is because most little concern proprietors don’t know much about web design ( and most web interior decorators don’t cognize much about concern! ) … little concern people besides have no manner of judging if the web design work being done. is any good. You have to be realistic. there is no manner of pull offing the procedure efficaciously. when you are wholly blind when it comes to how to construct web sites. Any web site could hold jobs ; one ground for this is a deficiency of communications between the developer and the client.

This job is non impossible to go on to Baliuag School of Music particularly it is their first clip to hold a web site. If the developers didn’t survey and research how the concern dealing is treating and what they need to hold in the web site it is possible that the web site will be constructed is incorrect or non suited for the sort of concern they have. Likewise if the company didn’t ask inquiries about how the web site is treating and how every buttons are working it is perchance useless for the company to utilize the web site. Christine Churchill. Director of Web Development and Search Engine Optimization ( 2007 ) said that hunt engine optimisation is a multi-step continual procedure. Equally long as hunt engines alteration regulations and new Web sites come into being. hunt engine optimisation will be necessary… . Optimization takes a batch of clip and forbearance ( anticipate to wait at least three months before you see alterations in some engines ) .

It besides requires a skilled knowing individual who spends a non-trivial sum of clip remaining up to day of the month with what the hunt engines are making. Peoples frequently get discouraged in the procedure. Don’t – hunt engine optimisation pays for itself in increased gross. It is worth the clip and problem. Search engine optimisation described by Christine Churchill is of import in the developer’s web page because it will assist the developers to cognize the demands in making hunt engine optimisation. Through hunt engine. the web page will be seen by the perspective clients. The web page of the research worker will automatically look in the subjects listed when the clients type “BSM” . “Baliuag School of Music” . “School of Music” and the similar in the hunt box. It is a large spring to derive popularity. To cognize the difference between inactive and dynamic web sites. Velvet Blues ( 2005 ) stated that “Many people prefer dynamic web sites because they have a batch of benefits.

Dynamic sites cut down on-going care costs. do data direction really efficient. and enable the add-on of any future additions such as informations provenders or a comprehensive site hunt. They besides make it impossible to destruct the layout. as might go on if you edit it from a web page editor. ” In relation to the developers’ web page. the statement of Velvet Blues helps the developers to make up one’s mind which is better between dynamic and inactive in making a web site. The developers chose the “dynamic website” because of the grounds that the Velvet Blues stated like cut downing on-going care costs. doing efficient informations direction. etc. Velvet Blues ( 2005 ) besides stated that “There are some drawbacks to utilizing dynamic web sites. First. they normally cost more to develop. because they require more complex cryptography. every bit good as the development of a content direction interface to enable you to keep your web site.

Second. you will necessitate to obtain web hosting which supports databases and dynamic linguistic communications. Fortunately. most hosts do offer these characteristics by default. ” Another statement of Velvet Blues shows the hinderance in accomplishing a dynamic web site. Knowing these hinderances help the developers in happening solutions for this affairs. In cognizing the pros and cons of dynamic web site ( Velvet Blues ) . the developers were able to find what field needs more attending and what field can strength the functionality of the site. HR Magazine ( 2009 ) studies that. “On top of extinguishing paper. on-line enrolment systems can better communicating. eliminate mistakes and salvage money. Even little companies can recognize efficiencies from on-line unfastened registration. and newer bringing theoretical accounts make it low-cost and accessible to merely about every organisation. ” HR Magazine shows the advantages of doing an on-line registration system. It merely proves that the developers made a right determination of doing the system online.