What it means to be a poor Filipino Essay

In every state of the universe. the hapless people are ne’er absent. They occupy the lowest strata of societal stratification. Due to differences in geographical location. economic standing. technological promotion and other societal factors. the hapless in every state nevertheless does non look or populate the same manner. In the Philippines. a state in the South East Asia. it is easy to place the hapless people through the topographic points where they live. the sort of houses they occupy. the nutrient they eat. the occupation they are engaged in. their physical visual aspect. and how and where they spend their free clip.

In Philippine urban metropoliss. the poorest of the hapless are found in engorged slum countries. In Manila. its capital. the biggest slum is in Tondo. Here. all kinds of people take abode ; the ex-convicts. robbers. drug nuts and cocottes assorted with nice hapless people. Some of the hapless people in the slums came from other states looking for a occupation in Manila. They spoke different idioms but they understand each other when they use their national linguistic communication.Tagalog.As one enters the slums. kids playing in the narrow back streets normally greet him. He may besides establish himself in topographic points littered with refuse. What is abhorrent at times is that some undisciplined kids disposed of their waste on the streets.

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As one looks about. he will detect that the houses are closely built together. Inside these cramped infinites lived a household or two. Most of the proprietors of the house used one of the suites for leasing. In fact. the slums are the best topographic point for a inexpensive rent in Manila. What makes life difficult in Tondo is that the H2O are rationed. occupants had to wait for a agenda normally tardily at dark to early forenoon for the H2O in the spigot to flux. Nights in the slums are noisy due to karaoke bars ( bars for singing ) .

Work force ( and sometimes adult females ) imbibing along the back streets contributed to the noise. Nights are besides the clip for some people to throw their refuse in a nearby river. In the daylight. a mini-market base sells vegetable. fish. meat. eggs and other nutrient. Often. the veggies. fish and meat are no longer fresh. The other slums in other metropoliss were much better in Manila although they besides have their ain healthful jobs to work out. Those who were non able to populate in the slums lived under the metropolis bridges or near the train railroads. When the train passed by. their houses shook. Many people died as they were run over by a passing train. The hapless who did non populate in urban metropoliss are much luckier. In the states. non merely is it safe. they have a little infinite of their ain. off from the crowds and noise.

The houses in the slums are either made of wood or cement. The design of the house is really simple. merely a door. a room and few Windowss. They are frequently really little for there is non adequate infinite. In fact. others do non hold suites at all. They eat. slumber and entertain in merely one topographic point. The bedraggled houses may hold streamer fabric. sackcloth or composition board as screens for the walls. Thankfully. there is no winter in the Philippines or else people populating indoors will stop dead with cold.

In add-on. some houses may non hold entree to windows particularly if they were squeezed between other houses so that they have to turn on the visible radiation and electric fan most of the clip. Inside these houses are a few furnitures: a tabular array. a stool. possibly a couch. a wooden bed and a cabinet. The usual contraptions are Television. electric fan ( for it is hot at that place particularly in the summer ) . some pots and pans and a burner range. The hapless in the states fared much better for even though their houses may be little or they had no electricity. the houses are normally constructed far apart and equipped with Windowss and stepss. The roofs of their houses may be made ofNipa. a sort of thenar tree that grows in swamps ( Peplow. 1991 ) .

The Filipinos eat three times a twenty-four hours with rice and a dish that goes with it. The hapless nevertheless. can merely afford to eat twice or one time a twenty-four hours. Along with rice. they eat with dried salt-cured fish sold plentifulness in the market. The other viand is what they call “bago-ong” . little salted fishes that were left to ferment in a few yearss inside closed containers. The bago-ongis much cheaper than the dried salt-cured fish ( Shead. 2006 ) .

