Usability And User Experience Goals Information Technology Essay

You are required to compose a two-page-essay to discourse about one device and web site that changed the manner you know does things. You need to explicate about the interaction that is taking topographic point between you and that device and web site. Is the alteration brought by the interaction or intelligent constituents of the device and web site?

The device that I would take is laptop. AA laptopA can be besides known as aA notebook. Now I would wish to explicate the interaction that takes topographic point between me and the laptop. The illustration of a laptop that I choose as shown in below:

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Laptop is aA personal computerA designed forA allows user to transport within them to anywhere.A A laptop integrates most of theA typical componentsA of aA desktop computing machine, including aA show, aA keyboard, and a pointing device. For a laptop it ‘s replaced with aA touchpad, besides known as a path tablet or aA indicating stick and talkers into a individual unit. A laptop is powered byA brinies electricityA via anA AC arranger, and can be used off from an mercantile establishment utilizing aA rechargeable battery. A laptop battery in new status typically shops plenty energy to run the laptop for three to five hours, depending on the computing machine use, constellation and power direction scenes. When the laptop is plugged into the brinies, the battery will bear down and it does n’t count whether the laptop is running or non.

Well as we can see laptopA are little personal computing machines designed for utilizing on the move. Laptop can be used for working intent or bet oning aim it ‘s depend how the user how to utilize them. Nowadays laptops are besides can be applied touch screen characteristics. Laptop can be installed many type of operating system. Example: A Mac OS X, Microsoft WindowsA andA UNIX. The interaction that is taking topographic point between me and laptop can be at indoor topographic points or out-of-door topographic points. After switch on the laptop, we must wait laptop to run until it ‘s ready for us to utilize it. We can utilize touchpad to command the mouse in the laptop screen. Travel the mouse to the icon which you to. Example if we want to surf cyberspace, we move the mouse to the icon on the desktop called Internet adventurer.

Internet adventurer is a web browser that allows us to surf cyberspace. Double left chink on the icon, delay for few seconds it will look new Windowss. On the screen is demoing us the place page of the web browser. Many users set their place page as Google web portal. Google is a hunt engine that allows users to happen information by typing the keywords on the text box. After that u merely click enter and it will demo up the information harmonizing to the keywords that you had type it earlier. This is some illustration of interaction that I had with the laptop. We can utilize the laptop by stop uping them to the chief or merely utilizing battery to run the laptop. After we use finish the laptop, move the mouse to the start and left chink on it. After that it will look a bill of fare of choice. At this minute, move the mouse to snap on the shut down choice. By taking this choice, laptop will be shut down easy.

The web site that I will take is http: // . The web site is approximately on-line order Domino ‘s Pizza Malaysia. It besides provides free bringing pizza to clients after on-line order. It guarantees us that bringing pizza will be done in 30 proceedingss. If they failed to present the pizza to client within 30 proceedingss it will gives us a free regular pizza voucher for following order. The website consists of 6 choice which is “ HOME ” , “ MENU ” , “ PROMOTION ” , “ ABOUT US ” , “ Shop Location ” and “ SIGN UP ” .

Top right corner of the web site have a button called order now. After u chink on the button order now, it will look little text box that require you to log in. Without holding any registered Idaho you may non able to order any pizza. First of wholly, we need to register our ego to the web site in order to acquire username and watchword to log in to contine the order. The system will enter our information to the database of the Domino ‘s Pizza Malaysia. During the registritation, we need to come in the street, province, suburb and composite. The system will look into the infromation that we typed down on the text box whether the reference is valid or invalid.

The serviceability of the laptop is rather good. If you know how to utilize desktop computing machines so should be non job to utilize laptop computing machines. As we know that serviceability can be divided into effectivity, efficiency, memorability, safety and public-service corporation. Laptops have genuinely redefined the construct of work mobility. With laptops ‘ longer battery life and lightweight features, coupled with wireless communicating handiness, work force professionals, frequent travellers, independent advisers and others can work merely approximately anyplace.