For a alien. the former may look like fishes left to decompose. Other hapless popular dishes are veggies. Cabbage. twine beans. Cucumis sativus. carrots. and other green and leafy veggies native in the Philippines can be easy bought in Filipino markets. The bite of the hapless. on the other manus. is normally banana cue sold in nearby nutrient stables. They besides love to eat fish balls sold by sellers on the street. Fish balls are largely made of flour assorted with a small fish meat. They are so cooked in a pan full of oil. In cooking. the balls should drift in the oil. A duplicate sauce is served with the fish balls.

The hapless in the states are largely husbandmans. On the other manus. the hapless in the urban countries engaged in assorted low-income occupations like working as a labourer. server or shop attender. Some work in legion beauty parlours to cut or pare hairs. pigment nails. or make organic structure massage. The poorest of them collects empty bottles. metals. etc from the refuse. and sell their discovery in the junkshop. In the authorities. the hapless work as Metro Aides ( people who sweep the streets ) or as refuse aggregators. The others work in assorted offices as clerks. computing machine encoders and name centre agents. Many of these hapless people now have parents working as skilled workers all over the universe. In a manner. their manner of life had improved.

Many kids of the hapless now study as health professionals. nursing Plutos or nurses in the hope that someday they will be able to work in other states. Those who do non hold any relations abroad to back up their surveies financed their surveies as on the job pupils. The involvement for medical classs is prompted by the fact that Filipino medical professionals are now in demand all over the universe. They endured the solitariness of being off from place every bit long as they are able to back up their households financially. There are some sad narratives. nevertheless. for some married twosomes who went off or were left behind happen other spouses so that there are many broken households in the Philippines right now.

It is easy to separate the hapless in footings of their physical visual aspect. They normally dressed merely. The adolescents wear denims and Jerseies. Older adult females sometimes wear a blouse and a skirt. but most of the clip they besides wear denims and shirts. When they have errands or have to travel to the metropolis. they normally wear a bogus jewellery. In malice of their simpleness. they frequently looked and smell clean for the Filipinos love to take a bath. sometimes twice a twenty-four hours.

The lone exclusions of class are the mendicants and street kids in the streets. They truly do dress the portion ; dirty tattered apparels. unkempt hair and they looked as if they had no taken a bath in months! One thing noticeable about the hapless Filipinos. particularly the adolescents. is that most of them have cell phones. They love to text their friends. But they have to be careful because there are many snatchers in the street. Merely the rich can afford new theoretical accounts. though.

Filipino work forces love to play hoops. In the slum countries. they may non hold formal hoops tribunals but they hang a ring anyplace ; in walls of houses. edifices or stations. merely to play the game. The infinite is limited so they contended themselves with merely one ring. Sometimes this can do contention with the neighbours. for a resiling ball may hit the Windowss or furniture inside the houses. Some neighbours besides complained of noise. The adolescents on the other manus love to hang out merely anyplace. in the place or sometimes. if they have the money. in internet coffeehouse.

The Filipinos love to socialise. even if they have small money. they still find a manner to link to their friends through rented computing machines. Meanwhile. older work forces entertain themselves non in fancy eating houses but in karaoke bars. The Filipinos love to sing and there are many karaoke bars to take from. On Sundays. they love to travel to cockpits to watch or wager on cockfights. The authorities discouraged the hapless from taking portion in cockfight betting because most of their meager incomes were lost this manner ( Peplow. 1991 ) .

The greatest reverse in being a hapless Filipino is the small entree to medical attention. They merely can non afford to pay infirmary measures. The medical specialties were besides dearly-won. Some of them merely died in their several places even though their unwellnesss were curable. Many of the hapless suffered from TB. This is curable but since it took six months of medicine. it became a load to the hapless. For most. without medical specialty. they merely grew worse and finally died. The authorities is now doing an attempt to take down down the cost of medical specialties ( Peplow. 1991 ) .

Bing a hapless Filipino is non easy for he is deprived of the many amenitiess of life. Most hapless Filipinos live in uncomfortable home houses or topographic points. They do non eat alimentary nutrients nor ain many stuff things and had to fulfill themselves with inexpensive amusements.


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