Furthermore, laptops are efficient to be usage. Nowadays laptops are powerful plenty comparison to desktop computing machines. This is because laptops are portability. Portability means that leting us to take our computing machine to and from work, on planes, on bivouacing trips, and practically anyplace else.

Frequency of utilizing laptop is the cardinal factor in memorability. The interface between laptops and user should be easier to utilize each clip the user interacts with it. Safety of the user toward laptops is depends on how the user interact with laptops. User might endure the electrical daze or Burnss if the laptops are defective, or if liquid is spilled to the laptops. Confronting excessively much of laptops or computing machines can do wellness job to user. Example: oculus strain, hapless position hapless circulation and etc. Laptop is a public-service corporation device. This is because laptops allow user to make many things. Such as: playing games, surfing the Internet, making undertaking, shop valuable information and much more.

The serviceability of the web site is rather all right for me. Effectiveness of the web site is it process rather fast. After you take the order successfully, it will present the pizza to your house. The payment merely done after the bringing was successfully sends to client house. Frequency of utilizing the online order system of the web site is the cardinal factor in memorability. The interface between web site and user are rather difficult to understand. Example: if the user wants to register username and watchword for the first clip is rather difficult to understand. User may make n’t cognize about the suburb is what for and besides complex. The web site should give some account on that for doing more user-friendly. Furthermore, online order merely operates from 11am to 11pm and it ‘s non 24 hours runing. The public-service corporation of the web site is good. The velocity of entree the web site is rather fast.

This could do the user to entree the web site in a short clip.


Good Human Computer Interaction design relies on rules that come from traditional design rules. There are seven design rules of such design: contrast, balance, proportion, beat, harmoniousness, motion, and integrity.

Discuss whether the web site that you have mentioned in the old inquiry complies with these seven design rules in Human Computer Interaction.


There are seven design rules which are contrast, balance, proportion, beat, harmoniousness, motion, and integrity. ContrastA is theA differenceA by comparing theA identificationA or creation.A Design elementsA are to createA contrastA betweenA some of the methodsA including the usage ofA contrasting colour, size, form, location, A or relationship.A For text, contrastA is by mixingA serifA andA san-serifA on the page, useA really differentA types ofA manners, or by usingA or unusualA typeA in surprisingA ways.A Another wayA to depict the contrastA is thatA aA little objectA next to aA largeA object willA expression smaller.A IfA the relativeA decreaseA in size, A monotonousA contact. Balance has the parts of the design arranged in a planned, consistent ocular form.

Balance is a construct based on human perceptual experience and the complex nature of the human senses of weight and proportion. Worlds can measure these ocular elements in several state of affairss to happen a sense of balance. A design composing does non hold to be symmetrical or additive to be considered balanced. It is besides true that absolutely symmetrical and additive composings are non needfully balanced. Asymmetrical or radial distributions of text and in writing elements can accomplish balance in a composing. Proportion indicates the comparative ocular size and weight of peculiar graphical elements in a design composing. Rhythm is the text and artworks should look to be paced and patterned. Spacing is an effectual application of this principle.A

Harmony means that the music or sound composition.A Graphic elements can be work in harmony.A All parts come together and meaningful as the overall ocular appeal.A Movement is destabilizing, so the gesture to film over the images.A Movement can be used straight, such as arrow points to the manner populace or lines or points are bit by bit zoom in or out the eyes of a certain way, making a more elusive sense of motion in writing elements. Exercise can be done merely utilizing exposures or nip art in movement.A Unity is that it can construct a sense of wholeness.A Unity is normally achieved when the parts complement each other in a manner where they have something in common. Integrity can be achieved by the same colour, or its different colourss, illustrations used a similar in writing manner or usage.

The Domino web site has applied some of the design rules in their web site. The website contains design rules which are contrast, balance and proportion. The web site good use on the design rules contrast because the colour are comfy for user oculus. The web site had program good for the ocular form as in design rules called balance. Last the proportion design rules in the web site are rather successful. The Domino web site merely manages to acquire three out of 7 design rules on their web site. Their web site still can be improved better in future.